Upcoming SubscribeStar Tier & Pricing Changes - Effective May 5th 2022.

Hello all!
I've decided that it is time to revisit and change some of the tiers to reflect that this is no longer a side project on my Gaming PC that I put a few hours in in the evenings like it was in 2018, but now it is something I work full time hours on and have invested roughly £10,000 on in terms of machinery, assets and software. 
I haven't changed my prices except the $1 Tier since I started 4 Years ago, and as v.0.13 will be over 20 times the size of v.0.1 and v.0.2 or any of the old Shadows Updates so I do feel these changes reflect value for money. However I do appreciate times are hard and for that reason these changes will not come into effect until May 5th, so I've given just over a month's notice to make sure everybody has a payday beforehand and anybody subscribed will retain their benefits until they choose to unsubscribe! 
These changes will not effect you if you are already a Subscriber!
Changes will be made 05.05.2022 (00:01 BST (GMT+1))
Are you a Subscriber?
Yes - Nothing changes, the benefits you subscribed to will remain as they are, until something happens to me or you decide to end your subscription, thanks for your support.
No, but I follow you and I am planning on it - You can still subscribe until the end of May 4th to any of the current plans and get the benefits as listed on those plans.
No, I only pledge when updates drop or I don't pledge at all - These changes will affect you.

Public Release will now be Day 22 (21 Days After Release)
$1 - Tip Jar - No Benefits other than NSFW Access, no changes however public release schedule IS changing (Day 22 Access - 21 Day Wait).
$3 -  Tier will be removed, delayed early access before public release will be added to $5.
$5 - Will no longer offer Day 1 Access, will now offer Day 8 Access (7 Day Wait).
$7.50 - Tier will be removed. Wallpapers will continue to be made but will be combined with $10 and released on a Lower Resolution for Free (720/1080p Max), with a 4k Premium version.
$10 - Will now be the Early Access Tier for Day 1 Release, monthly renders will continue and 4k Wallpapers will now be accessible only to this tier and above with the removal of $7.50.
$25 - Will remain mainly unchanged, offering Day 1 Release, Monthly Renders, Wallpaper, Name in Credits and a Custom Render. However $25 will now also get their duplicate own poll to decide a character for the monthly renders in addition to the regular vote*.

$100 - Will be removed, once v.0.14 is in development it will be too late in the game to be adding new characters.

*Will vary month to month but will mean sometimes $10+ Votes will decide Character 1 & 2, $25 will decide Character 3. Monthly Renders will still be made available to all $10+.

Removed Tiers will become "Hidden", meaning they still exist with all their benefits but new subscribers cannot join them.

New Tiers (May 5th Onwards):

$1 - Tip Jar Only - Public Access on Day 22, 21 Days after launch.

$5 - Early Access to the Game on Day 8, 7 Days after launch.

$10 - Day 1 Early Access, Monthly Renders & Votes on Characters to be included and Wallpaper Room Access.

$25 - Day 1 Early Access, Monthly Renders & Votes on Characters to be included, Wallpaper Room Access, Name in the Credits and a Custom Render.

This should make things clearer and easier to understand when subscribing and to clarify what you're getting.


"Hello, I'm Bob and I currently pledge at $5! What will happen to me, will I get v.0.13 on Day 1, will my price increase?"

Nothing will change. You will get v.0.13 on the date specified in your plan (for $5 - Day 1), and you'll continue to get updates on that date for as long as you remain a subscriber. Your price and benefits will not change unless you cancel.

"I cancelled but I want to renew for the update, will I have to pay the new prices?"

You have until the end of May 4th to resub at the current rates. So if you resub on May 3rd you'll be charged for May and be a Subscriber already when the changes take place, you can then remain at that tier with those benefits until you cancel. If you cancel in the future or resub after 00:01 05.05.2022 (BST (GMT+1)) you will find the new prices in place. 

I only pay for updates on release and then cancel until the next one, will I have to pay more?"

Yes. You will find Day 1 Access on the 15th May now requires a $10 Payment. With v.0.13 being about three times the size of v.0.12.1 though, I feel this represents value for money as you're getting more content and at a better quality.

I don't want/can't afford to pay, when will I get the game?"

You can still download v.0.12.1 for free, and v.0.13 will be available for the public freely and in its complete form on the 5th June 2022.

Thanks for all the new and continued support and I hope you're looking forward to v.0.13!