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chibikurai profile
Hi! I'm a Ero-Artist from Austria/Europe and am specialized in Monstergirls- and boys. You'll find all kinds of content on here, fom M/M Furry to cute Pinup art.
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  • Tipping Jar Tier
    • Access to special chibikurai Discord
    • Early access to all finished Artworks
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Skin Oni Horns
  • exclusive Work-In-Progress and behind the scene pictures
  • early access to Comic Pages
  • Access to Support-Only Commission Slots (You will be notified as soon as they open)
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  • 15% Discount to Supporter Commissions
  • Support Goodie at least once per Year (Adress needed!)
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Crystal Stag Horns
  • 20% Discount on Support-Only Commission Slots
  • 2 Wishes per Request-Stream
  • Suprise Merch-Boxes every 2-3 Months (Adress needed)
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  • let your inner SIMP out and get IRL Selfies :P
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