Early access to alpha features of Trap Quest. One of the biggest things you'll have access to that others won't is epilogues, since most are still under construction. Other early alpha features often include the newest GUI updates, NPCs and actions. You also get access to some debug functions that let you vary body size / vary stats / ignore dignity limitations and lots of other cool stuff willy-nilly.

To find out what exactly is in the alpha version right now, go to the "restricted features" page on my blog at https://www.trapquest.com/restricted-features/

At $18 per month this is less expensive than the Patreon price of $20!

PLEASE NOTE that when you stop pledging, you will find that the unlock file changes some time in the future (usually every couple of months) and you'll no longer get access to any new debug features that appear after the date you stop pledging. However the current system is that your unlock file will retain access to everything that was added before the date you stopped pledging.