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Carpetwurm profile
I'm an NSFW furry artist, with a background history in programming and indie game development. I'm currently working on a NSFW game called Tailbound, and could really use any and all support!
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Act 1
  • Access to the STARS role on my Discord server
  • Able to vote in polls
  • Access to game devlogs
  • Name/Handle in game credits
13 subscribers
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Act 2
  • $15 off of commissions
  • Early access to commission slots, before they're opened publicly
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Act 3
  • Receive a solo character sketch, once per month, of any character you want. Can be SFW or NSFW, but it must fall in line with these guidelines.
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Kept ya waiting, huh? I figured I should write a short intro, detailing how I'll be running this and what exactly I'll be offering to subscribers. In short, I'll be offering finished artwork 2 weeks before it's posted publicly, along with devlogs on Tailbound and monthly drawing polls.

Permanent link to my Discord Server


If you don't already know what Tailbound is, it's a yiff game I'm working on and hope to release soon. In order to develop it in a timely manner (without having to pause development every other week to do commissions) I opened this SubscribeStar profile. I've been keeping the game mostly under wraps, but it's essentially a sort of exploration/puzzle game.

Subscribers will be able to see screenshots, concept art, and early scenes from Tailbound. Along with that, I'll be writing a devlog on the game detailing things being done on it, and what I plan on doing with it.

Want more info? Here's a post I wrote briefly explaining what Tailbound is!

Drawing Polls

Every month I'll be doing two polls for a "big piece" to draw. (Meaning, the piece will be fully rendered, have a background, and feature upwards of 2 characters) Subscribers will be able to vote on what they want drawn, subscribers will be able to submit ideas/characters for upcoming polls. (I'll pick the ones that I like)

I might do more with this later, or make changes to what I have here, but for right now I feel like this should work. Thanks for reading, and I hope that you'll consider helping me out!

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Alex Dong


  • Special role and channels on my Discord server
  • Tailbound devlogs, discussion, and possibly early builds
  • Name featured in the credits of Tailbound
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