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Warmellow profile
Aspiring to be a professional author and artist! Hope you guys love my books and arts!
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Re-Journey Novel

Alright guys so I will start uploading the chapters of my novel here and I will ACTIVELY upload new chapters here before they are released in other websites. Ranging from a few days or even a week. Here are the first two chapters for free for you guys, along with the plot and prologue! At the end of this novel, I will upload the FULL novel and you guys can buy it at a good and reasonable price!
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Let's Go! ! !

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Rise up! The Empress is here!

Hey guys! So, first post is going to be an introduction about me and what to expect here once you guys subscribed to me and all that.

So first of all! Allow me to state my name.

In the writing world of fanfictions, I'm known as YuriWriter and in the world of original fics, I'm known as Miryu Spells

In the art world, I'm known as Warmellow

And in the gaming world, I'm known as TheEmpress/Empress

Now, that we get to know each other, let's go tell what to expect here, okay, you will get tons of stuffs here coming from me! Stuffs such as first reads of chapters of my books (Basically telling that peeps will be able to read chapters of my books first before they get published anywhere in other sites.) Manga/webtoon chapters! (I don't make NSFW... yet.). And livestreams of my games and such! There will be animations and game projects as well once I get used to them, along with music compositions and originally written songs!

So much stuff huh? Though, you gotta pay to see or hear those actual contents though! However!! Sneakpeeks, behind the scenes, trailers and things like that are completely free to spice you guys up so don't worry!

But wait! There's more!

Of course I will be giving out freebies and other stuffs like that once I got a good income! It is for me to give you guys my appreciation and love!

Alright! Let's rock the world with this fams! Be the fam!
or gayest! (LGBTQ+-friendly)
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New Here!

Hey guys! Thought I should create this account so then I can actually get start in my career as a novelist and artist! I will do my best in publishing the best content to provide great entertainment for you guys!

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