This was one of the first multipart stories I did on DA. I combined everything into one story after I finished it. While a sequel was started, I haven't had much drive and time to work on it.

Jake's Implants The Entire Boobventure:

The clouds outside moved slowly with the wind, the sounds of music playing could be heard all throughout the town. Most of the town, however, wasn't in a festive mood. The music came from an old church, and the townsfolk were gathered to sadly say goodbye to a member of there town. Seated throughout the room were friends, family, and people that had heard of the recently deceased. There were tears, some arguing, and plenty of off-putting remarks but still the poor soul was no more, and this is where our story begins.

The poor soul I mentioned before, her name was Margret, she was a very lovely woman. One of the lucky few that hardly aged, or got older as she lived life. A life spent using her talents and assets to help those around her, and many others. For most, she was just a caring soul, for others a cheap joke they could poke fun at when bored of there lives, but to one she was special. For one person she was there entire world, her nephew Jake. Jake had come to live with his aunt after his parents split, he didn't want to live with either and asked if he could live with her. Margret never had a family of her own, not for a lack of trying oh no. She never found the right person to share her life with. She enjoyed the fun lifestyle, she didn't want to settle down and raise a family, but when Jake needed her, she knew she had to take on a parenting role.

Years passed as they often do, and Jake grew and got older. Margret she knew, she saw a look in her eye that she had only eer seen once before in Jake's father. As Jake got towards the point of adulthood his aunt planned a special party for him. Something she knew her nephew would love. See she knew her nephew was a breast man, she could just tell. A few of her bras would go missing from time to time when Jake offered to do the wash, or she would see him sneak in a playboy or penthouse. She didn't say anything, she figured that as long as her nephew was happy that was all the counted.

Sadly with all good things they must come to an end at some point. For Jake, it was sooner than he thought. His aunt had gotten ill and passed away just a month after his 18th birthday. As Jake sat in the church, he couldn't bring himself to look at any of his family. To them, he was a pain, a mooch, just someone that got involved in the wrong end of something he never understood. Still, his aunt was gone, and he was sad.

As the after gathering started Jake went outside to relax and get some fresh air. He wanted to go home, even if just to start packing. He wasn't in the mood for small talk or chit chat. Still many came up to comfort him, and make him feel better. As he sat outside one person sat next to him, he knew the person right away from the skirt she wore.

"Hi, Ms. Peters" Jake said keeping his head down.
"Hello Jake, I am sorry for your loss, I know you and your aunt were close."
"Yea, I feel like I lost my best friend."
"Yes, well nothing I can say will bring her back, but I do have something to tell you."
"What would that be?"
"Well as your late aunt's attorney, I am in charge of her will. And I can safely say that there is something for you in it."
Jake's head didn't move, he didn't want anything in the world except maybe his aunt back. "Thanks, Ms. Peters"
"Well since this after party is getting a bit too obnoxious for my tastes, why don't I bring you to my office quickly and let you know what you got. That way when I bring the others in you won't be around for them to yell at?"
Jake really didn't want to go, but the thought of dealing with his family, later on, was just as bad as dealing with them now. "Sure, anything beats this right now."

After what seemed like a long drive, Jake and Ms. Peters arrived at her office. Being the only town lawyer she could make her own hours. As they walked in Jake finally noticed Ms. Peters as she flipped on the lights. Now Ms. Peters wasn't what most would call a beauty, but she had her looks. Now though she was just different. For starters her usual brown hair was a bit brighter, her legs seemed fuller, and her hips were wider. Though most could be attested to the belly she had attached to her and the two breasts she had above that.

"Um, Ms. Peters when did you?" Jake asked motioning to her belly.
"Oh this, no it's not mine. I'm carrying the baby for my sister, I'm a surrogate."
"Oh, ok." Jake had remembered his aunt and Ms. Peters talking one afternoon about her having her sister's baby. Jake's aunt had told her that if she needed a ride to any appointments that she could help, and if she wanted someone to help around the house as the pregnancy moved along Jake could help.

"Ok Jake, come on over and take a seat. Ms. Peters waved to the open chair in front of her. Jake sat down on it and took a deep breath. He really didn't want anything but was still sad from the events of the day.

"Alright so as you know your aunt had some things in this world that were precious to her. Assets, her small business, her home and you as well. So when she started getting sick she asked me to fix some things up for her. Firstly you don't have to pack a single thing. She's leaving you the house as well as her small business. I guess you know what to do, but if not I know Mrs. Trebs can help you. Now there was one last thing, your aunt has also left you something that is very special to her, and she hopes that you'll take care of them as she did."

"What's that?"Jake asked confused.

"Your aunt has left you her GG cup breast implants."

Jake sat confused and dumbstruck, he wasn't sure if he had heard Ms. Peters correctly on the last part. "My aunt left me her what?"

"She left you her GG cup breast implants."

Jake still sat confused as he continued to wonder what his aunt was thinking and if Ms. Peters was messing with him.

"You'll need to set up an appointment with the doctor to discuss having them placed."

"Placed where exactly?" Jake asked fearing he already knew the answer.

"Why inside you of course. Your aunt left you her GG cup breast implants as well as instructions that they are to be placed within you."

Jake felt as if his jaw was hitting the floor and digging through the ground. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Ms. Peters, I hate to break it to you, but I am a guy. We just don't go around getting boob jobs."

"I know that Jake, but it is what it is. Your aunt wanted a piece of her to be with you always after she passed. This was the only thing she could think of."

"A locket, a watch, a bracelet, any of those would've worked."

"I had thought of that myself when she told me, but she said she wanted it to be something special. Something that wasn't easy to have stolen or lose. That was when she came up with the idea and told me."

"But what if I catch what she had once they get put in?"

"Ah again she thought of that too, They have been in a fluid I believe. One that has been making them safe for implantation again."

Jake was beginning to get angry, all of the events from the day, his aunt's death, everything was starting to just crumble to dust as he listened to more. "I don't want them. I don't have plans to become a woman or anything. I am a guy!"

Ms. Peters stood up from her desk and went to Jake's side. She placed her hand on his shoulder, looking at him like someone that was trying to convey something much bigger than they knew how to. "Jake, I understand. I can understand what your saying, but I am following the instructions in her will to the letter." Ms. Peters returned to her side of the desk and opened one of the drawers. She pulled out an envelope and handed it to Jake. "Take this home with you, your aunt asked me to make sure you got it after everything was explained to you."

"What is it?"

"Honestly I don't know, she refused to tell me." JAke took the envelope and placed it in his pocket for the time being. "Ok, well that takes care of that. I can help you set up the appointment if you want?" Jake was still a bit annoyed at the strange event that had transpired, but he really wasn't in the mood to argue anymore. He just nodded and sunk into the chair some more. "Ok, if you give me a few minutes I'll give you a ride home if you want?"

"No thanks, I'll walk."

"Ok Jake, I'll call you when I have the appointment set up for you."

Jake paid Ms. Peters no mind and walked out of the office. He walked the long way back home, passing a few places both he and his aunt would look at, and some that they would admire from afar. As Jake strode up the porch he fished the key out of his pocket and at the same time out popped the envelope. Jake just stared at it for a few minutes, he wondered if what it held was a possible explanation, or just some kind words from his aunt. Jake picked up the envelope and walked inside.

Jake sat on the couch and laid on it like he did many times before, slowly drifting off to sleep. HE woke up sometime later to the sound of hs phone going off. It was his alarm reminding him to take his aunt her nightly meal. He sat up and fiddled with the phone removing the alarm from the settings. He was about to lay back down when the envelope caught his eye. He reached for it, and instinctly opened it. Inside was some paper folded neatly, and filled with writing. Jake pulled the letter out and read it quietly.

By the time you read this, I won't be here anymore. I am glad that you and I got to know each other over these years. I never could find the right man to settle down with and start a family of my own, I know it was something your parents would argue about. Yet when you asked to live with me, well my heart sank. I wasn't sure you would be happy here, but I was wrong. We had a blast that's for sure.

I suppose that by now Ms. Peters has explained my will to you. The house and my small business are your's, I know you probably don't have a clue what to do, but Mrs. Trebs will handle most of it, just watch her and you'll learn or you can just leave her in charge and do something else with your life whichever you decide. 

As for the last thing, I'm sure Ms. Peters has explained about my breast implants. Bet you didn't know your aunt has a set of fake hooters like those girls in your magazines huh. Oh yes, I've known about you reading those, it never bothered me. Though I would've prefered those to you borrowing my bras to admire. Well, I am giving you my implants for a reason. Mostly so you know what it's like for those women you would stare at, but also because I want something of mine to be with you long after I'm gone. While I could've given you a trinket, I wanted it to be something very special. Something that I cherished as much as I did you. My implants were the only thing I could think of. They were given to me by someone special, and I want you to have them.

