My name is Rooc ~ I'm an artist specializing in furry, sci-fi, and fantasy content. I've also been a freelancer for many years, primarily working on furry-themed commissions and dabbling in many different kinds of erotica!

CONTENT | Here you'll find various themes ranging from; SFW/NSFW,

My hope for opening this page is to provide another avenue for those who wish to support me via tips, either because this is your preferred way (as opposed to Ko-Fi, Paypal, etc.) or you may not have the funds currently to commission me yet still wish to throw a little my way.
Thank you so much for becoming a patron and supporting me in my artwork! Your pledge is much appreciated and I'm honored to have become a creator worth supporting <3



Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to producing the art you enjoy! Please feel free to express any concerns, provide suggestions, or ask questions via the messages inbox here.