Book of Lust v0.0.45.1c Public Build


So this was a really big update all things considered.  I'm gonna try work the site I made into posts.  I think I'll still have direct links on the patreon/subscribestar builds, but everything else is going to be a link to the site which is still really barebones at the moment.

Anyways, I've been learning how to make a website for the last...month or so?  I had to be really careful watching their Terms of Service.  I'm gonna try build on it as time goes by.

Game-wise, I added another section of Caroline's arc, redid the spell UI to make it smoother for players, and added an Succubus/Jake scene.

Most of Caroline's arc is still lore/intro for now, and a chunk of it ties back to the succubus.  There's no additional scenes for it, just dialogue.  I think at this point you guys can tell where I'm going with it, although I'm hoping that this is going to be my own...unique take on it.

You can actually fail Caroline's storyline now.  If you don't interact with Caroline at least once every seven days, she'll disappear and you can't get her back.

Also, I found a couple bugs related to the spell menu.  If you get a confirmation dialogue and cancel it or try to bodyswap back without Jake's old body present, the old spell menu will overlay the new one.