Jake I am going to miss you very much, just know that when you hug your breasts after they get put in, It'll be like you're giving me a great big hug like you use to when you were younger. I'll always feel it, even though I'm gone, I'll still feel your hug.

Thank you for being such a great nephew.


Your Aunt Margret."

Jake put the letter down on the couch, wiping the tears away from his eyes he got up and made his way to the kitchen to get a bite to eat. The entire time he noticed how quiet it was. Usually, his aunt's tv would be on in the background, showing some gameshow or drama she loved to watch. Tonight it was just quiet. Jake finished up his bite and decided to head off to bed. Even though it was early the events of the day just took it out of him. As he walked up to his room he passed his aunt's room. He thought back to the final time he had been in there, the day she passed. Quietly he shook his head to bring himself out of it, he wanted to get some sleep. He walked down the hall to his room, pushing the door open he plopped down on the bed and zonked out for the night.

As he slept Jake had a weird dream, he looked around to see nothing but a white room, no walls or doors. He didn't know what to make of it. He was on a bed, and when he sat up to get off he noticed a new weight. As he looked down he saw two large breasts sitting on his chest. Jake gasped and fell back on the bed waking him up on his own bed as the sun came through his window. He quickly got up and felt his chest. it was still as flat as it was when he went to sleep. "It ws just a nightmare," he told himself.

Jake decided to wash up and head out. He went into his bathroom and turned the water on for a shower, only nothing happened. Jake hit the wall a bit, and then remembered his shower had stopped working a few weeks ago and he didn't get a chance to ask anyone to fix it. As his short mindedness hit him, he remembered he was using his aunt's shower since she wasn't using it near the end. Jake made his way to her room, opening the door he had closed after she died, he could still smell her scent it was something flowery and sweet. He could never forget it no matter how much time passed. Walking into the room he could see the light from outside showing the small dust particles. (She'd have yelled at the dust.) he thought to himself as he continued to walk. entering the bathroom and starting the shower Jake took the moment to admire himself in his aunt's mirror. He was your average 18-year-old, not heavy or thin just average. As Jake finished his shower he walked out and something had caught his eye. One of his aunt's bras was sticking out from the dresser. He figured that maybe Ms. Peters has accidentally left it since she was nice enough to get the clothes his aunt wore to be buried in.

Something came over Jake, he reached for the bra and held it to his damp chest. He looked at the mirror again, he thought that maybe if he saw himself with this it would snap him out of his funk or something. As he looked though he saw something else. His reflection showed him, or what he would be. He threw the bra on the bed and went to his room. After changing he made his way to the front door when it had suddenly opened.

"Oh, Good Morning Jake."

Jake was a bit startled to see Ms. Peters standing by the front door, especially so early in the morning. "Ms. Peters?"

"Yes sorry to well barge in as it were. I tried calling but I guess your phone's turned off?"

Jake pulled his phone out of his pocket and realized he still had it on silent from the day before. mentally kicking himself he turned it back on. "Sorry about that, I guess I forgot to turn it back up."

Ms. Peters closed the door behind her as she walked in. "Oh that's ok, I just needed to have you sign the last of the documents from your aunt's estate, well that and I have to talk with you too. So I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and just swing by."

Jake was a bit annoyed but knew this was something that needed to be done. He showed Ms. Peters to the living room and asked if she wanted anything to drink. She refused kindly and they got down to business.

"Ok, so this states that the house and business are now yours. The house has its value estimated here, and the business here. All you need to do is sign here." She jestered with her finger.


"Good Jake, ok well that handles that, now I got you an appointment with the doctor." Jake had forgotten that he let Ms. Peters make an appointment for him for those breast implants. "I know you're nervous, so I'm going to go with you, mostly as representative for your late aunt's estate, but also as your friend."

Jake was trying to process everything Ms. Peters was saying, he wanted to tell her he didn't want them, but he kept thinking back to his weird dream and the letter. Finally, he managed to get out something. "Won't I look weird with my aunt's big breasts?"

Ms. Peters looked at Jake for a moment and just smiled. "Not any weirder than I look with this big belly on me." Jake gave an annoyed look.

"That's not what I mean. You're pregnant, you don't look weird cause for you it's natural. I'm a guy, Large breasts on guys aren't natural." Ms. Peters looked at Jake she was finally starting to put the pieces together.

"I see, You don't want them?"

"Yea, I don't want to have large breasts. They are nice to look at but..."

"But you don't want a set of your own."


"Well Jake, I can understand how you feel. More so then you think. I didn't ask for this big belly. Sure there are days when I would love to give it up, but I have it cause someone asked me to help them."

"Yea, but your belly will go away, those breasts won't."

"Yes true my belly will go back to almost normal, but my breasts won't. They are filling with milk and will be slightly bigger after everything is said and done."

"I just don't know if I can handle them?"

Ms. Peters wrapped her arm around Jake, pulling him into her and giving him a warm hug. "I felt the same way, and I'm sure your aunt did too. Listen I know this is going to be difficult for you, but I'm here to help."

Jake looked at Ms. Peters, he wrapped his arms around her returning the hug. "Ok, now that that's handled, the appointment is for today, so if you're ready we'll get going."

Jake and Ms. Peters arrived at the doctor's office for Jake's appointment. He was still nervous but was at the point of no return. After checking in, Jake and Ms. Peters waited to be called back. The waiting was difficult. While the appointment was early some other patients were already waiting to be seen. Jake looked around the small waiting room and noticed a few of the different people. One was a woman with large breasts ready to explode from her tight dress, another had what looked like a large butt, as well as a few others. Jake's nerves were starting to get more and more ancy.

After what felt like an eternity Jake and Ms. Peters were called back and were introduced to the doctor.

"Hello, I'm Dr. fey it's nice to meet you." Dr. Fey was a beautiful woman, stunning as she looked like she had just leaped off the pages from Jake's magazines. He looked her over and stopped at her chest. He couldn't take his eyes off them.

"Hello again Dr. Fey, this is the Jake I called to set up his appointment."

"Ah yes the GG implants, of course. How are you today Jake?"

Jake was snapped out of his trancelike state by the Doctor's question. "Oh, I'm fine."

"Well that's good, ok so I take it Ms. Peters has already explained everything to you, but for simplicity's sake, I'll go over it again. Your late aunt left you her GG cup breast implants. Now normally these would be disposed of, but your aunt requested you get them implanted into you. I know that's weird, but I have heard of and seen worse before trust me. So I do have them, but since you are a guy we do have a problem."

"Problem?" Jake asked with just a hint of glee in his voice.

"Well yes, you see normally when a breast augmentation is performed the patient has some breast tissue to work with. That way we aren't stretching the skin too much and it looks more natural. With you, however, since you are a guy you don't have the natural breast tissue to allow us to do this."

"Oh darn." Jake let out a small sigh of relief. "That's not good huh?"

"Well yes, but thanks to advancements in medical science, fetishers, and pornstars wanting breasts larger than truck tires we do have a solution. I can insert expanders into your chest to allow for the implants to look more natural, well as natural as they will look on a guy that is."

Ms. Peters perked up a bit at the news. "So then Jake will be able to receive the implants?"

"Yes, as long as the skin stretches enough I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be able to take the full volume of the GG cups."

Jake looked defeated, his thoughts of this ending in his favor were dashed again. He sat there as the two women continued talking. He was unaware they were waiting on him for some time.

"Jake, does that work for you? Jake?" Jake snapped out of his train of thought and looked at the two women.


Dr. Fey smiled as she looked at the startled young man. "Thinking of all the fun things you're going to do with those breasts huh?"

Jake blushed, a bit but quickly denied it. "No, I just didn't hear."

"Jake, Dr. Fey wants to know if you would like the expanders put in next week. She has an opening, and it fits her upcoming schedule."

"Yes Jake, see next month I have a conference to attend, and then a colleague's wedding overseas. So if it's alright with you I would like to put the expanders in next week. That way while I'm out all you have to do is come in for fillups and my assistant can do those. Then when I return you should be stretched enough to have the implants put in."

Jake fumbled nervously for an answer. The ticking of her clock was like a knife slicing him open. "Can I think about it?"

"Jake Dr. Fey is a busy woman and..." Ms. Peters was cut off by Dr. Fey's hand.

"Rachel it's ok, this is a big decision. It's not like getting a new pair of shoes or a new shirt. These will be a part of Jake for the rest of his life. It's something he should think of carefully." Dr. Fey reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a card. "Here Jake, this my office number, I can give you until Friday to decide. If you make up your mind before then you can either call me here or Ms. Peters."

Jake took the card and placed it in his pocket. As he got up to leave Dr. Fey got his attention. "Jake, stop by the reception desk before you leave. There is something that might help you make up your mind waiting for you."

