Book of Lust v0.0.58.1c Public Build

Book of Lust v0.0.58.1c is now available to the public!


Hey, guys.  Got another update for you.  The two new additions involve a continuation of Caroline's Body Swap quest as well as the first Mia scene.

Caroline's body swap quest involves talking to Julia while she's home after you've stored the Casino girl Suit in Julia's room.  At the end of it, Jake and Caroline should swap back into their respective bodies.

Then there's the first Mia scene when playing as Jake.  It might seem a little strange that I've made it a compulsion/dominate mind scene first, but if you play through it it should make sense.  I've been wanting to do this sub-plot since both Julia and Mia's inceptions.

I've also included a way to restart Caroline's Body Swap quest in case anyone wants to do it over again.  It'll be removed in future updates, but i'll leave it in for now.