I Can't Believe They Chose Me To Infiltrate Faerûn 05

"Well done, Ako-hon," I praised my priestess. Squatting in front of the prisoner, I examined her thoughtfully. 
While debriefing Ako, she had given me a list of everyone she knew, including her various sisters. The one that caught my interest was Zesstra, as I recalled several mentions of her in various Forgotten Realms sourcebooks. Her canon plot hook was that she was a secret priestess of Shar, rather than Lolth. She even had a Sharran artifact, Gorothir's Girdle, which didn't really look like much in person. Her plotline involved trying to seize control of Ched Nasad, the nearby drow settlement, and failing horribly due to a terrorist attack that collapsed the entire city and killed nearly everyone.
Of course, I didn't really care about that. What did interest me, however, was the fact that she not only had sufficient pull to get me a personal audience with the Matron Mother of House Aleanrahel, but also had a secret cult of her own, loyal to Shar. In other words, I would have thousands of minions just as soon as I suborned this one drow. Of course, that's when Ako kicked her in the boobs again.
"Hey, knock it off," I scolded, catching her foot as she wound up for another. "I need your sister intact."
The drow girl wilted immediately. "I'm sorry!" she apologized tearfully. "I just- I thought…" she tried to explain before hanging her head. "I'm sorry."
"It's alright," I reassured her, enveloping her slim form in a hug. "But I need her to spread my gospel to the city; she can't do that if she's dead."
Ako sniffled quietly into my shoulder, regaining her composure. After a moment, she whispered quietly, "But she doesn't need her breasts for that, does she? No one likes stupid udders like hers, can't we just cut them off?"
Ah, that would explain it. While Ako was objectively more beautiful than her sister, she was remarkably tall and skinny. For a drow, of course. Zesstra, on the other hand, was more than a little curvy. With her wide hips and narrow waist, she was built more like a human than any of the elves I'd seen so far, including a truly magnificent pair of breasts. Sure, they couldn't be more than a D cup, but on her frame they looked absolutely massive.
I rolled my eyes with an amused sigh. Patting Ako on the head, I shooed her over towards her other prisoners, the rest of Zesstra's patrol. "Go secure the males; I need to have a chat with your sister." 
"Yes Master," she acquiesced, reluctantly letting go. Giving me a kiss on the cheek, she pointed warningly at Zesstra before rejoining her erymanthoi. 
With Ako's enthusiasm otherwise occupied, I could now get to work. I picked up my prisoner by the arms, drawing a strangled cry of pain as her fractured bones ground against each other. Sondok followed dutifully behind as I made my way to the carefully sound-proofed torture chamber. A handful of minions training in the main cavern paused their katas to watch as I stripped the prisoner naked, ignoring her feeble struggles. I handed her armor off to one of them, a goblin whose name I couldn't be bothered to remember, ordering him to deliver it to Tolo in the lab. My demon army had captured a number of locals, mostly drow, but also goblinoids, orcs, and a handful of duergar. The drow and duergar were the most useful, but goblins made nicely sycophantic lackeys.
The torture room was a bare stone hole gouged from the rock, its only furnishing a steel table with manacles welded to each corner. As always, Biryu settled himself at the threshold when I shut the door, guarding us from being disturbed. I dropped the priestess on the table, not bothering to chain her down just yet. A gentle touch to her forehead impressed the knowledge of Old Realm on her, while also illuminating the pitch darkness for Sondok. "Oh Zesstra," I said softly. "What am I going to do with you?" Her eyes widened in alarm, reflecting the venomous light of my caste mark. "Yes, you're in the shit now, love," I told her, nodding seriously.
"W-wha are 'oo?" she slurred, stuttering as she realized she was no longer able to speak Undercommon. 
"I'm a Slayer, The Slayer by some accounts. A Prince of the Green Sun, Chosen of Hell." Now that made sense to her, divine Chosen were well known to clergy throughout Toril, if rare enough that you'd never actually meet one. The Chosen were also usually terrifying, immortal juggernauts of magic who could end a simple cleric like her simply by thinking too hard in her direction. "Don't worry dear, I'm not going to kill you," I said reassuringly, patting her on the thigh. She flinched away from my touch, but I dug my fingers in with a vicious smile. "I'm also your new lord and master," I informed her, adding, "The only question is how much pain you're going to go through to learn this."
I'll give her this, she had balls. Despite the obvious fear in her eyes, she managed to try and spit at me. With her jaw dislocated she only managed to dribble blood and saliva down her chin, but it's the thought that counts. "I' ne'er ow uh oo!" she declared defiantly. 
I glanced at Sondok. "Did you catch that?" She shook her head silently. Turning back to the drow I shrugged. "I have no idea what you just said; why don't I fix you up a bit so we can talk like civilized people?" I gently forced her to lay flat, copping a feel of her tits in the process. Very nice, 8/10 for softness and full marks on form. "I can heal you good as new if you'd like, all your pain gone," I said, looming over her with my hand on her chest. "All you have to do is say please."
She spit at me again. With a sigh, I wiped the mess off her mouth, flicking it on the floor. Draught of Sweet Infinity was easily my best brainwashing charm as it created an instant intimacy of reverence. That would then allow me to leverage Cecelyne social charms with minimal effort. Unfortunately, it required willing acceptance, though few mortals were stubborn enough to reject healing like this. With her being uncooperative, I had to… a smile spread across my face as I got an idea. 