Jake walked out of the office and stopped at the reception desk. The lady behind the desk gave him a box and attached a small envelope to it. Ms. Peters dropped Jake off at home and after walking inside Jake dropped the box on the floor. He was a bit interested in what was inside the box.

Opening it proved to be a challenge in itself. After a while, he got it open and saw two very large breast forms and a bra packaged inside. The small envelope was next to be opened, and in it was a note from Dr. Fey.

I thought you might have second thoughts, lots of people do when looking to get breast implants. I had this ready for you just in case you wanted to test drive the twins before you actually get them. They are the same size as your aunt's were, and the bra should fit.

Looking forward to hopefully giving you the real ones.

Dr. Fey"

The bathroom door opened, Jake emerged sporting the breast forms that the box from Dr. Fey contained. As Jake looked himself over he couldn't help but admire the way that they were made. Each form fit his body to a tee, he felt as if they were made just for him.

"I can't believe that this is what Aunt Margaret saw every time she looked down. Maybe having big breasts won't be so bad after all. On the plus side, I have a place for my popcorn when I watch a movie again."

Jake's mind started making some off connections. Soon he was looking back to his aunt's dresser and her closet. His mind was thinking, and his body was moving. Soon Jake had opened the closet door like it was on display was a beautiful yellow dress. He had seen his aunt in it once, and though he would never admit it he thought she looked extremely pretty in it. Jake reached up to remove it from the rod when he heard a loud knock on the door.

Jumping back to his senses he walked to the door to see who it was. Upon opening the door he was surprised to see Ms. Peters.

"Oh hi, Ms. Peters, what brings you by?"

Ms. Peters was a bit shocked to see Jake standing in the open door wearing a bra and the breast forms. "Um, well, oh yes I forgot to have you sign this and um well uh."

Jake was a bit concerned, he knew Ms. Peters was weird from time to time but he thought she would've been happy to see him wearing the breast forms and looking like he would if he went along with the surgery.

"Ms. Peters?"

"Jake, you really shouldn't answer the door in a bra. I know those need support but."

Jake had finally realized what he had done, in his rush to answer the door he had forgotten to put anything on over the bra holding the breast forms. He quickly threw his hands over his chest and Ms. Peters covered him as she entered.

"Sorry, I completely forgot. I changed and I was looking at them when you knocked and I."

"Heh, heh, it ok Jake. Just remember that it's not polite to go around showing them. But I take it that you are planning on going through with the surgery?"

"Honestly I'm still not sure. Part of me wants to, but I still nervous. I mean they will be mine, what if my aunt was just being weird or something?"

"Your aunt was many things, weird was up there for sure. The decision is yours to make, Dr. Fey gave you time and well I will say this. They do look very lovely on you."

Jake blushed at her comment "thanks, at least I won't have to worry about clothes since aunt Margaret's are still here I can use them."

"Jake, you do know that women sizes are different from men's right. While those breasts you're going to be getting are your aunt's old implants, they have to be filled to the GG cup size on you. Your aunt's old bras might not fit you after that."


"Don't worry Jake, I'm sure Dr. Fey knows what she's doing. After all, she was the one that put the implants in your aunt in the first place."

"She did?"

"Yep, oh um here, this is the paper I needed you to sign. It was in the stack from the other day, but it fell out in my car when I was getting them up. It states that you are the sole heir of the aforementioned items described in the will."

Jake signed the paper and Ms. Peters went to the door. As she opened it and Jake standing far enough away from it she looked back to him and smiled.
"I really do hope you go through with this, they do look great on you." Ms. Peters turned and left, Jake was standing in the room wearing the bra and breast forms as her comment sank in.

"Huh, Ms. Peters really wants me to have these full time. I won't deny that they are amazing. I feel strangely at home with them. Like I'm supposed to have them or something." Jake shook his head and returned to the bedroom to get his shirt. As he entered the yellow dress once again caught his attention. He reached up for it and managed to pull it from the rod. Taking the hanger off he held it up to his chest and looked in the mirror. He was speechless at what he saw. Reflected back at him wasn't what he thought it would be. He looked different but beautiful at the same time. Jake's body moved on its own and before he knew what was going on on the dress was over his head and covering him. The bra was concealed behind the bright fabric. He looked at himself in the dress, for a moment he didn't look like a guy in drag or out of place. He looked beautiful.

Jake undid his pants and walked out of the room, he made his way to the phone and pulled a card from the desk drawer. As he dialed his heart started beating a bit faster, but soon the line came alive with a response.

"This is Dr. Fey's clinic, how can I help you?"

"Hi, may I speak with Dr. Fey, please. This is Jake, I want to schedule the appointment for my breast implants."

A few days passed since Jake called to set up the appointment. Dr. Fey was excited that Jake had decided to have the implants put in. The day of the operation came quickly and Jake was nervous.

"Ok Jake, now after these are in you are going to need to be careful. Ms. Peters has already agreed to help take care of you. My assistant will stop by and check on you, and Mrs. Trebs will check in on you too. Believe me, we don't usually do this for anyone. You really have some good friends Jake. Any questions before we start?"

"How big are they going to be?"

"Well since you still have a flat chest we can only boost you to a small B cup I'm afraid. It will take the entire time for your breast tissue to expand enough for your aunt's implants. However, I'm sure that once things get going that it will be smooth."

"Um Dr. Fey, thanks."

"Anytime Jake."

The operation went off without a hitch. Jake was in and out in an hour and was back home that afternoon. Mrs. Trebs had her husband move the TV for Jake into his aunt's old room. Though he didn't want to stay in there, Mrs. Peters said it was easier for her to get around on the first floor than walking up the stairs in her condition.

Jake spent the better part of two weeks in bed until he was healed enough for the expanding procedures to begin. Jake entered the office and was greeted by someone different. Sitting behind the desk was a younger woman than he was expecting.

"Hi, um I'm Jake, I have an appointment with Dr. Fey." The woman looked up and was a bit shocked to see Jake.

"Jake? Jake Matthews?" Jake looked confused at the young woman in front of him. "Right you probably don't recognize me, it's me Myra, Myra Jones. I was your neighbor before you moved."

"Myra!?" Jake's mind started to crack. The last time he had seen Myra she was waving goodbye as Jake's aunt drove off with him.

"So this is where you moved to huh?"

"Yeah, my aunt lived here. She passed away though."

"Oh sorry, I remember your mom was screaming when you left. "Damn bitch took my kid, worthless whore." That's what she was screaming up and down the neighborhood."

"Yeah, at the funeral she was practically doing cartwheels."

"Um well, I'll let Dr. Fey know you're here. It was good seeing you again Jake. Maybe we can catch up sometime?" Myra walked into the back and a moment later Dr. Fey emerged motioning for Jake to come back with her.

Jake laid on the table as Dr. Fey prepared the injections. Her assistant was observing and jotting down notes.

"Ok, now we have the correct volume of fluid. Once this is put in Jake your breasts will get bigger than they started with." Jake nodded as Dr. Fey stuck the needle in and started injection the fluid. Jake could feel her breast starting to fill and fill. It was like someone had put a hose in his armpit and was forcing water in. He felt his breast getting more firm and larger as the fluid did its job. Soon Dr. Fey moved to the other breast, a similar feeling was filling it. Jake could feel his penis becoming erect but hoped no one else noticed. As Dr. Fey finished, she told Jake to stand by the mirror and look at them.

Jake admired his breasts, they were bigger than when he had come in. They were small B cups but now looked like full C cups. "I'm afraid that's all we can do for now Jake. We have to do this in short bursts. That way your skin doesn't get bright red and look fake. I think your aunt would come back from the grave and beat me if I did that to you."

Jake smiled and tried to put his bra back on, to find it hard to do so. Dr. Fey looked and couldn't help but laugh. As Jake reached for the larger bra he brought along. It covered his breasts nicely and gave them some lift. As he walked out, Myra slipped past him, brushing against his chest. She knew something was a bit off, but didn't know. She looked at Dr. Fey and then moved past Jake again. This time slipping a small piece of paper in his back pants pocket.

Jake walked home, he was a bit excited about his breasts. He walked past his aunt's clothing store and decided to say hi to Mrs. Trebs. Walking in he was greeted with the woman from the last time he stopped by. She was waiting for her order when Jake entered.

"Whoever that is, I'll be right wit ya!"

"It's ok Mrs. Trebs, it's just me Jake."

The woman looked Jake over and then right at his chest. She got a look of slight disgust on her face as Mrs. Trebs came out with her order. The woman took it and then returned her gaze to Jake. "Well, I guess men won't be happy until they have a set of there own." She walked out the door as Jake felt the Glee he had a moment ago fade away.

"Ah don't mind the bitch lad, she wasn't born with her's neither. She had some help. So what brings you and the twins around?"

Jake blushed as Mrs. Trebs referred to his breasts as the twins. "I dunno, I was just coming home from my fill up and I thought I'd stop by and say hi."

