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Public post

Ich Will Project: Version 0.1 is out!


Change log: 
Added skip intro button: If you complete the intro once, if you restart the game, you can skip the intro right away.
Change name button: You can change your name in the pick a route menu. Changing the name at the beginning will ask you if you truly want to keep whatever you input.
  • 1 new path for Charlotte with 2 scenes and a total of 26 cgs
  • 2 new paths for Julia with 4 scenes and a total of 36 cgs
  • 2 new paths for Valerie with 4 new scenes and a total of 36 cgs
Some backgrounds, like Charlotte's psyche among others.
I also added some images in already done paths as extras!
Bug fixes:
You can choose your name in the route selection screen at any time. 

Personal notes:
The game went from DEMO 1.0 to 0.1. The way the the numbering system will work is the following: x.y.z:
x: The objective number, whenever this number reaches 1, the game is complete.
y: The build version, this will go up with each new release, this one being the first one outside of the demo.
z: Bug fixes. If there is a bug to fix or typos, this number will go up when needed.
This version is technically 0.1.0, but since there are no bugfixes yet, and hopefully non in the future, then number is simplified to 0.1.

Speaking of bugfixes, I was testing the game hard to try and find bugs by forcing the game in some aspects, but the game seems to run fine, although that's never for sure. If there is a bug, I will give 10 testing days after the release of the game. After those 10 days I will release a bugfix version in the following 5 days if possible.

That being said I will try to give new releases monthly. This time, I included a total of 5 new paths, with a total of 97 new cgs, although most of them are variations. I probably will reduce that number by 3 new paths per release, and hopefully keep the number of CGs even or even increase it if possible!

A personal note, I thought that writing would be easier, but when you need to consider more details as you go on it gets harder, to the point it fatigues you. Even though most of the game was completed BEFORE, I actually rewrote a lot of things to make the game more cohesive, but this means that just 6 paths are as long as full 12 paths I had before (Around 1000 lines of text per path now compared to 300 or so lines per path from before).

And lastly, a disclaimer about the fetishes, with a bit of spoiler, if you want to avoid it, but I hope this becomes clear for some after playing: I realized that most of the early content of the game can be considered femdom. However, the game isn't supposed to be strictly femdom, and it won't be, except for an specific path, and even then it won't be that much femdom towards the end, and this is important, there's a narrative reason why the MC gets dominated in sexual situations as he is as of now. However, this will not be the case in the future, and Charlotte's route so far hopefully reflects this.

So that's mostly what I have to say, I hope you enjoy this new release, and, as always, I'm open to criticism, any comment is really appreciated, so see you soon! 

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