EXTRA LIFE V0.3.3 Available

Extra Life is a story about reincarnation in a universe inspired by Japanese anime and manga. It's an adventure game where the choices you make will have repercussions on the course of events, and answer a little too scathing, a person you ignore or pay too much attention to will lead to a cascade of different events, a little like a butterfly effect.

Will you change the course of events for the better or worse? The choice is yours...

The game is free for everyone but if you pledge a small monthly fee you will have the opportunity to play the latest version before everyone else and to view exclusive content.

Financing the project will allow me to invest more and more in order to offer you more content.

Each pledger will see his name inscribed in the thanks of the game

  • Visual Novel story progression
  • Multiple paths for each character datable
  • Active map to explore
  • Inventory system
  • Cycle day/night
  • Enhanced user experience with integrated walkthrough
  • High-quality Backgrounds
  • High-quality Sprites
  • Interactive backgrounds
  • Easter eggs

  • Mini-games
  • 70+ locations to visit
  • 70+ characters
  • Main quest multiple paths
  • Dating system
  • Animated NSFW scenes
  • A lot of extensions planned to expand the extra life universe
  • And many more things

RNGeusEX - Code, Story, Design Shinasty - Background Artist Carlo Montie - Sprite Artist



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