"Well come a bit closer, let's see em." Jake walked to the counter and did a spin for Mrs. Trebs. "Well now, I've never seen a pair as nice as them since my own when I was younger. How do they feel?"

"Honestly, I'm starting to like them. I mean it is nice to have a place for some things when I'm sitting."

"Just wait until they get full-sized, you'll be putting food in them when trying to eat."

Jake laughed at the joke as Mrs. Trebs took a seat. "So what's up?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, ya seem a bit bored is all. I mean you are the owner of this place, but you just look bored and trying to find something to do."

"Heh shows huh?"

"Lad I can read ya like a book. Yer wanting somethin to do. I told ya you could work here."

"I can't sew."

"Ya can measure, and write. Trust me I don't mind the quiet, but it would be nice to have someone to talk to. This place gets too quiet when I'm here alone."

"I guess I could."

"Besides, if ya don't like it I won't be offended if ya don't come in. Bored and lonely maybe but certainly not offended."

"Well, I guess I could try. What harm could that do right?" Mrs. Trebs smiled and Jake took a look around. It was the first time he was in the back room. His aunt always said he could come in, but he stayed outside and waited. He was amazed at the different dresses, and clothes that were back there. Some were large and others were small. Some had large fronts and others had very tiny waists.

"Wow, how much stuff is back here?"

"About tree years worth, your aunt was thinking of selling them in the front and well she got sick and all. I just didn't have the heart ta throw em away."

"They're beautiful."

"Well thank ya, Jake, I made all but one. That dress back there is the last one your aunt made." Mrs. Trebs pointed to a lovely yellow and blue dress. It had small flowers and birds on it and over the bust was a lovely pattern. Jake couldn't help but admire it.

"I wonder who she made it for?"

"I wish I knew, I feel sorry for that dress, it sits and watches me every day as I work. It just seems sad that no one will ever wear it."

Jake walked over and touched the dress, he liked the way it felt on his hand, it was like something was different about it. He looked back to Mrs. Trebs and shook the thoughts from his head. He spent the rest of the afternoon asking questions and learning how to take measurements. When he got home he sat on the couch and remembered the feeling of something in his back pocket. He fished out a small piece of paper and opened it.

I'm glad I got to see you again. I do hope we can catch up. I saw your file, sorry I know doctor-patient stuff, but I think it's sweet you are getting breast implants. I hope you let me see them after they get put in.

Anyway, here's my number, call me if you want to talk. 

Jake placed the paper by the phone and went for a shower. He wanted to wash up before his first day.

Jake's first day went by easier than he thought it would. He spent the day taking customer's sizes and orders and really didn't do much else. One woman complimented him on what he was doing and said his breasts looked good. Though Jake was numbed to her words. 

As the day went on he met a few of the regulars who were excited to finally meet the Jake his aunt had always talked about. They were nice and really made Jake feel at home. Jake kept helping out every day and was quite getting the hang of everything. All the while his breasts continued to grow. Dr. Fey's assistant had taken Jake C cups to fat firm round F cups. He was quite excited to soon have the implants in him. Mostly so this would be over, and mostly so he could show Myra. The two talked when Jake went in for his fill-ups, they laughed from time to time and had lunch once mostly at the behest of Mrs. Trebs.

Things were going well for Jake, only he always thought something bad was coming and one day his fears were confirmed. It was just after his latest fill-up to take him to a FF cup. Dr. Fey was made aware of the progress and was happy that everything was going well. She informed Jake that his breasts could take the implants in the next few weeks once the tissues had settled. 

Jake was minding the counter while Mrs. Trebs went to lunch. She wanted to try some small place that opened down the street and Jake had his own meal with him. It was while he was eating that his fears finally came true. The door opened and in walked a woman Jake had hoped to never see again so long as she lived. His mother had stopped in town for some reason. Jake went to the counter and welcomed his mother. Only when she saw his new bust line she wasn't in the greeting mood.

"So, you used your aunt's money and are turning yourself into a woman huh?"

"No, it's not like that."

"Well, what's it like Jake? Cause I am looking at a big pair of breasts on a man. I know I didn't give birth to a daughter!"

"It's complicated mom, what can I do for you anyway? I doubt you came to shoot the breeze with me. Especially since I live a good hundred and ninety miles from you."

"I came to convince you to return your aunt's assets to the rightful owner me."

"Aunt Margaret was dad's sister, not yours. And she left the stuff to me."

"Oh please, she was never in her right mind especially after she got those things put in her chest."


"And now she's turning my only son into a woman. You were born a boy and that is he you will live damn it!"

"Mom, I'm 18! Plus I haven't had to listen to you since you and Dad split and I begged aunt Margaret to let me stay with her. I wasn't going to be a pawn in your game with Dad."

"I know this is your aunt's doing. She brainwashed you. Well, I won't have it, and take off those breasts!"

"They're implanted mom, they don't come off." Suddenly Jake's mother reached across the counter and grabbed his chest. She pulled back after she felt real skin under her hands.

"Then it's a suit, no doctor in this state would perform surgery like this on a man. Take them off and give me back what's mine!" Jake backed away slowly as his mother started moving across the counter. "Don't you run away from me!" As she grabbed for jake's chest he caught a whiff of something on her breath it smelled like booze. His mom was a heavy drinker and it was one of the reasons her and his dad got together in the first place. They only divorced when she drank all his booze after Jake made a picture and she thought he was saying she was ugly.

His mother climbed over the counter and came at Jake. He tried to fend her off, but she had the upper hand. Jake soon managed to kick her off him and shut the door to the back. He heard footsteps and looked outside, she was gone. He quickly ran and locked the front door and before he managed to turn for the phone he felt the tickles of broken glass against his neck. He looked to see his mother with a sledgehammer.

"No son of mine is gonna be a trans freak! If you won't remove those breasts then I'll just remove them myself!"

Jake ran back into the back, only for his mother to cut him off. She grabbed ahold of his breasts and yanked. Jake could feel her pulling on them trying to rip them off of his chest. "Mom stop it! That hurts!" Jake's mother pulled the breasts harder, he felt the pressure from her hands pulling at the implants.

"They won't slide out whole huh?" Jake mom smacked him to the ground pinning him to the counter with his breasts on top. "Them I'll smash them and force you to lactate them out!" She raised the hammer as Jake tried in vain to break free. Her first swing was a miss. It hit the counter alone and nothing else. Jake continued to try and get free before she got a hit in. She raised the hammer again this time she got the edge of his right breast.

"Hold still damn it! Mommy's pretty drunk." Jake tried again to get free, as the hammer once again rose he felt a twinge of fear as his mom swung down she made contact dead on with Jake's right breast. Jake screamed in pain as his mom swing and got his left as well. Jake could feel the implants holding a bit. A second swing on each, however, was enough. Jake felt his breasts pop. He could feel fluid swirling around in his chest. His mother backed off and again grabbed his chest pulling on his nipples trying to pull the popped implants out of Jake's chest.

Each tug was painful, Jake's eyes were welling up from the pain. His mom finally gave up slamming her son against the wall. "Well if you want to be a woman so much, might as well help you along then!" Jake's mom grabbed the hammer and again raised it up. Jake couldn't move and nothing prepared him for what was coming next. His mother swung the hammer down right on his testicles and penis. Jake felt a world of pain and dropped to his side. His mother kicking him once more for good measure.

"I regret having you, you were a mistake! Enjoy your new life bitch!" With that Jake's mother stumbled out of the door, Jake barely conscious reached his hands to his smashed breasts. Tears flowed from his eyes as he passed out from the pain.

Jake started to stir as he started coming around. His eyes opened slowly as a bright light hit him straight on. He blinked a few times and tried moving his hands to his face. After a bit he was able to finally see past the light and could make out tiles on a ceiling. He blinked a few more times and his vision was clearer. He turned his head and saw a monitor and other things hooked to wires. He felt his body up and down as he gathered his senses. A voice broke the quiet beeping he heard.

"Jake! oh my lad don't move I'll get da doc!" Jake heard yelling outside the room as the voice called Dr. Fey to hurry. Jake moved his head enough to see Mrs. Trebs and Dr. Fey enter with Ms. Peters and Myra close behind standing by the door. Dr. Fey moved towards Jake and told him to relax. She moved a tray from in front of him and helped him to sit up. 

"Jake do you know where you are?"


"That's ok, what's the last thing you remember?"

"My mom swinging a sledgehammer around."

"Ok, that's a relief, do you know who we are?"

"Dr. Fey, Mrs. Trebs, Ms. Peters and Myra."

"Good I was a bit worried cause of the nasty bump on your head. I thought you wouldn't know us. Ok do you remember everything that's happened in the last few months?"

"My aunt died, I found out she left me her breast implants, and oh Dr. Fey what about my?"

