The newest build is available for everyone here:

You can vote for the next slave who will get her chance to shine here:

The poll will be up for 2 weeks from now.

If you want to make more than one vote your welcome to join as a subscriber and make your favorite slaves chance bigger.

Sharing the project and the game in any way always welcome.

While the pool will going on I will add some general content and some more good things to Gilda (this is goblin girl default name) rout. From now on updates will be monthly for subscribed members. The game is free and will be free always, but the only subscriber will get the newest builds.

I hope everyone will enjoy the new build available for everyone and thanks for any help with the development of the game that sharing bug reporting or money.

BTW this post is a cute little goblin naked girl with long black hair who loves to sing.

Every like a cum in or on her and every comment is an orgasm for her.

If she gets 50 like before the pool end she will join the band and if she got 10 comments she comes with something special.