Fantasy Art - These are fantasy image set packs for those who just want to see my characters in sex scenes, masturbation, strip tease or nude pinups without any story behind them. Most of these will show the main characters as well as upcoming and side characters in various fantasy roleplay as well as cosplay scenarios such as student/teacher, sci-fi, office, public sex, pirates, elves, bdsm, parodies, etc. Some image sets are done for my experiments with different styles and techniques as I continue to learn. Also new characters for the comic are also released this way to see how well the community likes them before they make it to the comic as a new main or side character. Fantasy image sets contain typically contain 30-60 images in 4k resolution (renders from 2019 are in 1080p) and are solo or sex between 2 or more character types listed below. These fantasy image sets are released at least twice per month and in 4k resolution.