Welcome to the Story Bank. 

I hope this helps sort things a little, I write almost every day so... Shit does get deep in here. The story bank is an incubator for my stories from all my pens, two are erotica and one is more HBO steamy.

Bella's Spank bank Defined:
There are stories in here labeled Spankbank, these are ones I rubbed one out to while thinking up the short stories. They are short, fast, and loose, to wet your imagination and harden your lust. I will sometimes expand them later with member feedback.

Bella Content Tags
Cuckold, Hotwife, Cheating, Femdom (bdsm), PI, Gay, Cuckqueen, Lesbian

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My Hotwife Life, The Signs of a Woman

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The Signs of a Woman (Kindle Vella)
Bella's Amazon Collection (coming to the feed here shortly)

Authors Pens
Bella Cooper, (Cuckold, PI, FemDom)
Olivia Mann, (Dark Drama, Dystopian, Sci-fi, Fantasy)
Ophelia Rass (Daddy Dom, Younger/older, Instalove)