Hi! BShark06 here, call me Boris! Welcome to my SubscribeStar Adult page! Here I post adult content featuring my characters Mara, Max, Karyna, Berren, and more! No Paywalls, no censored art for public, all open and fair! Feel free to support me with at least $1, that'll keep me going making more sweet stuffs for all to see! Plus with $1, you can gain access to higher-resolutions of art content I make! Yes, higher, BIGGER sized pics~! 
I also want to make comics with some of my characters, which requires a lot of time and thinking... Comics will be exclusive for SubscribeStar until it is completed and ready to be posted in public for free! (Will make more info about it soon.)
So please, support me with at least $1 and you will enjoy seeing more lewd art! If not...well, that's okay! You will still see them! :v

Oh and here's my FA link: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bshark06/

Thank you!


....I'm bad at introduction :'v