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Your childhood friend Eileen entrusted you a secret: How to enter people's psyche. The next moment she disappeared in front of your eyes. Now no-one around you is able to remember she ever existed... or do they? With very little knowledge about what's happening, and in the hope of rescuing her you try to follow her instructions and gather pieces inside the mind of key people close to her. Will you be able to bring back Eileen? Or you will end just like her?

Ich Will Project is a relatively basic visual novel, that puts you in a situations of trust and internalized psychological problems in order to ultimately solve the mystery of the disappearance of your friend, while at the same time making a difference in the life of the people involved, hopefully for good. Set in your university campus; explore their minds and face their problems, both in and inside of their heads.


  • 3 Main routes with 3 unlockable routes.
  • Each route is made by 8 parts, not counting the intro with 1 part for each girl.
  • Each route will have choices and 3 different endings, not counting the "general" bad ending.
  • Each part will have at least 2 CGs with multiple variants.
The main idea behind the game is variations and subconscious. Each psyche you will travel to will reveal you a vastly different reality, from a military castle, to a futuristic city and a deserted island.

Currently the game counts with:

  • 14 different characters with 5 main characters.
  • 865 images for character portraits.
  • 4 introductions and 12 scenes composed of 291 images in total.

The main characters are:


Charlotte is an snotty cheerleader at the campus. Always surrounded by her group of bees, the queen will always make clear she is at the top of the campus.


Cold and calculating, yet beautiful and seductive, Julia is always lost on her own thoughts. Being the psychology teacher of the campus, she is quick to patronize you.


Easy going, lively and always happy, Valerie is the sports teacher and owns her own gym.

Overprotective, shy and kind, Laura is the main character's mother. She would do everything she can to protect you, despite you living by yourself.


Serious and calm, right now Eileen is a mystery. What just happened between all these years? And what happened to her just now?

There is a plethora of side characters, that will have their time to shine later on.

Version: 0.3
Release: 12/06/2020
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android



I was aimless in life when I realize that one of the few things that brought me joy was video games. So why not make video games myself? That's how Amazoness Enterprise was born. And even through the toughest , I have press onward to deliver products of quality, worthy of the time of the people who is willing to delve into interesting stories and/or gameplay.

The ideas ideas for games are many, but time and money are little. And yet, creativity is brimming and lack of resources should never be a detriment for passion and art.

I'm currently working in two games, a visual novel, which is almost complete, and only needs visuals which I'm making myself, and a more complex metroidvania game made in Godot on top of a remake of an excellent I was working with.




That's all for now. I want this games to grow, to be better and be enjoyable, to have quality that at least makes you want to play over other games, that you can tell your friends these games are good with no shame whatsoever, and you all can enjoy both playing them and talking about them, despite their peculiarities.

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  • Possibility to participate in polls and giving options for said polls.
  • Early content.

Recent posts

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Amazoness Enterprise
Public post

0.3 Charlotte's route part 1 and Laura's Introduction part 1 is live!!0dt01SKR!r5TuTMcYfA1woIdH6JGYcA



  • 2 new parts for Charlotte with 2 scenes and a total of 90 cgs
  • 2 new paths for Laura with 2 scenes and a total of 57 cgs
  • Added a couple of new backgrounds for Laura.
  • Added Laura gallery along her sprite gallery in the extras.
  • Added a couple of extras in the extra gallery, specifically character cards and chibis display. They are unlocked at the end of each route.
  • A total of 143 images added and around 30 or so were remade..

  • I added some pages to the about tab in the main menu.
  • The chibi thumb for extras was slightly changed.


  • Some Typos


I finally managed to finish this update. It took me quite a while, and I'll keep it short, since I'm not found of excuses.
I don't like to talk about my personal life, but a lot have been changing so I don't have as much time for the game anymore, if it isn't evident. I struggled a lot for this update in many ways, from lacking inspiration, to unexpected technical issues. But I'm glad and proud I managed to finish it.

This update includes only one half of Charlotte's route. I wasn't expecting to write as much as I did, I wrote twice as much as the introduction in just this half. I originally planned to include the whole route in this very update, but my god, it have been proved difficult in many many ways. This update also includes the beginning of Laura's route so you can have a taste of what is to come. She will be the last route to be developed between the current girls, of course, and I enjoyed it very much.

