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M2F Adult TG Comics in 3D focusing on Possession, Skinsuit, etc!
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Subscription Tiers

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Posting 10 renders on Wednesdays.

LITE comic features the following series:

  • Curious Cougar (Symbiote Possession)
  • Fusion Hungry (Fusion, Absorption, Shapeshift)
  • Proxy Grounds (VR Possession)

One-shot comics:

  • Velma Possession (Monster Possession)
  • MindHack (Tech Possession)
  • Frisky Friday (Body Swap F2F)
  • Corpus Comedenti (Skinsuit Demon to Policewoman)
  • Bounties Alt. 01 (Skinsuit Female Knight)
  • Easter Egg (Gender Bender to Bunny Girl)
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per month

Posting 10 renders on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

CORE comics features the following series:

  • Bounties (Skinsuit, Possession, Gender Bender) (Medieval)
  • Closer (Incubus Possession) (Modern)
  • Fairy's Skin (VR Skinsuit) (Futuristic)
  • Skinsuit Blunder (Skinsuit) (Modern)
  • Virtual Dreams (Possession, Gender Bender) (Slightly Futuristic)

One-shot comics:

  • Perilous Penny (Body Swap, Possession) (Modern)
  • Valentine's Day Special (Body Swap) (Modern)
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per month

Posting 15 renders on Mondays and Fridays PLUS comics features the following series:

  • Earthlings (Possession, Skinsuit, Shapeshift) (Modern)
  • Project Skins (Skinsuit, Possession) (Modern)
  • Sinister Sisters (Possession) (Modern)
  • Swapping Jokers (Body Swap) (Modern)

One-shot comic:

  • Digital Infection (Virtual Skinsuit) (Futuristic)
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