How do the sketch requests and upgrades work?

  • All subscribers get a number of points dictated by their tier, check the rewards for the exact number (1-3).
  • During the week I open a post for subscribers with points to post their character request. Any character is fine as long as they have a design reference. (I won't design them from scratch)
  • On Saturday I do a livestream during which I randomly pick 3-5 characters from the requests to sketch.
  • If you get picked you lose a point for the rest of the month. 
  • At the start of the next month all points are refreshed and we start over again.
  • You must be present in the stream to get your request, if you're not there you won't get it. If it's not convenient I apologize but I can't accommodate everybody, I have to pick one day. If you get picked and show up afterwards whilst there's still time (1 hour minimum) before the end, you'll get it.
  • On Sunday I do another stream during which I will complete and colour one of the sketched requests from the previous day.
  • Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald patrons must make their sketch/upgrade/commission requests before the 20th of the month so that I have time to get everyone done. The sooner the better.