I can take all the time in the world to finish this and some other games. But it makes me feel very bad to have you guys waiting like this, and for that I'm very thankful. In fact, I'm very overwhelmed for all the support. Lastly, I have not been able to compile the android version just yet, I'll work on it alongside the next version, so android users please be patient. 

Final note is: I assure you I will finish this game, I won't rush it and I will deliver as much quality as it is possible for me.
For those who support me on patreon, fear not, I have not touched a bit of the money for some months, because that money is exclusively for game development.

If there are any bug, let me know, and as always:
See ya later.

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Amazoness Enterprise
Public post
0.2.1 Bug Fixes, HD and Android Port is live!!0dt01SKR!r5TuTMcYfA1woIdH6JGYcA


  • Android ports for the game.

  • Some images were not displaying correctly.
  • Some nametags weren't displaying for the right characters.

  • All images. ALL OF THEM are now in 1080p instead of 720p.

Again, even uploading this took me longer that I expected, and more than I would have wanted. Why? Well, the game is currently 1gb, you can check by yourselves, but it all goes into beautiful HD resolution. This puts me in a bit of a crossroads. Dunno how you guys feel with the game being this massive in size. Well, not massive, but I hope it's worth the download, nonetheless. Give me any comments, I may resort to extra compression if needed!

As for plenty of requests, I made an official android port. I tested it with emulators, but since my actual phone wouldn't be able to handle it, I didn't try it on hardware. I also leave here a very useful text ren'py left me when doing the build.

If you guys have any problems with the android build, just say so and I'll try to fix it right away!
I'm really behind of my schedule, but I hope I can work quickly to do all scenes I need to do, and I will keep you guys updated with that.

With that being said, please enjoy the game. 
See ya soon!

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Amazoness Enterprise
Public post

  • Added stats screen: Every time you need have to select a route, there will be an investigation log in the bottom left corner, that will show you the days that have gone since the beginning of the investigation and who you have spent time with. Later on, this button will be somewhere else, along the change name button during the routes.
  • Extra gallery added.
  • 2 new path for charlotte with 4 scenes and a total of 55 cgs
  • 2 new paths for Julia with 4 scenes and a total of 55 cgs
  • 2 new paths for Valerie with 4 new scenes and a total of 56 cgs
  • Added Laura's teaser.
  • Added a couple of new backgrounds, still not in display.
  • Added Extras in the gallery, to display, well, extra images.
  • Added Investigation Log: Option to see your progress

  • Changed:
    ALL sprites in the games were changed to add a grand total of 865 new sprite images. I shit you not.
    Changed some backgrounds, slightly.
    The size of the selection menu images in order to fit the new images.

  • Fixed:
    Bug where changing name didn't redirect you to the right screen
    Some typos.

​So, this version is done. I'm very sorry for being so late. So first of all, let me see how much I can sum up.

I improved the gallery a bit more yet again. It looks cool and, more importantly, I added the "extra" gallery, that will basically have all the non CG assets. I'm very happy with the inclusion of this gallery to show off all sprites. But this is something I want to touch in a bit.
I also added a teaser for Laura's route. It's just a teaser, and since a lot of people have been asking me about it, I decided to add it in this build so you can see a couple of things she may bring in the future.

And so, about those 2 last points, normally once the game is completed, you'd have to finish the game once in order to unlock the extra gallery and Laura's route. But for now, I want it to be live, at least in the next couple of updates till the game is finished.

Finally, the main course is obviously the routes added in this release: 2 for each of the original 3 characters. It took me quite a while, but it was done.
After this, I will properly start with the remainder of Charlotte's route. That's it: 4 new paths, each with 2 scenes. And additional to that I will squeeze 2 paths for Laura. After that, I will do Charlotte endings, 3 in total. Remember that from this point on, there will be choices.
As an apology for the delay, I made some teaser pics already. One of them is the cover pic. But I want to touch an important point regarding that very specific pic: How things will change.

Originally, I wanted to make a poll, asking about 2 important questions:
* Should the game jump to 1080p?
* Should I change ambient occlusion?
And the thing is, even though I wanted to know more opinions, I think I got quite enough in other communities and frequent and even here. So here are the answers:

* Should the game jump to 1080p?
YES. There's absolutely no reason not to. In fact, not doing it holds me back. You see, whenever I render a picture, I render it first at 1080p and THEN I resize the result to 720p. The reason I do this in the first place is the original and still ongoing plans for the game: I wanted the game to be 720p so my artist wouldn't have to work with ridiculous resolutions. However, right now there's no reason not to go 1080p completely. And if I do get actual art for the game, switching back to 720p is easy. 

