Outbreak Games is an adult game studio that has been creating quality content for over a decade.

Yeah- that's right, we've been around since before even Patreon was a thing. From our very first title, Overwhored, to our latest title, Snow Daze, and our upcoming title, Tropical Daze- Outbreak Games has consistently delivered quality all of these years.

  Tropical Daze is a direct sequel to our recent game, Snow Daze. Follow Jason and his step-family as they go on vacation to a tropical retreat owned and run by his step-aunt and step-cousins.

Tropical Daze will feature new girls to woo as well as a whole slew of new steamy sex scenes to enjoy.

 Patrons will be able to get the latest  updates for Tropical Daze including- 

   -  New Demo Builds
    -    Art Previews
   -   Behind The Scenes Commentary

  Our previous major title- Snow Daze follows aspiring musician, Jason, as he concocts a plan to have the beautiful women who surround him become members of his harem.

This story isn't over though- there is even more content on the way!

We are working on a special bonus day which ties into the upcoming Tropical Daze!

Keep an eye out for special bonus comics as well!

We release content regularly every month! Not all content is guaranteed to come out every month, but every month we guarantee that there will be new content!