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Savanna Kougar, Otherworld Romance Author
Savanna Kougar, Otherworld Romance Author
Run On the Wild Side of Romance
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  • A chapter by chapter otherworld erotic romance. Flash story scenes. Author info.

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Savanna Kougar, Otherworld Romance Author
Greetings, otherworld romance lovers, 

Okay then, here's a tagline and the title of the first chapter-by-chapter erotic romance, I will be offering for subscribers. 

Treasure Moon Seduction 
Savanna Kougar 


Ksilya of the Windgate 
Dzonn of the Vericruis 

Ksilya is stranded on Treasure Moon. Attacked by tentacle mercenaries, she fights to escape. Until...

Dzonn, the Dark Rogue, plans on making a fortune from Treasure Moon. Instead his beautiful rival has beat him. Once again.

This is a scifi short story originally written for submission to an anthology. The theme was BAD BOYS, and being stranded.

Since my entry was not selected, I planned to Indie publish at Smashwords. However, time, circumstance, and other such no-fun barriers quashed that from happening in any timely manner.

Also, I began writing a ShapeShifter Seduction Valentine's Day romance set in my fictional world of Wolf Peak Territory. This took what little time and energy I had. Currently, Razor and Khryssa's erotic love story continues to be written.

Meanwhile, given I still want to Indie publish "Treasure Moon Seduction", my idea is to polish and expand the story. As I do this, I will be offering the chapters 'one' at a time to you – yes, like an unfolding serial story.

Note: I will be doing my best to accomplish this as fast as possible, but a warning. Time and energy are still a big bugaboo. All positive thoughts and prayers appreciated!

Savanna Kougar, Run On the Wild Side of Romance 
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Savanna Kougar, Otherworld Romance Author
Welcome, I plan to offer ongoing stories, chapter by chapter, for your entertainment.

BIO ~ Savanna Kougar lives on the tame prairie in the Midwest, and enjoys a quiet lifestye with her pets, and the wild critters. She pens love stories because that's her deepest heart. She writes in the futuristic/fantasy/paranormal *and shapeshifter* subgenres because that's her fiercest passion. And, she writes erotic romance because she ferociously enjoys ripping the damn doors off. 
Currently, Savanna Kougar has fourteen published ebooks, with six in print. She is a bestselling author at Siren-Bookstrand. She is currently writing a ShapeShifter Seduction novel set in her fictional world, Wolf Peak Territory. And also has lots of WIPs waiting their turn to be finished.
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