"Ok, you remember. As for your breasts, your mom did a number on you. She must've been pretty drunk according to the sheriff, they got her as she was crossing the county line. She's in jail right now don't worry."

"But she, what about my!"

"Calm down Jake, you're alive that's important right now. As for your breasts, your mom did a number on them. She popped the expanders good. I spent a good four hours doing some emergency surgery to make sure I got all the broken parts and repaired any damage."

"What about my aunt's breast implants? Can I still?"

"Don't worry, you'll be able to have those GG's implanted. I had to repair your breast tissue a bit so we'll have to expand it again, but I can do that while you heal up. Take a look." Dr. Fey removed the blanket covering Jake's body revealing his breasts, slightly swollen but full and firm. "I could only go up to a DD right now. You were out for a good week, get used to those, we need to make sure the skin stretches naturally before we go bigger." Jake took his hand to his right breast and could feel a twinge of pain. "Careful, they are tender, I only finished the fill-up about an hour ago."

"Thanks Dr. Fey."

"It's Mrs. Trebs you should thank. If she hadn't come back when she did you wouldn't be here." Jake turned to Mrs. Trebs a smile came across his face as he fought back tears.

"Thanks, Mrs. Trebs."

"My pleasure lad, when I got back from lunch and saw the front door smashed I was worried. I found ya cuddling your smashed breasts passed out and called for help. I was worried I was already too late. But I'm glad that yer going to be alright."

Jake smiled and then thought for a moment, he looked up at Dr. Fey and had a small sign of worry. "Dr. Fey what about my?"

"Either your mom was very drunk, or you have some incredible luck. She did hit your penis, but she missed your balls entirely. Any pain you felt was from her hitting the shaft and compressing the tubes. I had a colleague come by and make sure everything was good. So no worried Jake, you are still a man."

Jake breathed a sigh of relief, he felt like a weight was lifted from his shoulders. As he looked down he was more thankful she missed as he started feeling his penis stiffen.

"Well Jake, I want to keep you yet for observation, but I think that you can go home tomorrow."


"Yep, and don't worry your mom's in jail, and the local sheriff is keeping an eye out just in case she gets out." Jake breathed another sigh of relief. "Ok well I had better get back to my rounds, Myra why don't you stay and keep Jake company for a while, you were waiting for him to wake up anyway."

"Oh, ok but are you sure?"

"Yes, I don't need you for the rounds today, and Jake could use some company."

"Well Jake I'll be going, I'll see ya around the shop when your out and feel up to ta it."

Ms. Peters stepped in a bit as Mrs. Trebs walked out. "Bye Jake, I'll bring you some clothes tomorrow so you can go back home." She waved as she and Dr. Fey left. Myra pulled up the chair and sat next to Jake as he leaned back on the bed.

"At least you're ok."


"You seemed really happy when Dr. Fey said your penis was still intact."

"Yeah, I was a bit worried. More for my breasts, but also for that."

"Huh, I thought you were going to be a woman after you got your aunts breasts?" 

"Why would I want to be a woman? I'm going to be carrying GG breasts as a guy I'll have enough to worry about."

Myra smiled a bit as she leaned in kissing Jake on the cheek. "Well don't forget you promised to show me those twins once you get them."

"I promise."

A few weeks later Jake was back home. His breasts were swollen from the small fill-ups Dr. Fey had given him. He was stretching the limits of the FF cup bra he was wearing while cleaning the house. Jake looked at the note on the mirror as he headed for the bathroom. He was excited, it read June 21st Boob Day. Jake was looking forward to it. He had been through a lot, and after everything, he was finally ready to take what his aunt left for him. He and Myra were planning on having a nice dinner since he was going to be recovering the next week. So Jake figured now was a good time to clean.

He walked into his room which was his aunt's. He was still a bit upset he had taken her room but started to grow to like it. He looked at the full-length mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw. to think a few months ago he was scared of getting the implants now he couldn't think of anything else. He admired his swollen breasts in the mirror, his body curving to and adjusting to there weight and shape. Jake also noticed how much different he looked, but just smiled and went on with his chores. As he finished the living room and was getting ready to relax he got interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Yes. who's there?"

"It's me silly open up." Jake knew that voice anywhere. Myra had made it a routine to stop by and check in on Jake after he was released. She made it her mission. Jake opened the door and let her in. "Hey, how are things? Get your fill-up yet?"

"Yea, this morning actually." Myra turned around and saw Jake standing on the other side of the door wearing a dress with a chest ready to burst apart.

"Jake, what's with the dress?"

"Dr. Fey thought it might be a good idea so I get plenty of blood circulation down there. Plus I just finished cleaning."

"Heh, Heh, you wear a dress to clean?"

Jake looked a bit taken aback by Myra's comment. "Yeah well, you can thank my aunt. She had me wear one on laundry days so I wouldn't walk around naked in front of her. She told me to wear it to clean that way I didn't get my clothes too dirty and then I could just throw the dress in the wash and not have to change all the time. Honestly, I just do it now by habit, only."

"Only what?"

"Well this was one she had me wear, it's a bit tight across my breasts."

Myra looked again and extended a finger to Jake's bust. "Yeah, it looks like you might burst free any moment. Why not just wear one of your aunt's dresses to clean?"

"I tried, but hers are too big right now. my breasts don't fit and it's too loose."

Myra laughed as Jake got embarrassed. "Come on, I'll help you pick one out if you want to wear one so badly. Besides Dr. Fey asked me to bring you along, she wanted to talk to ya."

"Why I was there this morning?"

"I don't know, she called me and asked if I was going to stop by and check on ya like I usually do, and then she asked if I could bring you to the clinic. And since you have to make sure blood is pumping to your friend, I might as well help you find a good outfit."

"Myra, I can just put on a pair of jeans and go with you. Besides my aunt's dresses don't have any pockets."

"Who needs a pocket, you have the worlds best pocket right in front of you." Jake ignored her and went to change. A minute later he emerged with a tightly stretched tee shirt and jeans. As he made his way to the door Myra started laughing. "Um Jake, I doubt that shirt is going to work."


"Well nothing really, unless you want everyone to see your bra strap." Jake reached behind him and felt the torn fabric of his shirt and the exposed bra strap.

"Oh not again, this is the third shirt this week."


"Well, I ripped one cleaning the stairs, broke my bra and ripped the second trying to lift up a box, and now this one."

"Heh, sounds like you're having issues with those fun bags huh?"

"Yea, I didn't want to use my aunt's bras until I got her breasts, and I really don't want to go clothes shopping."

"I'll go with you."


"Clothes shopping, I'll go. Granted we'll go after you get the twins in, but I'll come along and help you pick out some bras and shirts."

Jake felt his cheeks get red as Myra said those words, he knew she was serious and leaned in to hug her. "Thanks Myra."

"Anytime, what is a girlfriend for anyway. Now come on just get another shirt or whatever and let's get going, I'm going to be late at this rate." Jake rushed back into his room and emerged in the yellow dress he saw in his aunt's closet.

"Hey I thought you weren't going to wear a dress?"

"Well you said to hurry, and I doubt I have time to dig out a large enough shirt to fit these, so I just threw this on. I can change if it upsets you."

"Jake." Myra leaned in kissing her boyfriend. "I don't care if you wear your bra and underwear alone. You told me plenty of times you don't want to be a woman, so I'm satisfied with that. I don't care if you want to wear a dress or jeans. All that matters is what you think, After all, once you get the twins in I to doubt any of your shirts will fit. Plus you could always cut off the dresses to make tops. But we'll worry about that later. Now let's hurry before I'm late!"

Myra pulled Jake as she wet through the door, Jake shoved the house key and his phone in his cleavage as they ran down the street. "I wonder what Dr. Fey wants to see me about?"

"Don't know, you'll find out when we get there."

Jake and Myra hurried down the street to Dr. Fey's clinic. Jake was having a hard time keeping up with Myra though. Every step he took caused his breasts to jiggle all over. Myra noticed and slowed down as much as she could. 

"Jake are you ok?"

Jake was breathing heavily as he looked at her. "I don't think these are built for running Myra. Plus they really hurt when they bounce around." Myra took a moment to admire her boyfriend's body. His breasts were overshadowing his torso but weren't too big to cover it completely. She watched as each breast bounced up and down returning to a teardrop shape upon return.

"Sorry, I just don't want to be late." Jake finally caught up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Trust me, I understand. But you can't go running like that." Jake felt his breasts to make sure they didn't come out of the already tight bra. When Myra slapped him on the back causing a chain reaction that broke his bra strap freeing the twins from there prison. "Myra, what did you?"

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry Jake. I didn't think, oh God are you ok?"

Jake felt the bra fall to his sides underneath his dress. He tried to grab the ends to put them back together. "Myra quick try to reattach the straps!" Myra grabbed both ends of his bra and brought them together. As she was about to connect the hooks she got an evil grin and pulled the straps tieing them in a knot behind Jake's back. "Myra, what are you? Oh, Myra!"

