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An Imagineer driven to producing a higher form of Fantasy/Horror.
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Used to be that I would offer all of my patrons Sketch Rewards but it eventually got to be too much to keep up with and balance working on my "Crimson Dames" projects at the same time.

So what I do now instead is first I offer birthday sketches to any members of my "Crimson Dames" Discord Server whether or not their a patron.

Then secondly I now hold monthly "Roll for loot" contests Patron and non patrons alike have a chance to win a sketch request from me. I use 2 reward pots. One pot for non patrons and one for Patrons. The patron reward pot is larger and has boosted chances to win based on the reward tier one is subscribed to.

An additional benefit I offer are the Reward Boosts. That being that for every new patron that signs on or increases their previous pledge during a "Roll For Loot" contest the reward pots are both increased by 1!

So consider signing up today or at least peruse my website more to get an idea of what my works are all about. ^ _^

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Public post
Greetings! This is my first ever post on Subscribe Star!

I created this to hopefully cast my safety net just a bit further out into the wild.

For those not familiar with me, my name is Jose Rafael Cruzpagan III. owner of my own meager Studio-Aegis. 

I am an independent artist who is driven to creating a new Horror/Fantasy I.P. called Crimson Dames. 


Crimson Dames is a Gothic Horror tale about four women left brutally scarred when their lives were touched by the curse of the werewolf. 

Now linked through shared trauma, are they capable of resisting the seductions of the curse, or will they lose that most fragile of aspects that makes one human? 

Their delicate alliance will be tested by a cruel world brimming with untold horrors out for their blood.

Does this small band of Red Riding Hoods have what it takes to carve a place for themselves in a fallen world?  Will they be torn asunder by the ravenous forces of darkness, or worse yet, be welcomed by them with open arms.​


This series utilizes four distinct interpretations of the Red Riding Hood lore as a jumping off point to create a completely new series.

Their stories will explore the symbolic imagery that has allowed this ancient fairy tale to endure for hundreds of years.

Each of our four Red Riding Hoods must face off against their own unique version of the wolf in a Gothic fantasy setting.

The world of Crimson Dames will be rife with medieval battles, hideous monsters, eerie phantoms, and most especially, blood thirsty werewolves.

The tale will continue to be expanded upon in the tales of "Perilous Quest" and "Shards Of Persona"

You can learn more about my creations at!

This is currently my third method by which people can become patrons of my work.

I need all the help I can get to continue creating my grand masterpiece. 

As a Disabled Air Force Veteran I live the minimalist life of a monk all so that I can focus solely on my creations. 

New patrons will be able to access their reward perks via my core website. If you should have any issues accessing them just send me a message and I'll do everything in my power to get you set up as quickly as possible.

It will take me a while to start migrating my works here to hopefully attract new people but for the now I ask that you explore my website and explore the many creations I have available to offer.

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