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I'm an industry artist specializing in storyboards, sequential art, and color keys for both animation and publishing studios! This account's for non-industry related (fandom) projects I work on throughout the year. Thanks for supporting. ✌️✨
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Your support is much appreciated! Your donation allows me to spend a little more time each day producing pages of a high quality!

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Page Roughs

🧡 Rough Pages 🧡 You'll receive rough layout and dialogue pages that will be used for the final product!

🧡 Concept Art 🧡 You'll receive early access concept art ranging from asset design to color keys to be used during page production!

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WIP Pages

🧡 WIPs 🧡 You'll receive work in progress shots for comic pages currently in production! This can range from: cell flats, character inks, to background colors.

🔻 All Prior Tier Rewards Added 🔻 Page Roughs - Concept Art

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Final Pages

🧡 Final Pages 🧡 You'll receive finalized HD art of finished pages 5 days before public launch!

🔻All Prior Tier Rewards Added 🔻 - Page Roughs - Concept Art - Pages WIPs

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