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Creating High Quality Adult Pinups and Comics. Home of The Sweet Life's Sarah and Veronica Sweet
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Welcome Welcome!
If you are reading this, you have found my SubscribeStarAdult Page!

Why did I make a SubscribeStarAdult Page?

     As you may or may not know, I have a Patreon account. So why did I make a SubscribeStarAdult page?
     The answer is fairly simple and should be obvious to anyone supporting any adult artists these days or anyone familiar with my work.
     I'm aware that since their policy changes a couple years ago, lots of would be supporters on my Patreon have left the platform. I understand and respect the decision by those of you who did so. You did not want to support a platform the clamping down on the free expression of ideas and lets face it, the more taboo kinks.
     Hentai is fiction. All my characters are fictional, not directly a reflection of anyone living or dead, what's the big deal exploring crazy scenarios and ideas with them in a safe and controlled environment among consenting adults?
     At the time I didn't want to make the switch over to SubscribeStar, as I was comfortable and I felt safe operating within Patreon's borders. However these days I feel less safe on the platform. I feel like at any time I can be suspended or banned, and its not a strategic decision to stay on one platform alone when so much of my livelihood depends on my art. So here I am on SubscribeStar.

What can you, as a Subscriber expect on my SubscribeStar?

    Well I intend to post everything I produce on Patreon here as well. Think of my SubscribeStarAdult page as a second way to access my monthly content, but on a platform that is a little more open minded. A platform that stands for the same beliefs you have. That believes in freedom of speech and expression of ideas.
    Not ONLY that, but here you can expect to see all the kinks I've done in the past, but had to water down or discontinue due to Patreon's updated policy.

So why so few tiers?

     Well, there's a few reasons for that. 
  1. I have been on Patreon since 2012, and I have learnt a lot.
          I want to make my SubscribeStarAdult a simpler page in layout.
          I believe this will benefit both my Subscribers and myself.

  2. $29 grants you all the content. with this pledge you will get access to everything Patrons over at Patreon get (Pinups, Comics, Requests, Polls) AS WELL AS all the stuff they cant.
         (Bestiality, open incest, more taboo ideas, etc)
    $15 Will grant you most of the content. But you may not get access to some of the darker more taboo ideas
          $ 64 Will grant you access to everything. But this tier is meant more for people that really want to give back, or help me. I have no special rewards prepared for this tier at the moment, so its more of a goodness of your heart tier. I am open to hearing suggestions on type of content folks pledging at this level want to see and delivering that to them every so often

    Polls are weighted. Meaning the more you pledge, the more power your vote has in polling

  3. With SubscribeStar, because of the nature of the platform, and the way payments are handled, there are more overheads, more expenses, and more processing fees when receiving money. Basically more gets scraped off the top, so I get less money per pledge here so I have to compensate for that.
    4. I have some cool things cooking up in the oven, so I'm getting ready for that as well.

    What the hell does Number 4 mean?

    That, you will have to wait and see friend! ;)

Subscription Tiers

per month

Support my SubscribeStar at a lower rate, but limited feature access.

5 subscribers SubscribeStar $15.00 tier
per month
Sweet Subscriber

This tier will get you access to all of my content produced on Patreon every month, as well as the stuff NOT produced on Patreon

43 subscribers SubscribeStar $29.00 tier
per month
Super Fan

This tier is for a the super fans. There are no specific exclusive rewards planned for this tier, but we can figure it out together. If you can afford it, and wanna show me some extra love and help out in a big way, this is tier is for you. Feel free to come and go as you see fit!

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $64.00 tier


  • Access to All Monthly pinups and Comic pages
  • Access to Requests and Polls

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Creator's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.

Creator Stats

40 subscribers
184 posts


$1,041 of $2,000
per month
Hired Help. I will be able to employ another artist on a more permanent basis. A portion of this earning will be able to go towards a monthly salary for an assistant to bring you comics on a much more consistent basis!
At 1000 I will be able to afford a monthly assistant to solely help me with the production of comics. This will ensure more frequent and reliable comic posts and updates
The Sweet Life Comic Reboot Pilot. (14 Pages completed so far) I will share progress made on the Sweet Life comic I'm working on as well as any new pages
Getting Going! With 5 active subscribers I will open up the monkey vault and share some of the pics and projects I had to lock away.

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