Book of Lust v0.0.47.1a Public Build

Hey, guys.  Got a couple major updates in this one.

The first is the addition of more Caroline dialogue along with the first Jake/Caroline...intimate scene.  Use the discuss action to tell her to view spells, summon the succubus in front of her, then bang her in front of Caroline.  This'll raise Caroline's lust stat.  This is all the content there is for her at the moment.

Julia's birthing scene is now lined and colored.

Also, my friend that gave me the music contacted me a while ago and wanted to try the game out.  They liked it and wanted to fix up some music and give me some new tracks as well as fixing up some old ones.  The night time theme song has been replaced with a new one.  Caroline now also has her own theme song (It's one of my favs so far).