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Cheeso art
Warning!: This is a +18 creator and only people that age can become a Patron. By Becoming a Patron you're agreeing with this terms and I, Cheeso, have nothing to do with any problem you may get. Hello everyone! I’m Cheeso. Welcome to my Patreon page! While joining to the $1 tier, you’ll get the regular content, wich includes a weekly poll, sketches, simple pictures and their PSD. For $5 or more, you’ll start by receiving the same as before, plus a monthly highly NSFW/ Picture, and all PSD, including the ones from commissions and regular post. My main goal is to be able to live on this. If I reach the goal of 150 per month, I’ll start a dour in project wich will be discusses with my patrons. Any news will be posted publicly here and on my twitter page. ANyways, thank you so much and have a great day!
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