About Corruption of Champions II
Corruption of Champions II (or CoC2 for short) is a text-based adventure game in which you contend with an invasion of perverse demons into your home realm, all the while romancing hot monstergirls and furries (and orcs, elves, demons, and all sorts of other cuties) and transforming yourself into your ideal physical form. CoC2 is a game about customization, letting you play whatever kind of character you want: whether you're a busty bimbo bandit or a chiseled lupine barbarian; a hermaphroditic cowgirl sorceress specialized in milk-magic, or a burly orc warpriest who intimidates his companions back into the fight.

No matter what you choose to transform yourself into you, you'll be accompanied on your perverse adventures by a group of eclectic companions, from catgirl clerics and kitsune sorceresses, to chastity-caged elf traps and domineering orc amazons. You can lead two of these companions at a time against a world full of lustful enemies and corrupted magics, building up your party and your own Champion's talents to bring to bear countless combinations of strengths and weaknesses against your demonic foes.

Why Should I Support You? What Do I Get Out of It?
Good question. At least once a month, CoC2 will release a publicly-playable build full of enticing new content, but if you become a backer, you'll get access to more frequent updates (though all the same content will eventually become public in the next month or so). The main reason to support us, though, is because you like what we're doing and are willing to shell out some cash to help make CoC2 the best game it can be. The more support you guys give us, the more art and writing we can commission; eventually, we'll be able to start hiring on people full time to make awesome content for you.

PLEASE NOTE that Corruption of Champions II and Trials in Tainted Space, while they have a lot of people and design-space in common, are made by two different teams with different budgets. Supporting one does NOT help the other. That's why we have different crowdfunding pages. Can't cross the streams, you know? If you support CoC2, you'll get access to all the CoC2 rewards and backer updates, but it won't give you access to anything TiTS-related (and vice versa).

Where Do I Get My Cool Stuff?
Fenoxo.com is still the ultimate home for adult interactive fiction. You can find the free public version of the game there. Once you back us here, you'll gain access to downloadable versions of each backers-only build published between public build updates.