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Bound by Night
Bound by Night
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Bound by Night profile
Bound by Night
Bound by Night
A gay erotic horror visual novel
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Bound by Night
Current Public Build
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About the Game
Currently under development, Bound by Night is an adult Visual Novel set in the modern world with supernatural elements. The story is primarily focused on a young doctor, Alex Hale, and his immersion into a world of vampires and werewolves where few people are as they seem. The story is being written to combine elements of light psychological horror and eroticism, with explicit sex scenes between men and dominant/submissive relationships that can evolve over the course of the story. Hopefully there will be a few chuckles along the way as well.

Bound by Night has its own mythology around the supernatural elements, and that mythology is tied to the erotic element of the game, so expect a few twists and turns. Based on what is planned, this will also allow the inclusion of additional supernatural creatures in the game based on community interest and support.

The game includes a relationship tracking system which is used to unlock dialogue choices and some of the explicit scenes. Currently, four endings are planned, which will be unlocked based on your choices through the game. Additional endings may be included based on how the game develops.

Who are the Characters?
Six characters are currently planned, and more will be added as the game grows. There are primary and secondary protagonists (both human), a vampire, a werewolf, and two supporting characters.

Alex is in the "lead" role as the main protagonist. He just finished medical school, moved to a new city, and has begun his residency. Overworked and overwhelmed, he's questioning whether this is really what he wants in life.

Nick is the secondary protagonist. Parts of the story are told from his perspective with RPG-style choices for dialogue and character interaction. He is a little older than Alex, works as a detective for the city police force but moonlights as a vampire hunter. Whereas Alex is the naïve newcomer unfamiliar with the supernatural, Nicholas is the seasoned and jaded veteran.

All of these characters will be romanceable. More characters will be added based on the evolution of the story and subscriptions at the higher tiers (Elder Vampire and Antediluvian).

What do Subscribers receive?
First and foremost, subscribers will receive access to updates to the game a month before they are released to the general public. Subscribers can also receive:
  • Preview Images of Characters and Content (SFW and NSFW)
  • Access to exclusive roles on our Discord server (coming soon)


  • 30-day Early Access to New Builds

Recent posts

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Bound by Night
Public post

Status Update and SFW Sneak Peek (Build 0.5)

Hello you beautiful people. I have a few updates for you regarding progress on Build 0.5 (which will include Chapters 9 and 10) and, at the end, some sneak peek images of what's to come.
Images for Chapter 9 were finished a little less than a week ago and I am now well into making the images for Chapter 10 with about 100 of them complete and roughly 250 left. Chapter 10 will also see the introduction of a new character, Seth.
Since Build 0.4b went public, I've received some constructive criticism on the partial shift of the werewolf in Chapter 7. After chewing on the problem, I started testing blends of different morphs and came up with something that is quite a bit more wolf-like. I presented three concepts to some supporters for feedback, and one model was a clear runaway favorite. So, I'll be using that model to update the partial-shift sequence that is included in Build 0.4, and the fully shifted version will be making an appearance in Build 0.5. As always, constructive feedback is very welcome and helps me improve the game/story! 
While this isn't a guarantee, I am hopeful that I will have Build 0.5 out before the end of the month. Chapter 10 is going to be a technically demanding chapter to render for a variety of reasons that I'll share in a BtS post after Build 0.5 comes out. I'm confident it will be worth the effort, but because of the associated challenges I'm hesitant to make a lot of promises about when it will be ready. I also want to spend some time with the new music and audio assets and working them into this update and an earlier chapter. So, fingers crossed!
Made it this far? Alright then. Here are a few sneak peek images of what's coming in Build 0.5:
Upcoming Revision to Chapter 7
Sneak Peek for Chapter 9
Sneak Peek for Chapter 10
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