Hi, I'm Belenus and I write stuff. Lewd stuff, funny stuff, action stuff, all kinds of stuff. My primary repository of content is on the Questionable Questing forum, which unfortunately requires a user account. All of my writing eventually makes its way there, but if you want to see it early, please subscribe. I also have an AO3 account, used for archival purposes, which will be updated infrequently.

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The subscription tiers need a little explaining, so please read this before sending me money:
Without a subscription, you can read all of my content on either QQ or AO3. In fact, I encourage you to check it out beforehand.
For Early Access, I will be posting chapters and stories here on SubscribeStar, a week in advance of QQ.
Behind the Scenes gets you an invite to a Google Group, to which all of my writing is shared while in progress. Basically a pass to watch the sausage being made. 
Peanut Gallery is the same as Behind the Scenes, but you also get commenter privileges on those same documents. 
Lastly, Commissioners get 2500 words of story per month, directed by them. 
And obviously every tier also has the same perks as the less expensive tiers. 

Note: If you subscribe to Behind the Scenes, Peanut Gallery, or Commissioner, I will need an email address to invite you to the Google Group. I prefer to use Discord to share that, but if you do not want to use Discord, please send me a message via my SubscribeStar profile.