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I'm Al! I'm a queer enby lewd artist, creating sexy art with fantasy and sci-fi themes! Sex-posi, body-posi, and fun!
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Inner Circle
  • All artwork at high resolution.
  • Exclusive variants. (Outfit changes, messy, etc.)
  • All of my sketches, doodles, and studies in a monthly sketchbook thread.
  • Behind-the-scenes content including works in progress.
  • Working files, in Clip Studio Paint format (.clip).
  • Organized goodies pack with all of the above messaged directly to you once a month in the form of a Dropbox folder.
  • Access to my patrons-only area on Discord.
  • 5% Commission Discount.
0 subscribers Inner Circle
per month
  • All $3 and $5 Rewards
  • 10% Commission Discount
  • A sketch pinup of an approved character or OC of your choice every month. ($15 less than standard commission price!) Character can be submitted for approval via DM or the dedicated Discord thread; you can submit a new character every month or let the one you chose last month roll over. Pose and outfit suggestions can be submitted as well, but I will ultimately decide the composition. This allows me to experiment and play, and provide you with something fresh and surprising every month!
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Best of 2019!

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When I reach $300/month, I will begin hosting monthly supporter-exclusive live streams on Discord. I'll answer questions and allow the group to suggest and vote on things for me to sketch live!
$0.00 of $666
per month
HAIL SATAN! ​At $666/month I will begin producing one full-color painting that will remain fully exclusive to supporters only, the subject of which will be voted on by you every month!

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