First off hiiii!,

Now that that is through good news! Tonight im going to be doing some fun indies and stuff so come watch at 9pm eastern!

Now for the sad news. Most have noticed that waifu academy has vanished. Its officially over on my channel due to getting in trouble for it. I want to thank those who understand and i'll be doing a bit more of an explination video tomorrow (still sick so got the icky stuffed up voice sorry all!). Fear not my loves! Let me spoil you all by letting you know what games i'll be doing videos for next month :D.

2 totally spies games, Breeding farm (love you guys!), Saya no uta (omg so good), fate stay and one or two wands and witches video.

I'll be doing an update with the last of this months videos next week then i will go mia for moving fun but i promise i'll be back to do our late spooky live reading of stories to tell in the dark and move!

Got any questions? Ask away!

Love you all.

Purity Sin.