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shaygoyle profile
Hey all, I am Shay and I draw MEN with Muscles (mainly). But definitely draw women, chibis and more. I love all art
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Thanks for the Support! Every little bit helps ^ And Every Dollar adds up to my ultimate goal. So Thanks so much for Everything.

What Your Pledge Offers You....

~Entry into the once a month random Art Request for a FREE simple shaded bust of your oc.

~First Access to Finished Censored and Topless Versions of all my offered illustrations

~Poll Participation on Upcoming Art Work // Opinions

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Chocolate Sundae

Thanks for the Support!

What Your Pledge Offers You....

Same as Tier $1 Vanilla

But Also Includes... ~1 Free B&W Clean Lines Half Body of a Single OC (upgraded from the $1 offer)

~First Access to all SFW Sketches and WIPs illustrations done for Patreon / Subscribe Star

~Free Adopt able to be claimed once a month by one supporter (more than one interested in the adopt, and a random draw will be held to determine the winner)

~Exclusive First Access to All Original NSFW illustrations

~ First Access to all Speedpaints and Fun YouTube Videos

~Exclusive First Access to pages of my Webcomics

~First Access to SFW and WIP Gifs

~10 % Discount off Any Commissions and/or YCHs

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Banana Split Tier

What Your Pledge Offers You....

Same as Tier $1 and $2

But Also Includes...

~ 1 Free Flat Coloured Half Body of a Single Character Art Request (upgraded from $2 tier) ~ Winner of the Monthly Request Draw is Able to Change the reward to either a Flat Colour Half Body, or a Custom Adopt Design from original Reward offer (if won)

~Exclusive First Access to the NSFW pages of my Webcomics

~First Access to all NSFW/ Erotic sketches & Wips

~First Access to all Alternate Versions of Illustrations for Patreon

~Exclusive Access to all PATREON ONLY Pieces

~First Access to all NSFW .gifs

~First Access to my Video Tutorials

~15% Discount on commissions and YCHs (upgrade from $2 tier)

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Ice Cream Cake Tier

~ Full Access to everything included in every tier, and heartfelt Thank You!!

This Tier is for subscribers who are able, and just want to support me with just a bit more. There is no additional bonuses that aren't included in the Banana Split Tier, other than my unending thanks for the additional support.

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Recent posts

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Finally the finished piece, and they totally loved it. (2019)

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Finally finished it. And here is the final piece for Art Fight Attack 13 for Sanmedare
91291441 bbdf 4856 bc04 ce8c487f817f 120x120 77x35 697x696
Finally finished the attack for BuryAlive in ArtFight. Hope you all enjoy. I'm not good at animals but my confidence is growing the more I work on them.


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