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CrimsonProse profile
I have Rainbow Dash's head. It's in my freezer. Give me monies or you'll never see it again (Head not guaranteed to exist outside of my imagination). Also I write fanfics that should only be read by those 204 years of age or older.
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Hugs Crimson

You see new stories as soon as they are completed rather than waiting for them to be fully edited, or wait for release if chapters are coming out once per week. When I make posts about upcoming stories, I'll sometimes ask for patron suggestions.

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Cuddles Crimson

The above + vote on the story I do next if I don't have commissions, or suggest things for the list. When I hold other polls on fimfiction or other sites, patrons get extra vote based on tier.

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Does Consenting Activity with Crimson

Above + can request OC included in an upcoming story. No promises on how major the role is, but will keep their involvement to something you want to read. If story is a commission, buyer also must give permission but isn't typically a problem. Message me your OC details to do this; you don't have to specify a story.

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Gives Crimson Money for No Reason

All other rewards plus I will be very grateful.

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Gives Crimson Money for Even Less Reason

All the above plus nothing else, but only because it's against the rules to prostitute myself. If it helps, I'll imagine you having sex with me really hard.

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