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I make exclusive NSFW illustrations, comics, and sketches (There will be at least one release every month)!
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Tiger Tip Jar

For the fans who're here for the art. Your support and contributions help keep this running! With this tier you will have access to:

+Early Access to Sketches / Illustrations before release. +Ability to vote on Semi-Weekly Sketches. +Access to Exclusive Sketches. + Access to Exclusive Monthly Sketches.

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Your Werewolf Boyfriend

For the fans who want to be more involved in this content. Your love and interests are appreciated here. With this tier you will have access to:

Previous Tier Rewards! +Exclusive Access to completed Sketchbooks. + Early access to Comics. + Early access to Merch Designs

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Jockstrap Enthusiasts

For the hardcore fans who want everything. Your interest in my content has moved me deeply, and I want to give back for that. With this tier you will have access to:

Previous Tier Rewards! + Exclusive Access to WIPs of a SECRET Project ;) + EXCLUSIVE MERCHANDISE! + 5% OFF Full Illustration Commissions!

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  • Thanks to all the support from my customers, fans and friends that have helped me along the way in this community. Thanks to your loving support, I got to make my hobby as an artist into a career. I cannot express myself enough to be working towards what I love doing most.
  • I upload every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! From around 7am-7pm EST!
  • My SubscribeStar consists of illustrations and more personal content that I don't plan on posting publicly, such as: WIPs, Illustration Variations, Full Sketchbook Uploads, Sketch Commissions, Weekly Subscriber voted Sketches, and Monthly Exclusive Illustrations!

The subscription gives you:
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  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.
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