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Hi! My name's Azure Dreamer, and I write niche furry fetish pornography with a focus on high quality over quantity! If you like what I do, consider throwing a few bucks my way - this is how I make my living!
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Azure Dreamer

Update on paypal situation and The Future™

As an update on the Paypal ToS change, that seems to only apply to residents of the US. as a Canadian, I'm fine on that front. But, well, I do not trust Paypal at this point, and I'm leery of Patreon also given the debacle that was February's pay period. Uuuuuuunfortunately, there's not a lot of options out there aside from those two! Subscribestar, unfortunately, will only pay out if I've got at least $150 available. paying that out is also difficult, as Paypal isn't an option even disregarding the ToS change. Payoneer is an option, but they ask for the same information I'm unwilling to give to Paypal – and, like Paypal, they seem to not give options to hide your real name from customers. I'm not particularly interested in doxxing myself.

So what does that mean for this account? Well, for starters, Subscribestar is staying up for now. I have fans who point-blank refuse to use Patreon, and honestly for good reason. Likewise, there's people who don't really have an option other than Paypal, and Subscribestar pointedly does not take Paypal. Not using Paypal would also render me unable to take commissions, or at least make it exceedingly complicated. Thus, I'm going to be keeping both options up for now. That means votes will hafta be handled by strawpoll, so people on Subscribestar can participate. It's not quite as robust, but it'll hafta do.

I get the feeling that no matter how I handle this situation, I'm gonna take a hit financially. So for now I'm gonna just play it by ear and see how it goes. If anyone has any questions, feel free to get in contact with me here, on discord, or on social media!

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Azure Dreamer

And we're live! I've still got a little bit of setup to do, mind you. It'll take a while to get everything looking nice and pretty. But the important thing is that we're officially open for business! If you came here from patreon, I would suggest waiting until March to switch over - I've not set up getting payment here and it's not until April 1 that paypal is going to start demanding specific personal information that I'm not comfortable with giving to paypal. Again, I'll let you all know when things are really properly going.

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Azure Dreamer

Hello world! This is my first post on subscribestar, just testing out how this works and what options there are and such, and also just making sure that you all know I'm actually alive and intend to be active here - hopefully more active than I was on patreon.

As I've said elsewhere, right now patreon and paypal are being increasingly hostile to people who create content like mine, in addition to going after people for ideological reasons (even if they're people i don't agree with, it is morally repugnant to pull someone's income out from under them just for wrongthink.) I've been musing on this for a while, recently, but recent changes to paypal's ToS require me to give them more personal info than I'm comfortable with. so I'm taking that as an opportunity to jump ship and get in on the relative ground floor of what is hopefully a better platform.

February is still a bit hectic, and I'm under review to ensure I'm not a bot, so for now there'll be a dearth of content. Hopefully that's not gonna be the case for too long, and things should be in full swing by the end of March.

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Thanks for pledging a buck! You get a free discord role and access to a channel where you can get previews of the stuff i'm working on, and can also suggest certain stories you'd like to see me work on!

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the tier with democracy

Five dollars is a lot! At this tier, in addition to the discord rewards, you also get access to a weekly vote on what story I'll work on for the coming week's non-commission stream!



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