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The Lewd Triangle
The Lewd Triangle
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The Lewd Triangle
The Lewd Triangle
Welcome to the official NSFW Subscribestar of Delta Moon Studios! I'm ShadowChampion or Shaoz and I draw art both SFW/NSFW and I dabble in both Animation, Games and Music! I hope you support me and all my future projects
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Welcome to the Lewd Triangle~ We appreciate your contribution! Rewards are Similar to Patreons: -Officiate Tier Patch -Early Sneak Peek at Future Content -Subtle Shout Out on DeltaArt Youtube Channel -AN1 Commission Package Mileages (wip)

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Bar Regular

I see you're a regular~ Good to know I'm getting the drinks right. You recieve the Tipper rewards but also in addition: -You'll receive the Guardian Tier Patch -You enter a raffle for a Free NSFW gift request per month

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"It's my own Fault"

It's always good to see you again~ You get the previous two rewards, but also: -15% Discount on Standardized Commissions

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  • Welcome to the Lewd Triangle, a club of lewd, sexy host of your fantasies. This is the official NSFW SubscribeStar
  • There will be no PayWall or hidden content exclusive to SubscribeStar or Patreon, however honories will be credited in Youtube Videos and on gallaries for your support and will helps support and shape all future projects =3
  • Here you will see Animations, Comics, Pinups, and other sexy content that you may not be able to see in the public~ So grab a chair and drink! You must be 18 or older to subscribe and view this channel

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The Lewd Triangle
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Welcome Visitors! This is the official support SubscribeStar for The Lewd Triangle! If your interested in supporting my webcomic Rings Of Tinuris, Delta Moon Studios's other projects coming up in the future, including those of a lewd kind~, feel free to join and become supporter! Please pardon the mess atm, i'm still working on fixing things up and matching it up with my Patreon run as well. I will start adding additional content to SubscribeStar and Patreon soon so stay tuned!

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