Click & Blood: Epic Tale of Angor Chapter 1 - Public Release

Download links:
Click & Blood: EToA Ch1 EN+RU - Win
Click & Blood: EToA Ch1 EN+RU - MAC

About the game:
The King of Monsters, who has been terrorizing the people of the Empire for a long time, is finally dead! The Emperor was avenged, and with the help of the Supreme Council, peace and joy reigned in all the lands of the Empire.
But this could not continue forever... After all, one evil is always replaced by another.
And now the people of the Empire face a new threat!
Day after day, it is growing stronger and more and more dangerous.
The time has come to put all doubts aside and take up arms to stand up and defend the Empire and probably all the creatures that live in these lands.
And besides you, some of these glorious defenders will be cute and pretty girls... This means that when saving the Empire, you can also try to build up your personal life.
Good luck to you, Hero!
Current and future features of the game:
  • Different ways to act in certain situations.
  • The fate of many people and creatures that live in this magical world will depend on your actions.
  • Multiple game endings.
  • A lot of comedy and hot scenes.