Myra moved in front of Jake to admire her handy work. Jake's breasts were pushed up and pressed tightly against him. She could see the outline of the bra on the dress. "There, I know it'll hurt, but this way I won't be late!" Jake took a few steps. He could feel he bra digging into him, his breasts trying to break free again as he tried to help them. As they made their way along the street, Jake continued to tug at the knot trying to get it loose. As they entered the clinic Myra hurried to the admitting desk and grabbed a pair of scissors. And cut the bra off of Jake from the front. Jake's phone and keys fell to the ground as his breasts bounced free once again.

"Thanks, Myra."

"Anytime sweetie, I'll see you after work." Myra leaned in kissing Jake as she ran off to the locker room, Jake meanwhile signed in and waited for Dr. Fey to call him back. He had managed to pick up his phone, and caught the glimpse of a small kid snatching a picture of him bending over with his breasts free of his bra.

"Little pervert, though I probably would've done the same thing if I saw a set of breasts like these." Dr. Fey appeared a moment later and brought Jake back to her office. She had a look of both glee and intrigue on her face.

"So Jake, how have the twins been since this morning?"


Dr. Fey laughed pulling out a folder she was resting her hand on. "Jake I have some very exciting news for you."

"You're pregnant?"

"Ha I wish, no I was going over your files after you left this morning and I wanted to tell you in person hence why I asked Myra to bring you with her. Jake if you're up to another fill-up today I'll be able to implant your aunt's GG's next week.


"Yep, I was looking over your data, and the skin around your breasts has stretched enough for the implants to be placed in. I just need the tissue to be expanded a bit more. So if you think you can handle one more fill-up today then it's big booby day next week."


"Yep, now I do have to warn you about something. I'll have to expand your breasts a bit past the GG range so the implants will sit properly. This means that you'll be a bit bigger than you will once the real things are put in."

"How much bigger?"

"Well around a HH cup. I know it's a stretch, but that way the implants will be rit at home once they are inside. Plus if you like the size I can adjust the saline in the implants and overfill them a bit. Though that might be rough for well if you and Myra get a bit you know."

"A HH cup! I won't have anything to wear. I'm already breaking bras keeping these in check."

"Jake, the HH size will be mostly swelling from the expanding. Plus some cream you have to use."


"Well yes, see I wasn't banking on the damage your mom did when she went old testament on you. That made a bit of an issue I was hoping wouldn't affect you, but I saw it his morning when I was filling you up. Your breasts are getting veins."


Dr. Fey got up from her chair and pointed to Jake's dress. She pointed to his left breast and showed him the veins she was referring to. "These, I caught them early so some cream will help, only it's designed for women and might cause slight growth."

"How slight?"

"Like a misquote bite."

Jake to thought over what Dr. Fey was saying. He reached up and cupped his breasts and felt how heavy they were. He wanted his aunt's breasts, and if getting another fill-up was going to make that happen faster than so be it. "Ok Dr. Fey, fill them up."

Dr. Fey prepared the needles and Jake laid on the table. "Ok, Jake now this is going to be like before. You're used to this already, so enjoy the show." Dr. Fey placed the needle into Jake's left armpit and began injecting the fluid. She was amazed by how much his skin responded. She watched as his breast expanded. Growing from the full firm FF to a very massive and big HH. She moved to the right side and repeated the same procedure. As Jake felt his skin stretch he thought of all the amazing things he could feel with these after they were done. After a few minutes, Dr. Fey was finished with her injections and gave Jake's breasts a rub down with the cream explaining to him how to apply it.

"Ok, that should do it. Stand up and let's get your balance right shall we?" Jake stood up and noticed a massive weight wanting to pull him down, he held up his back and strained to keep himself upright. "Ok, Jake you can sit down." Jake fell back onto the table, feeling his breasts jiggle as he hit. "I guess some practice is going to be in order for you. Why don't you go home and I'll give you a call before the end of the day to set up B day."

Jake wobbled as he managed to get to the door, as he was opening it Dr. Fey stopped him. "Oh Jake, stop by floor three on your way out. Room 3. Someone there asked me to tell you."

Jake looked confusedmoved but went to the elevator to floor three. As the doors opened on the floor Jake could hear the sounds of babies crying.

Jake exited the elevator as he continued to hear the sounds of crying. He walked down the hall to room 3. As he approached he saw Myra coming out with a cart. She turned to see Jake standing outside and got worried.


"Myra? You wanted to see me?"

"No, I didn't even know you were still here." Myra looked down at Jake's breasts. "Hey, what did you do to the twins?"

Jake reached up and cupped his chest, he got embarrassed as he knew Myra was looking. "Yeah, Dr. Fey said she could fill me up again and put the implants in next week."

"Oh wow, really? But you look bigger, like real bigger?"

"Yeah, she took the size up so the implants could fit easier or something."

"Myra Jones, room 4, Myra Jones to room 4 please."

"Oh I'm being paged, well Jake I'll talk to you tonight ok?"

"Sure, oh do you know where room 3 is?"

"Silly look." Myra pointed to the door. "It's ok, I'm finished with her for now. Go say hi."

Jake watched as Myra walked off, and he poked his head into the room. Sitting on the bed was Ms. Peters. She looked over and saw Jake standing by the door. "Jake, come in." Jake walked into the room, he stood by the bed wondering why Ms. Peters was there, and why he was hearing crying.

"Guess you can't see it huh?"

"What?" Ms. Peters moved her hand over her belly and removed her blanket. Jake was shocked to see that she wasn't pregnant anymore. "Wait, you had the?"

"Yes Jake, I did. I had twins."


"Ah huh, twins. I gave birth to one boy and one girl. Both are healthy and happy."

"Wow, your sister must be happy?" Ms. Peters looked down at her belly and then back to Jake.

"Jake there's something I have to tell you. I promised I wouldn't, but I think you should know the truth."

"What truth?"

"Jake, those babies I had they are your cousins."


"Come here sit down on the bed. I guess I should start at the beginning." Jake sat on the bed and looked at Ms. Peters. Every breath he took raised and lowered his chest. " I see Dr. Fey filled you up some more?" 

Jake blushed a bit. "Yeah, I'll get my aunt's implants next week."

"I see, I'm glad she didn't take them with her." Ms. Peters took a deep breath. "Jake, like I said those two babies I had are your cousins. Your aunt and I were in love."


"Yes, it was long before you came to live with her. I had just come to town and I was getting to know everyone. Your aunt, she made me feel wonderful. She took me in until I could get on my feet, and that was how it started. See back then your aunt wasn't as busty as when she was when you came to stay with her. She and I well we got to know each other. I, well I fell hard for her. I never thought of myself as a lesbian, but I felt like a school girl falling for her first love."

"So you and my aunt, but how did you?"

"Don't worry, I'll explain. After a while, your aunt and I started spending a lot of time together. After a while, I saved up some money and was debating what to do. I wanted to find a place in town, but I also wanted to do something wonderful for the woman I loved. Then one night I got my answer. I saw your aunt reading a magazine. She made a habit of reading some of the clothing magazines. I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that she read those." Jake smiled as he remembered his aunt reading those himself.

"Anyway, I had my idea. That was when I went to see Dr. Fey. I inquired about breast implants."

"Wait you?"

"Yes Jake, I was the one that got your aunt her breast implants. The same implants you'll be getting next week." Ms. Peters looked down at her chest." I wanted to get them myself, but I didn't have enough tissue. I was heartbroken. I think your aunt noticed my mood, I remember the event like it was yesterday."

"Rachel what's wrong?"

"It's nothing."

"No, I know when something's wrong. Come on tell me, please."

"Oh Margaret, I wanted to do something nice for you. I was going to get breast implants. Then I could be a model for you like the women in those magazines. I wanted to make it a surprise, but I don't have enough tissue to have them." Jake's aunt cuddled Rachel in her arms. "You were going to have implants put in for me? Oh Rachel, say I have a crazy thought. Why don't I get them instead?"


"Yeah, I mean I'm already a bit bigger than you, and this way you can play with them too."

"Oh Margaret, but I wanted it for you."

"It will be, besides well never mind."

"No what? Tell me."

"Honestly I'll feel more womanly with a big set of breasts, but I'll let you choose the size ok?"

"So that was how my aunt got her breasts? Wow, she said they were from someone special to her. I never knew it was you, Ms. Peters."

"Well after that we decided on a size. We went back and forth, then after a while, we decided on GG."

"Why GG?"

"It's funny, G is our favorite letter of the alphabet."

"So my aunt got her breasts from you. But how did you get?"

"Pregnant? Well, that's a funny story. See your aunt and I were well a couple. I was in practice, and your aunt was going strong with her clothing. Having her breasts was a huge boost. One night we both felt tired and came home and just snapped at each other. We felt so bad about it, that later that night I came out and told your aunt a secret of mine."


