Hello everyone! This is my Subscribestar page for my hentai works and games. My current project is Odyssey of Gianna, an RPG Maker H-Game that focuses on status conditions and several fetishes, including mind control, transformation, petrification, and more!

Since this is a new page, here are a few notes about me and how I work:
  • You must be of legal age to subscribe to me (or, you know, view this page).
  • All of my posts will be public, though some may come with spoiler warnings.
  • Posts will generally contain previews of upcoming projects and various announcements.
  • I am a one-person dev team and page manager with an uneven sleep schedule, so please be patient with me!
  • I encourage anyone who wants to support me to do so within their financial means. Even if you just want to join my Discord channel (located here: https://discord.gg/B5JwPBa) and chat, that's perfectly fine!
  • If you prefer, I also currently have a Patreon page located here.

As for Odyssey of Gianna, here's some information:
  • The project is still underway and, due to increasingly rough conditions IRL, I cannot give an exact completion date at this time.
  • The full game will be available for purchase (on the game's itch.io here and possibly other sites) at a base price of $7.00 USD.
  • The Beta version of the game (which contains, by my estimate, the first third of the game's content) is currently available. If you're interested in having an early look, I'll be providing a download link to any supporters at the "Knight" ($10.00 USD) tier or higher. You'll also receive a link to download the full game when it's complete - so you can think of this as pre-ordering with a $3.00 Beta version attached.

You can download the free demo of Odyssey of Gianna here! Thanks for reading!