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Usagaijin profile
Digital and pixel art fetish artist, mainly farts and scat
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Alrighty, welcome to my page! 
I'm Usagaijin1, a digital and pixel art artist that has been drawing for almost 6 years, and started to draw NSFW a few months ago! 
What you'll see here is mostly eproctophilia, scat, and occasionally other fetishes too like burps, futanari, etc. 
Also, I make art of both female and male, specially femboys!

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Tier 1 - Shy Sniffer

Poggies, thanks for your support!

-My Thanks <3

-Access to sketches and monthly updates

-Being able to watch my poopy livestreams on Discord

0 subscribers    Shy Sniffer
per month
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Tier 2 - Fetid Voter

-Early access to drawings I'll post to the public in the future

-Be able to vote in future polls

-Be able to participate in monthly raffles uwu

1 subscriber    Fetid Voter
per month
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Tier 3 - Pungent Observer

-Access to all files, including .ase, .kra, and .psd files, work in progress, lineart, etc.

- Suggest characters/themes/etc for future polls

-Benefits from previous tiers

0 subscribers    Pungent Observer
per month
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Tier 4 - Smelly Devotee

-Be able to request a digital lineart drawing each month

-Benefits from previous tiers

Limited (0 out of 5) subscriptions
Smelly Devotee
per month
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Tier 5 - Foul Aficionado

-Be able to request both a colored digital drawing and lineart each month

-15% off regular commissions

-Includes benefits from Tier 3

Limited (0 out of 5) subscriptions
Foul Aficionado
per month
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Tier 6 - Stink Connoisseur

- Be able to request a full shaded digital or pixel art drawing each month

-15% off regular commissions

-Includes benefits from tier 3

Limited (2 out of 4) subscriptions
Stink Connoisseur


  • Work in progress, updates
  • Exclusive content
  • Braps, many braps

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