"Margaret, I'm sorry. I was stressed, and I took it put on the woman I love. Can you forgive me?"

"Oh Rachel, I could never be mad at you. I'm sorry I yelled. As long as you can forgive me I can forgive you."

"Oh Margaret, I want you to know something. I want to show you I trust you with anything. I want to tell you a secret."

"What is it?"

Rachel removed her bra as she sat in front of Margaret. She took one of her nipples and pinched it causing a white drop to from on the tip. "I can lactate Margaret. So if you want some I'll be happy to give you some." Margaret sat stunned, she reached over and took the drop that had formed on Rachel's nipple. She took the drop and brought it to her mouth.

"Yum, it's sweet Rachel. So since you told me a secret, I should follow in kind." Margaret took a deep breath and lifted her dress, she took the band of her pink panties and slid it down revealing something Rachel could never forget.

"Wait are you?"

"No, I'm a woman, but I also have this." Margaret took her hand and grabbed a hold of her small penis as it started getting hard growing in length. "I'm a hermaphrodite. I have both sex organs." Margaret released her penis as Rachel stared in wonder.


"It a family trait. It affects one family member per generation. Some get large penises, some get two wombs, others get extra tissues, milk ducts, or just both genders. I got this, I've kept it a secret for years. I've only had one relationship, and I never told them. You're the first one I've told." Margaret leaned in and kissed Rachel on the lips. She then moved her hand to one of Rachel's breasts and started milking her.

"After that Margaret and I were more in love than ever."

"I don't get it why were you gone when I came?"

"By then I was well established, and your aunt was busy with her clothing. When you asked to come to live with her she loved the idea. She was happier than I ever saw her. She told me about how you always gave big hugs, and how she was so happy. I was worried since you came from a home that was in turmoil that I thought we should live apart for a while. Honestly,, if she hadn't of gotten sick we were going to move back in together after you turned 18."

"So it was because of me?"

"No Jake you didn't. Besides the fact, I was traveling all the time and I wouldn't have been there much anyway. But after one day I stopped by. You were asleep, and well your aunt and I."

"Did the dance with no pants?"

"Heh, you are a lot like her. Yes, Jake, we had sex. And that was how I ended up with the twins. The rest is well you know. I'm really glad you are getting her breasts. I know they will be in a good place. You just remind me of her so much, well both you and Myra. You two are like us when we were your age." Jake leaned in and hugged Ms. Peters. "She was right, you do have great hugs. Those really make me feel like I'm hugging her again."

"Well have you two had a good chat?" Jake and Rachel turned to see Dr. Fey in the doorway. She was holding. Folder and looking at Rachel. "Well Jake I hate to do this, but I have to talk with Rachel in private. Medical stuff you understand."

Jake nodded and got up from the bed, he looked at Ms. Peters and smiled. He walked out as Dr. Fey closed the curtain.


"You know what you want me to do is very unethical right?"

"I know, but can it be done?"

"Don't worry, I've already begun the preparations."

Jake walked out of the clinic, a sneeze escaping him as he walked down the street.

Jake walked home, he felt every step as his breasts bounced up and down. As he walked home, he decided to make a stop off at his aunt's clothing store. As he walked in Mrs. Trebs was sitting behind the counter doing her crossword. "Hey, Mrs. Trebs."

"Ah Jake lad, what brings ya here?"

"Nothing really, I was walking home from Dr. Fey's clinic. She filled up the twins again."

"I thought she was filling ya up this morning?"

"She did, but she said that I could handle a bit more, and the best part I get my aunt's breasts next week."

"My that's wonderful news, but um Jake hon. Shouldn't you be wearing a bra?"

"Yeah I should, but I won't have one to fit these right now. Dr. Fey had to take them a bit bigger than my aunt had. She made them a HH for now."

"Oh God, that's large lad. Here come back here this instant!" Jake came around the counter as Mrs. Trebs unbuttoned her shirt. She pulled it from her skirt and then reached behind her and undid her bra strap. She pulled off her breasts revealing her very large very big breasts.

"Mrs. Trebs, what are you?"

"Trust me lad having large breasts like that need constant support. Here take this for now. I've been use to mine for years now." Jake kept looking at Mrs. Trebs' breasts. He kept looking at them, starting as he looked over them. "If ya keep looking I'll start charging ya lad."

"Sorry, I just never."

"It's ok, I know what your thinking." She lifted her breasts up showing the saggyness they had. "At one point lad these use to be some of the fullest and firmest boobs in my home. Now they sag cause of feeding my children. Granted I also fed me husband too, and we drank my milk for years. There were times when I had to walk around topless. So trust me lad this is nothing for me. But your aunt may she rest in peace, would come back and whip me arse if I didn't help you out." Jake reached over and took the bra from Mrs. Trebs. He lifted up his dress and placed her bra over his large bust. He could feel the frabic rubbing against his chest. 

Jake reached around the back and tried to hook the bra together. Mrs. Trebs came around him and took the straps in her hands. She took the bra to the tightest hooks that it would go. She attached the straps and pulled Jake's dress back over him. She placed her hand on his shoulder smiling down at him as she rebuttoned her shirt. 

Jake spent the afternoon with Mrs. Trebs. He told her how excited he was to soon have his aunt's breasts. How things with Myra were going, even how glad he was after this entire event started.  Soon the afternoon whaned on and Jake made off for home. He had to admit that Mrs. Trebs had a point, her bra was soft and comfortable as he walked. Each step was greeted with a gentle bounce not the hard bounce he felt earlier.

As Jake entered his home, he heard Myra inside almost in a panic. "Oh crap, no not now. Oh God not now!" Jake slowly opened the door as Myra stood in the living room leaking from her breasts.


Myra started crying as Jake walked over to her. She tried to pull away, but Jake backed off as he saw her shake. "I didn't want you to find out this way."

"Myra your lactating."

"I know, I thought I took my stopping drug after work. Jake I'm a wet nurse at Dr. Fey's clinic. But I not only feed the babies, I also feed some of the new mother's."

"Wait what?"

"I feed new mom's so they can kick start there breast milk. I oh God I never wanted you to find out!"

"Wait so today when you were with Ms. Peters?"

"I had just finished giving her her dose, she's had twins so I have two days of letting her drink from me. But I don't always do this, I have to take a special pill to get these to make any milk. Oh it engorges my poor breasts, but I took a triple dose today after I saw you. I wanted to know what it was like. What you were going to through. I thought I took the pill to dry up my milk, but I messed up and took another lactation pill. I can't get my milk to drain fast enough." Myra grabbed her bag and made a way for the door. "I'm sorry Jake, I think we should call it a night." Jake grabbed her hand and stopped her from leaving.

"I don't care if my girlfriend is leaking. Myra I'm a guy with massive breasts. Trust me we both have something now that makes us unique."

Myra started crying as she leaned in kissing Jake pressing her leaking breasts against his HH cups. She pulled back after she realized he was getting soaked from her milk. Jake looked down at his dress wet from Myra's milk. She was still leaking as Jake wrapped his arms around her hugging her like he always did his aunt. "After next week I'll have them ready to show you."

"I can't wait."

The week went by fast for Jake. He felt his breasts full and firm as he swung them around before leaving for the clinic. Myra had picked out a cute outfit for Jake to wear to the clinic. He sported Mrs. Trebs bra, a pair of jeans, and a shirt with happy written across his chest. A phrase that was how Jake felt at that moment. Myra was waiting by the door and Jake came out of the room and was ready. He couldn't wait to finally have his aunt's GG cups inside of him. He and Myra made there way to Dr. Fey's clinic. Mrs. Trebs was standing by the corner smiling as he walked by. Ms. Peters was standing by the door with one final paper for Jake to sign. 

"Well today's the day Jake. I just need you to sign this. It states that you are accepting the receiving of one pair of GG breast implants." Jake signed the paper happily as she hugged him one more time. "I want to thank you Jake, I'm glad that you are going through with this."

After a while Jake was waiting for Dr. Fey to arrive. Myra stuck around for as long as she could before she had to head for her shift. She promised to stop by afterwards. Jake sat quietly rubbing his breasts as Dr. Fey entered the room.

"Well, Jake today's the day. Finally, we can do this once and for all."

"Yeah, I can't wait. Soon I'll finally have them." 

"Well, I'll take good care of you on the table. Now I'm going to go over what I'm going to to do. Like the expanders, I'm going to make an incision under your armpit. This time, however, I'm going to remove the expanders and place in your aunt's shells. Then they will be filled with fluid to achieve the desired size. Now are you sold on her GG cup size?"

Jake thought for a moment, he thought about all the fun he had the last week with his HH cups. Part of him wanted to keep them, but the other wanted his aunt's breasts. "Yeah, I'm sold on it doc."