* Should I change ambient occlusion?
This was a tricky one, but ultimately, the answer is yes. I personally find appeal in polygonal models. Growing up in an era where 3D models weren't perfects but by no means ugly. Lara Croft was born out of this concept, after all. High ambient occlusion here tricked the models to show the polygons they are composed to, and I really really like the idea. However, I do get a lot of suggestions about it, and I personally don't mind either way, the hardest part is having to redo all the CGs I've done till now, and that will be easy as well because I always save a copy of the scene. Likewise, I took the opportunity to get rid of the the borderlines. You see, borderlines are used to help define a character if needed. It was needed because of the resolution, but now at 1080p, the pics are so smooth, it's ridiculous, and you don't need lines anymore.

As mentioned, the reason I ultimately choose to do this is, since I'm switching to 1080p, I might as well take the opportunity to overhaul the game as some people have suggested. Because as small as those comments may seem, I take them to heart and always consider them.

Final note is: Thank you all for not dropping the game yet, despite not having news about it, but I assure you: Every day I'm working on the game with little to no rest, to deliver a better game for all of you; Something I can feel proud of while playing or other people telling me they played. So without further comments, the next update should be done by the 25th of next month, because it will be a Christmas gift (not quite), and there will be Christmas Cake, sort of.
If there's any bug, let me know, and as always:
See ya later.

A7aefcc6 fdcd 412b 9b4e ba7c8be4b8a2 120x120 0x0 641x640
Amazoness Enterprise
Public post

Ich Will Project: Version 0.1 is out!


Change log: 
Added skip intro button: If you complete the intro once, if you restart the game, you can skip the intro right away.
Change name button: You can change your name in the pick a route menu. Changing the name at the beginning will ask you if you truly want to keep whatever you input.
  • 1 new path for Charlotte with 2 scenes and a total of 26 cgs
  • 2 new paths for Julia with 4 scenes and a total of 36 cgs
  • 2 new paths for Valerie with 4 new scenes and a total of 36 cgs
Some backgrounds, like Charlotte's psyche among others.
I also added some images in already done paths as extras!
Bug fixes:
You can choose your name in the route selection screen at any time. 

Personal notes:
The game went from DEMO 1.0 to 0.1. The way the the numbering system will work is the following: x.y.z:
x: The objective number, whenever this number reaches 1, the game is complete.
y: The build version, this will go up with each new release, this one being the first one outside of the demo.
z: Bug fixes. If there is a bug to fix or typos, this number will go up when needed.
This version is technically 0.1.0, but since there are no bugfixes yet, and hopefully non in the future, then number is simplified to 0.1.

Speaking of bugfixes, I was testing the game hard to try and find bugs by forcing the game in some aspects, but the game seems to run fine, although that's never for sure. If there is a bug, I will give 10 testing days after the release of the game. After those 10 days I will release a bugfix version in the following 5 days if possible.

That being said I will try to give new releases monthly. This time, I included a total of 5 new paths, with a total of 97 new cgs, although most of them are variations. I probably will reduce that number by 3 new paths per release, and hopefully keep the number of CGs even or even increase it if possible!

A personal note, I thought that writing would be easier, but when you need to consider more details as you go on it gets harder, to the point it fatigues you. Even though most of the game was completed BEFORE, I actually rewrote a lot of things to make the game more cohesive, but this means that just 6 paths are as long as full 12 paths I had before (Around 1000 lines of text per path now compared to 300 or so lines per path from before).

And lastly, a disclaimer about the fetishes, with a bit of spoiler, if you want to avoid it, but I hope this becomes clear for some after playing: I realized that most of the early content of the game can be considered femdom. However, the game isn't supposed to be strictly femdom, and it won't be, except for an specific path, and even then it won't be that much femdom towards the end, and this is important, there's a narrative reason why the MC gets dominated in sexual situations as he is as of now. However, this will not be the case in the future, and Charlotte's route so far hopefully reflects this.

So that's mostly what I have to say, I hope you enjoy this new release, and, as always, I'm open to criticism, any comment is really appreciated, so see you soon! 

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