Hello again everyone! We've recently updated the game with some bugfixes. Just download 1_4_1 and play! 

- Catdoll quest: Remade the cat quest in the moon scene.
- Catdoll quest: Displays a counter on the TV when the player picks up the doll.
- Microphone UI: Updated UI for smaller screen resolutions.
- Settings: Add a "Chromatic Aberration" graphic option, and remove the "TAA" AA option.
- Text: Change "mouse mode" text to "desktop mode" text.
- Quest: Updated quest hint for the "mistress and the apprentice" quest.
- Fix: TV hypno spiral effect did not go away.
- Fix: Blue dildo falling through the floor.
- Fix: Hypno effect on catdoll and pendants didn't follow parent object.
- Fix: Phone quest weird update.