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Hey what's up folks, and thanks for visiting.

I'm KanashiiPanda, I do frame by frame animations, comics, and illustrations.  I'm also trying to make a game, currently. 

I'm hoping that with your support I can continue to make animations and tell stories as I have been doing.  I'll be able to afford upgrades, pour more time and effort into my projects, and hopefully even one day be able to turn this into a full time job seeing as how it pretty much is one already.

As always thanks for your support - whether it be donating or just taking the time to visit.

The game I'm attempting to make is called 'Book of Lust'.
Assume the role of a wolf named Jake Hart. A spell book falls into your possession and when you decide to open, you unleash a succubus into the world. You deal with the consequences.

Get the game over at my website:

Book of Lust

Some of the other places I post art:


My website:
(It's barebones at the moment, but links to the current versions are there)