Hello, Internet worldsies!

I'm LeelaK, nice to meet y'all!

Long ago (like, really long) I dabbled in the world of indie game-making as a hobbie, and recently I had a push from my wonderful friends to give an old  half-done project of mine and turn it into reality!

At the time I wanted a kinky and lewd game that was tabooey, my cup o' tea and that I would enjoy playing as a real RPG! (Very specific, right?) So, yay! I decided to take it for a spin and see where it goes!

We're a couple actually (hey guys, sup, I do most of work here, and h-hey, lemme type too! sigh... alright, alright... t-there's also our cat, people...) and together with our supportive friends and talented people, we wish to see this project through, and with enough support we could give our 110% into making this passion project a reality!

Without further ado, we present you: MILFairy Tales!  (^ ~ ^) v

(Yup, MILFs, curves, and unusual pairings. We are both assman and assgirl, cuz ya know what's good!)

Welcome to the world of Milfairy Tales!

Join the legendary apprentice in his fantastic journey to master the powers granted by his own kinkiness, as he travels with his luscious female companions, they'll teach him how to master the powers of his sexual tension! Follow the story of a fantasy land protected by an all-loving Goddess, and threatened by a perverse Demon! 

Milfairy Tales plays like a classic JRPG and follows the fetishy adventures of our protagonist and his MILFylicious masters and companions! Expect a full-fledged story, with many cutscenes, battles and beautiful CGI and artwork by Katou Shinobu and more commissioned artists.

The main pillars of the game are: 

Story and exploration.
Combat and Quests.  
Dating and sexing up some lovely Milfs! 

Everything coated with some naughty characters who follow the Goddess’ teachings and let their love shower all over the town of Lovefill. 

Build up your relationship with your masters and become stronger to face the dangers our hero might encounter in his journey. Join the town, have a seat at the Bard’s Bar and let me tell you a tale!


Thank you!