Hey Tango Fictioneers!

I am launching an expanded commission section for the site with new rules for directors that should be much more informative.

Currently I have a single director slot able to dictate a path that gets a monthly update (often with included suggestions/themes). I think the director slot has been one of my better ideas. The extra money raised is almost as helpful as the extra focus. The directors are among the most passionate of my readers and interacting with them is always a joy. A lot of great ideas and discussion has come from this group and I really appreciate it.

I’d like to thank my past and present directors as well as the first commissioner who helped me get a lot of this rolling, director BUsybat. I think some of the best content has come at their direction, - so thank you!

Usually I try to devote ⅓ of an update to the Corps vote winner, ⅓ to the director's request, and the last third to the hummingbird spirit (aka whatever I randomly work on). Since I generally shoot for at least 10k words a month of finished content this means the director gets around ~3,333 words per month, usually a fair bit more but proportion wise that is generally what I do.

One thing I do (and will continue to do for all upcoming commissions) that is unique is I include content I have already written for free. So this one reason why the chosen director route often gets some extra “juice”. If a director says: “write me some Evan content x route!” and I check my notes and already have ~1500 words, I will write an additional ~3k words of new content and throw the rest in as a bonus. Some directors may luck out and allow me to chain together get a substantial update just merely because it allows me to connect a bunch of in development content.

More content benefits everyone and I think it will help me create more to get out of the slow activity and growth phase of the past few months.

These commission updates do take a lot of time in addition to what I already do and they aren’t exactly super lucrative so I still don’t intend to take very many of these paid requests. Currently I intend to do up to ~3 total per month to start out, so this is roughly equivalent to 2 additional director slots since one is full. These commissions will be on top of my current quota, so if I have all 3 filled I will probably produce in the ballpark of 17-20k words a month, which is a significant upgrade from the normal 10k target.

The Rules are as follows: 1.5 cents a word - $30 USD minimum - Payment through Patreon or Paypal I will include bonus content I already have written and write new, fresh content for each commission (ie you pay for 3k words and I already have 500 written in my notes, the release will be ~3500 words.) I maintain control and right of refusal for certain content (ie no bestiality, scat or anything overly controversial fetish wise or something that breaks my creative vision.) It has to fit within Transfigure or one of my other story narratives. You must be over 18 (of course). Your content will appear in an update the following month, or the next preceding update if it is complete. Commissions are first come, first serve. If I go over what I am comfortable with, it gets bumped until next month.

If anyone would like to take me up on one of these offers, feel free to send me a message on any platform or email me at [email protected]. If you’re a current patron and want to merely upgrade to a director slot (and save a few bucks) let me know and I’ll add another one.

Now I know what you’re all thinking: “Take my money and finish that Galamoth arc!”