As a heads-up, I'll be taking a break from Subservience in the new year to work on a shorter story featuring my OC Finn in a scenario showing off his vore capabilities; something I've been meaning to do with him for a very long time!
The story is called Alley Cat and is currently 8 pages long, much shorter than the epic that Subservience has become. This'll give me time to recover and regroup with my creativity and help to avoid burnout.

In addition, I'll be going in to surgery on January 22nd for a procedure that has about a 3-week recovery period. During this time I won't be able to work, so for the beginning of January I'll be doubling down on Subscriber rewards to get ahead for February, leaving me free to recover without worry. I'll make a more detailed post about this closer to the date!

Thanks for sticking with me!