"Alright, I'll give you two options then," I said to the defiant drow. "You're going to worship me, but I'll let you choose how it happens. Either bend the knee right now, pledging your fealty, or I will rape you until you do." She recoiled in shock, trying to shove me away. "Don't worry, I've got some orcs and male drow who can help out; you won't be taking up too much of my time." With a pained scream of rage, Zesstra thrashed in my grip as I dragged her off the table. "Come along, this sort of thing needs an audience," I said as she crashed to the floor.
This wasn't strictly the most efficient method, but it was a lot more fun than just worming my way into her brain with Ebon Dragon charms. WWMD after all, What Would Malfeas Do? Stepping over Biryu, I dragged my prisoner into the main cavern. "Hey, gather round," I called out to the minions and demons. Only about a third of the cult was present, plus twenty or so erymanthoi with their support demons. I liked to keep a healthy number of demons around the new cultists, just in case one of them got any funny ideas. This gave me several drow, a squad of orcs, and all three of my bugbears as an audience. The duergar and magically inclined drow were all cloistered in the workshop, putting their new training to the test. "Hey," I snapped my fingers at the closest orc. "Yeah you," I agreed when he pointed at his chest, looking around stupidly. "Go get the cleaning squad, I need some goblins for this too."
As the minions gathered, I activated Tragic Love Amusement on myself. It would make this job much easier, since I didn't much like having sex with people I didn't love. Poor Zesstra was just too stubborn to understand why this was necessary, but I'd get through to her soon enough. With my anima flaring now, I also reordered By Rage Recast and gained another two feet of height. My trousers split and fell apart, allowing my stiffening cock to swing free. Wrapping my hand around Zesstra's neck, I held her up on display as she clawed at my fingers, feet kicking helplessly. "All right lads, seems Miss Prissy here is too stubborn to listen. That means she needs some teaching; her will needs to be broken." The drow and bugbears perked up at that, as did some of the cleverer orcs. "This is Zesstra Aleanrahel. That's right, the elder sister of our own dear Ako. Unlike her much prettier sister, she's too stupid to..." I paused as I recognized a familiar scent.
Raising my captive, I peered at her positively gushing pussy. "Well then," I commented intelligently. Scratching my beard thoughtfully, I asked, "Are you turned on by this?"
She squirmed in my grip, shaking her head, but Factual Determination Analysis said that was untrue.
"Hold on a moment, fellas," I ordered the crowd. "Zesstra, do you have a rape fetish?" Another false denial. Okay, this needed a bit more in-depth investigation. "Alright don't worry guys, you'll still get to watch, I just need to figure something out first. One of you go get Ako as well, she'll want to be here."
As a couple orcs ran off towards the prison, I invaded Zesstra's mind. Analytical Modeling Intuition was only useful for getting answers, so I generally preferred to suborn someone's loyalty first and then just ask questions verbally, but it was perfect for cases like this. By the time the messengers returned with Ako in tow, I had a fairly complete picture of my captive. A lot of things made sense about her now, from her style of dress to her physical build, even the magic she knew. Zesstra was a hentai elf.
"Hello Ako-hon," I greeted my priestess absently. "Did you know your sister is a pervert?"
She blinked in surprise. "What do you mean?"
"I just mindraped her to get some answers; turns out she fantasizes about some really, really kinky shit." Sondok silently raised a questioning eyebrow and I shrugged. "Yeah, I know, but I'm serious. Kinky even for us. I uh… this is the horniest she's ever been in her life and the only reason she hasn't orgasmed yet is because she's clenching her kegels hard enough to crush bone, watch." 
I wrapped an arm around Zesstra's middle, letting go of her neck. Poking at her pussy made no headway; despite the slickness of her fluids, there just wasn't any room for my finger. "Hey, loosen up a bit," I ordered her as Ako copied me curiously. Then Zesstra kicked her sister in the face, breaking Ako's nose with a wet crack.
The younger drow let out a howl of fury and launched herself at the prisoner. As my priestess, she'd gotten the full suite of enhancements and probably could have ripped her sister apart with her bare hands. I caught her in a telekinetic grip before that could happen though, holding the kicking and squirming girl off the ground. "Ako, behave!" I snapped while dislocating Zesstra's hips and shoulders to prevent further violence. Dropping the screaming drow on the ground, I levitated Ako closer, taking her face between my massive hands.
She slumped dejectedly and looked away. "'m sorry," she muttered as I probed her face with my fingers. 
"I don't want sorry," I informed her seriously. "I want you to have self-control. Close your eyes."
Ako looked at me with confusion for a moment before obeying. Then I forced her nose back into place and she let out a yelp of pain, gingerly dabbing at it with her fingertips as her eyes watered. "You'll be fine, it'll heal up in less than an hour," I told her. "Go wash your face, you've got blood on your lip."
"Yes, master," she sighed as I set her back down. "I'm sorry, master."
"Come back when you finish," I said and she brightened immediately, dashing off with a smile. Turning back to my supremely annoying captive, I picked her up by a leg this time, ignoring her sobs. 
At least the pain had broken her focus; my finger slipped inside her snatch with only a little difficulty, allowing me to feel inside her pussy. Inside I confirmed what I'd found in Zesstra's mind, a completely intact hymen. That complicated matters a little. It would be a terrible waste to just let the virginity of a priestess of primordial darkness go unused. "What do you think?" I asked Sondok, spreading the drow's legs to show her. "Could get Berengiere out here to preserve it."
"She'd appreciate that," she noted conversationally. Her sister was always up for shirking guard duty, and I could get some fabric made while she was here too. 
"Sounds like a plan; I can even work it into a lesson for the thaumaturges."