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I'm creating adult games.
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HornyMonster Games
Hey, everyone!

Nice to see you on my Subscribestar page! This page was created as an additional page to the Patreon. I want to warn you right away So at least for now, it is running in test mode. Here only one level of posts. If you whant more then posts with updates, better visit Patreon.

Let me introduce myself! I'm HornyMonster. That's right, in one word. You're right, it's a little long. So you can just call me Horny. I'm currently working on a game called Lewd Story.

I'm here to corrupt the population through interactive entertainment. Read more on my website or you can join (just press on picture) into the community of like-minded people in DISCORD . It also publishes news and exclusive materials available to all.

Lewd story 

Try - here

This is a classic visual novel with a large number of relatively short routes. Make decisions and bring your character to the finale that you feel most comfortable with or try to discover all possible endings. One of the main features is the Ethos system available to the player. There are four available ethical profiles: romantic, pervert, dominant and neutral. Not only the endings, but the nature of the whole narrative will depend on the Ethos option selected.

The project is based on the original game by Mugetsu and generally repeats the basic plot structure, but if you consider the number of changes both already available and planned, then this is a complete remake, which only partially repeat the original.

You are an ordinary succubus from the mind control department. And you are the one who gets the very important mission to find and retrieve the latest top-secret invention of the scientific department – the portable lust crystal. All you have to do is put your life, consciousness and career at stake. Combining your consciousness with the crystal through the astral trail, you know, is a rather risky task. But…

This story is not about you, but about the guy who became the bearer of the crystal. You have to influence his decisions, manipulate his feelings, and generally make a super stud out of him... or a pervert ... or someone who will allow you to attract as much lust energy as possible to the crystal, so that we can find and safely retrieve our precious invention. As a reward, you will be allowed to retain your job, if you remain alive, that is. You’ve got 4 weeks; time is running out.

TRY - here

Features (game in progress, don't forget):
  • HD Renders
  • Animation
  • Many routes
  • A lot of female characters for every taste.
  • Platforms: Win, Linux, Mac and maybe Android.

P.S. I'm not a native English speaker. That's why English in my posts is far from perfect.

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Access to each update for all of my games. My gratitude! You are a core part of making the game a reality!

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  • Welcome! Nice to see you on my page!
  • Raising money for a good life with a blackjack and whores
  • or at least to make a great boob game.

Recent posts

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HornyMonster Games
Public post

New update  - LS 0.12

Hello, everyone!
I'm pleased to present you with a new update. As you know this update should have been ready by the end of April, but due to personal problems it was delayed by one month. The page was paused, and it will be like this every time I'm going to push the deadline too hard. Everyone who came out or lowered the tier in April and May will also get updates. If you suddenly don't get them, contact me (discord best way). 

If you suddenly forgot, I remind you that now I'm trying to finish the first game week and gradually fill it with content. Today's update is dedicated to Jeanine. I have only one event left for her to finish the first week, but it's very big, with three variants of event for three Ethos. So wait for the next update in a few weeks.

I finally added a mall and a sex shop. So far, they're more of a nominal work, but with the addition of content, they make more sense. Although to put Jesse in a cat now, you'd definitely have to go to a sex shop.

There's also a part-time job. So far it does not give anything either, but in the future the extra money will not interfere, and the part-time job and the bar will be related to Amelia. But keep in mind, this is not a grind event that you'll have to attend regularly. For most routes it will only be enough to work a couple of times per game, and for some it will be unnecessary at all.  

Changelog LS 0.12

  • 130 new renders and 6 new animations. 
  • Bonus scene with MV. 40 renders and 3 animations. The hero's clothes in the previous bonus scene were changed (around 20 renders). 
  • Added a mall. You can visit it after class. 
  • Finally got the sex shop running (Part of Mall). 
  • A part-time job is available. 
  • Minor changes and bug fixes.
  • Little tip. To start the Jeanine route, make sure you call her on Tuesday.

Release schedule:

  • Subscribestar ($10) - 12.06
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HornyMonster Games

Hello, everyone! Here is ne...

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HornyMonster Games
Public post

Hello everyone!

Here is the new update for lewd story. Because on Suscribestar I have only tier. Update will be available here 04.04.

So lets start from new structure. Now game have only to two game week. So no more skip of days and so on. Yes game still look empty, but new structure will help me to fill it faster. Conditionally, every week has its purpose. In the first week to start a relationship with girls and formed Ethos. The second week is the hottest, the relationship with the girls enter the active phase. 

I also added a lot of info messages during the game, for example if you get a neutral Ethos, the game will warn you that there is no more content available for it. 

Extra menu.
While I have just added it, I will tell you about the plans for its development later, and in the meantime, let's talk about the replay menu, which is already available. 

Since Lewd story has a branch structure, it was impossible without the replays menu. Now you can see how many scenes and what routes are available for these or those characters. It has filters so that you can sort the available scenes by character and Ethos. All universal character scenes can be found in the All filter. I added around 78 scenes to gallery, not only naugty, also key scenes.

Oh and starting from this update you can use old saves to keep save opened scenes.

New content.
As you have already figured out, this is more of a technical update, so very little new content has been added, mostly scenes that are needed for the new structure.

Why is the version called 0.1 now
? It's very simple. Before this update, each "Build" actually meant a new route, and "Version" is a change within "Build". Since I'm working on a game in my spare time, it took a long time to develop one route. Now I will release updates every month (5 weeks to be exact), and each update will be dedicated to a different character or things. That is, the updates will no longer be linked to routes directly. So the names of updates will now simply capture changes in the game. 

Below sedule for this update and changelog. Please report all the errors you have found both in the text and code, better use Discord for it.

Cahnge log:

  • The game structure has been changed.
  • The game has added a replay menu wth characters and Ethos filters as part of the Extra menu. While only the beta version, in the future functionality will be expanded. You can run both from the main menu and during the game. 
  • The hero's name can be changed in Extra menu, it only affects replays, but it is not for sure. 
  •  Added 50 new renders. 
  • 64 old renders have been updated to FHD resolution.
  • Fixes many small old bugs, but also added a lot of new ones, especially concerning errors in text and plot. Please let me know if you find anything.
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HornyMonster Games

Links B4v2:

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HornyMonster Games
Public post
Lewd Story Build 4 is here

Hello Everyone!

I'm super-psyched  to tell you that the new update is ready! This is the biggest update I've ever released, and I've given a lot of energy to finish it. A lot of animations and renders. Unfortunately, not everything has been completed from what I had planned, but the main things  is ready. Not all perfect on this moment, I''ll be polish update all next week, but I hope you like it.

Update dedicated to Jessy (dominant route). I'd even say it's two routes in one, because most of the scenes have two options for choose. Your decisions will affect the final outcome, and you get a different ending. 

Saves - doesn't work from previos version correctly. 


  • Naturally, you need  dominant Ethos to see new content.
  • To get a good ending with Jessy, you need to score 6 points (7 max). So don't miss out on the event with her. 
  • But in order to get a second ending with DP, you have to try hard, otherwise you will fail.


  • Added dominant route for Jessy.
  • Added around 425 new renders.
  • Added 34 new animations.
  • Added 3 new endings
  • The ending with pregnant Kira is open to everyone (and that plus a couple more animations and renderings).
  • New bonus scene with Miss Valentine. (40 renders and three animations)
  • After receiving Ethos, the type of points received by the character will change. So far, only Jessy has it.
  •  About 40 old renders have been updated to FHD quality. 
  • And a lot of other minor changes.

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HornyMonster Games

Lewd Story - build4v4

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HornyMonster Games

Hello, everyone! First of a...

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