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Frozen Aardvark
Frozen Aardvark
Driven artist, wanting to follow their dream of telling stories through art and writing to entertain!Lewds too.
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With this tier, you gain access to discussing your own Characters with me, for advice and critique on their designs or writing.

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With this tier, I'll offer access to my art in progress, as well as advice and critique wherever I can on your own work!

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per month
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This tier will give you access to direct help from me in creating a character. This tier comes with a commission discount from me of %10.

Note* Commissions are limited to a maximum of 2 per person within a monthly basis unless strictly stated otherwise.

Limited (0 out of 15) subscriptions   
per month
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I can't thank you enough. This means so much to me. - All previous tier access, as well as access to the Request board, which will be a roulette of your ideas, in which I pick one that strikes my fancy, and I'll draw it. - A commission discount of 20% *Note, Depending on my activity, I may be able to do more than one, or none if my workload is severe.

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I'll cry. All previous tier rewards, as well as personal time with me to write or design, or both, a character FOR YOU!

As well as a commission discount of 30%

Limited (0 out of 2) subscriptions   


  • Discord access as well in inside looks at my art! Discounts on commissions, and personal character critiques for your OC's! Higher tiers will even have me help you design them!

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Frozen Aardvark
Public post
First post of the page! Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting! I'm new to Subscribestar but I'm certain I'll get the hang of it soon!
Here's a recent commission I completed of lineart for my client, to show you something I'm able to do!

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