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Smutty Fox Studio
Smutty Fox Studio
Hi! We are Smutty Fox Studio and we like quality adult content! Meet our ReDICKulous adventure - sandbox game with magical fighting system and RPG elements (see in future builds).
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You help us to make our dream come true. In return we give you some quality game and adult fun. The most important thing - you get each new build a week before public release.

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You really like our game. That inspires us to work even more. And we want you help us to make the game even better. So we ask your opinion from time to time. O! And early access to the beta of new build before public release.

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You love the characters and the story. You care so much, that we decided to make you our co-creator. You have a chance to implement you fantasy in one of the scenes. And you have all the previous benefits of course!

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  • Meet our ReDICKulous adventure - sandbox game with magical fighting system and RPG elements (see in future builds). Our MC is a young man. He is neither alpha, no sissy. Not a winner, but not a total loser either. A lucky encounter gives him a chance to drastically change his life and take on the world in his own way. Put on the shoes of a pathetic hero and help him grow into powerful ruler of his own destiny. Learn magic tricks, become a man, use your powers to corrupt women. Receive pleasure and new awesome sexual experiences. Go beyond boring common morals to the most courageous sexual fantasies. We offer a non-typical story, a lot of humor and fun. Consensual corruption and the nastiest scenes (after proper progress). We don't wan't the player to suffer of mindless grind or overhardcored game difficulty. So we build our story with dramatic rules and logic, but sometimes, we let it go crazy to surprise you. Let's go and do
Smutty Fox Studio
Public post

It took a while for our team to progress from the demo stage to a first working release. But you can expect a lot now and in the near future.

We’ve implemented our own role-play system, dividing it into MC characteristics and relationships with NPC. It implies levelling up your character and gaining the people’s trust for… you know… getting all the ladies for himself. In future builds, you can expect our system to expand the interactions and create a multilevel dialogue path for all NPC’s.

Our Game’s HUD has also experienced a massive update from the demo version, including the options to track quests, stats and relationship with other characters. The Map Icon allows the access to our expanded universe, now with three new locations to access.

Following the tale in ReDICKulous Adventure, you will be able to unlock the fighting system, exploring the soon to develop magical essence currency. Steven will be raised as a spell caster, with his new mentor extorting his student to buy spells or incantations, some of which will not be all for battling, but also for seducing and corrupting his ladies. Currently, 7 combat and 3 seduction spells available for use.

Visual elements have also been improved with shaders and advanced postwork. There are more than 150 new renders and graphical details in 6 main story lines and 4 short events. Some older images have been reworked.

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