Leaderboard: the Open for Business Expansion

Whole bunch of new code added to Leaderboard to enable body modification, hair styles (which is technically body modification, if you think about it), and clothing (which is not body modification but can feel like it).
This means Augmentation Alley is open for business (but expensive!) as is RACK (slightly less expensive) and a bunch of other stores scattered around the dome.  With bodymods and clothing enabled, I have also changed the interaction code so that your presentation (bodymods, hairstyle, clothing) and reputation (on the leaderboard) gives you some modifiers to getting people to do what you want.
This was a bunch of code and a lot of brainstorming (and subsequent data entry), and I do hope you enjoy the new possibilities on offer.  This expansion also extends the foundational code to allow for more and better interactions in the future.
If you have any clothing items or body modifications that you'd like to see in future expansions, please drop them in the comments below.  I'm always looking for new kinky nonsense to add in!

Changelog for Leaderboard 0.0.3

Augmentation Alley
All the offices along Augmentation Alley are now open: the Bootyque, Brutes and Bantams, Cocksmith and Sons, Labiosculptrix, The Mammary Market, Swole-a-torium, and Visage.
Body Mods are intentionally expensive and through the first portion of the game I expect they'll be accessed through plot developments more often than the storefronts.  Speaking of which, if you're having trouble with your accounts, Jordan might like to speak with you.
Clothes Shopping
Four Clothing Stores: At Califia Commons, you can find RACK and Chains, Hooks, and Clasps; along Williams-Haas Way, The Dip is finally open, as is Ties That Bind.
Clothing is considerably cheaper than bodymods, but most of it gets wrinkled and can't be worn until it gets laundered.
Access your clothing options from your Wardrobe at home.  As you get familiar with life on Bidi-Essem (ie turn 200), you'll be able to evaluate your look before you leave home.
Handlebars Salon
Handlebars Salon is also open at Califia Commons, offering dye jobs and hair cuts.  These are technically body mods, but they're significantly cheaper.
Palette Bonuses
The colors of the clothes you wear, along with the colors of your skin, hair, and eyes, all contribute to your outfit's palette.  Clothing and body parts whose colors match, complement, or participate in color triads are more effective at making an impression.
Now all the exciting fun of laundry has been meticulously recreated for your gaming experience.  Or at least, you'll need to take laundry to Bubbles Laundromat (on Williams-Haas Way) or do it yourself at home, or pay for laundry service (at the Luxury Apartment and the Hotel).  Unsurprisingly, doing your own laundry is seen as subby.
Once live-in subs are implemented, laundry will be a thing they can be assigned to do.
Interaction Upgrade
Each character in the game now responds more favorably to a different dom/sub metric: some folks comply easier when you come across hard, some folks like it when you're assertive, and some folks respond best to manipulation.  Your body and your clothing will give you bonuses to these ends.  Most of these preferences are set randomly each game, so you never know what Karen Pepo will be into this time around.
Presently this preference is hidden, but later expansions will add means to discover it and plan accordingly.
Credit at Fig and Ginger
Minor update, but asking for credit at the Fig and Ginger now works instead of just pretending it works.