Os, last week I sisn't ge much writing done on any stories. I some work in on several, but nothing completed. I also missed my post of  VerbMyNoun and talon2point0old Marblecliff stories. But, I will let you know, it's not due to lack of trying. I still have to pay my bills which means I have a job that gets in the way of my Hobby. But, I an still working froward with all my writing friends.

I am pleased to see and work with VerbMyNoun on his new project Flight of the Peregrine. It is an awesome new SiFi thing that has him inspired. If you like his work you should check it out before you get too far behind his writing.

Cormenthor is back at it also, beyond the work he has done with me.We all all still playing catsup to the Christmas story We wrote yeas ago, but things are moving forward.

My good friend TaintedThylacine is also trying out Writing and art as a full time gig. Check them out and  hit them up for commissions.

We are working on getting the rest of the crew active again. If you like Verb or my work check out our other conspirators of the Words and Arts.


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