"Ok, now just on the off chance we need some extra tissue I have some from a donor to use. Just relax and my assistant will be in soon to knock you out. When you wake up you're going to have your new breasts."

Jake relaxed as he heard the assistant enter. She hooked up a monitor and injected the numbing agent as Jake was starting to get wheeled out. He passed Ms. Peters and found himself staring at the ceiling of the operation room. He felt the mask being fitted over his face, he felt the assistant coat his breasts with something and soon Jake was asleep.

Jake dreamed that he was in a room with no other sounds. No pictures, no movement, nothing. Soon a figure emerged from the brightness, Jake couldn't make it who the figure was, soon however he knew as he saw his aunt Margaret. As Jake went to hug her, he felt a stir and opened his eyes to a light shining on him. He felt sore, but also heavy. He tried to move, but found it impossible. Jake reached his hands up to his chest and felt his new breasts beneath his blanket. Soon a voice broke the silence.

"Ah, Jake your up. That's a surprise." Jake looked to see Dr. Fey reading his chart as she tapped her pen. She moved to Jake's side and felt his breast. As she did Jake felt a strange feeling from inside of them. But figured it was just his nerves. "Jake we need to have a word. It's about the operation."

Jake felt a weight in his throat. He was worried that something went wrong, or maybe she did something he never wanted.

"Your aunt's breasts are safely inside your chest. A full 60GG cup. However, I did need that extra tissue, and something else." Dr. Fey removed the blanket from Jake's chest. She took one of Jake's breasts in her hand. "I'm sure you feel something. Jake someone asked me to add something to your chest. They have there reason and believe me they are going to explain what those reasons are to you. But I wanted to show you what your new breasts can do." Dr. Fey moved her hand to Jake's nipple. She lightly squeezed it and Jake watched as a stream of white milk flowed from him onto Dr. Fey's hand. She moved her hand to the other breast as well and did the same to his other nipple. Another stream of milk shot out from his breast.


"Jake, Ms. Rachel Peters asked me to transplant her milk ducts into your breasts. That was why I stretched you out to a larger size. You are going to be larger than your aunt was jake. Ms. Peters breasts could make milk from a young age and her ducts are quite large. When you are full Jake you will be looking at a 60KK cup bra size."

Jake's mind quickly started firing on all cylinders. He imagined himself with large KK cup breasts. Full and firm bouncing with milk as he would feel all the sensations. "Why, how?"

"Jake this was your aunt's final wish. Normally the extra milk ducts would only account for a cup size increase, but that cream I gave you last week accelerated your own milk production. Since you have two sets of milk ducts now the size is going to be large."

"Why would she want this!?"

"That you'll have to ask Ms. Peters Jake."

"No this can't be, only women lactate, I don't want to be a woman. Take them out of me. Take out those milk ducts please!"

"I can't Jake, they are attached to you now. Believe me I wasn't looking forward to this, but I know how you feel now."

"Really, I don't see you leaking. Making milk, waiting for some monster breasts to come in on your chest!"

Dr. Fey leaned in and hugged Jake like a mother to a son. She patted his head and held him as he cried himself out. He could feel the slight sloshing in his chest as a voice clearing it throat broke the moment. Both Jake and Dr. Fey looked to see Ms. Peters standing by the door. She watched as Jake tried to cover his breasts. "I take it Susan told you huh?"

"Why me. Why me aunt Rachel?"

Ms. Peters walked towards Jake and hugged him just like his aunt had many times before. Jake could feel her heart racing as she tightened her hug. "Because I wanted you to have something from me too. You took the gift I gave the love of my life with no question. You remind me of her so much and this was one thing she could never do. I promised her that I would find a way to make sure her breasts could make some milk."

Jake sat speechlessly. He didn't let up with the hug. He reached his hands around Ms. Peters back and pushed himself into her wrapped her with a warm hug. Jake could feel a small amount of milk escaping from his chest as they hugged. Soon Ms. Peters broke the hug and looked down at Jake's breasts.

"Dr. Fey didn't change you Jake, your aunt was explicit about that. No matter what she wanted you to remain male. You not only have my milk ducts but what little breast tissue I have. I know I'm not in a position, but I was hoping that you could do me a favor."

"What would you like me to do?"

"I want you to raise my babies. You and Myra. I would, but I, Jake I'm afraid that I'll mess up since it's the gift your aunt gave me. I wanted us to raise them together. When she got sick I knew that that would never happen. I know I sound selfish, but." Ms. Peters broke down in tear as she fell to the floor. "I don't have the strength to raise my love children. I could never take care of my siblings, I couldn't handle a pet fish. I don't want to be a bad mother. That was why I proposed this to your aunt."

Jake sat quietly looking down at his breasts as he felt the warm feeling they were giving him.

"With those breasts, you can give my babies the breasts of both there mother's. Your aunt's large ones, and my milk ones. Please, Jake."

Jake looked down as he felt his breasts getting a bit Fuller and firmer. He looked back at Ms. Peters. "I'll gladly do it, you didn't have to go through this. I would've gladly raised them even if I couldn't make anything. I'll be there mommy-daddy." Ms. Peters broke down and hugged Jake, feeling her old milk ducts sock the front of her shirt. As Jake wrapped his arms around her. Giving her a hug neither would forget.

Jake sat on his couch as the babies suckled from his breasts. the feeling of milk escaping and feeding was something Jake thought he would never get use to. An entire year passed since Jake got his Aunt's GG breast implants and Ms. Peters milk ducts. Jake was getting use to being a cow of sorts, but still had some discomfort. Jake looked down at the babies drinking from his breasts. A small smile came across his face as he continued to feel them sucking from his breasts. Strangely he also felt his penis getting hard, though he tried his best to not pay it much attention otherwise the little ones would go hungry for a bit while he took care of his needs.

As Jake continued to feel his breasts being milked dry, he ran through a list in his head, making sure he had everything he needed. "Ok, I got the meal down, just have to cook it up. I'm going to stop by and see Mrs. Trebs when I'm done feeding Margaret and Rick and pick up my order. Then stop by Dr. Fey's clinic for my check up, and there's." Jake looked down at the babies again. "Then come back feed them again and get everything ready for tonight." 

Jake had a special evening planned. Tonight was going to be the night that he showed Myra his breasts without his bra. Just him completely naked. He wanted tonight to be as special as it could be. Mrs. Trebs had agreed to babysit the little ones, and Jake had pumped some milk just for them. He looked back down at his still swollen KK cups. he couldn't believe how big they had gotten. After the surgery he enjoyed feeling them fill as more milk formed, he was estatic as he felt them grow. While he was a bit upset, after Ms. Peters explained everything to him he just felt a wave wash over him. Like his aunt was asking him do it in her place. Jake smiled as he thought back to after he got released coming home and finding the babies and Ms. Peters moved in. Jake was a bit happy, and when he heard the babies cry he felt a stir inside of himself. Ms. Peters smiled and explained that Dr. Fey had pumped out enough milk for the babies so Jake could recover from surgery. 

Jake felt both of the babies pop free from his breasts and he looked down at two cute little ones laying on his lap. He placed them both in there stroller and waited for them to fall asleep. As he waited Jake went to the bathroom and took his breasts in his hands. He could feel the last bit of milk they were holding and Jake gently caressed them expressing the milk. He felt up his breasts while looking at his reflection. He still couldn't get over how he looked. His short hair, and toned body adorned by his large breasts. he turned to the side to show his breasts sticking out from him. He placed his hand in front of his breast and looked at how far it was from him.

"Huh, They are still holding the same size, even after I'm milked. Oh well Aunt Margaret, looks like your GG's and aunt Rachael's milk ducts merged to make KK cups for your nephew." Jake fondled his breasts some more until he heard crying in the other room. He hurried to the babies and picked up Margaret. "Oh there there, I was only in the bathroom. I know your not hungry, besides I don't have anything in the tap right now." Jake looked down at his breasts and figured it out. "Oh I get it, you want a booby ride huh sweetie." Margaret smiled and cooed. "Ok let me get my bra on and I'll give you a booby ride." Jake suddenly heard the cry of Rick. "Ok ok you too."

Jake returned to his room and grabbed his bra. He had Mrs. Trebs make some special ones, but asked he if she couldn't make them nursing bras. She was a bit worried since Jake was going to be having his breasts dangling free to feed the little ones, and Jake wanted that. As Jake put the bra on he connected the front hooks and then picked up Margaret and Rick. He gently secured them inside his bra along with his breasts. He felt Rick kick his nipple a few times, and Margaret brushed against his other one, but jake had them both secured and ready for a booby ride. "Ok let's go to Mrs. Trebs, I'm sure she's going to be excited to see you two again." 

Jake walked with the twins bouncing along with his breasts. They were smiling and giggling with each step Jake took. As they opened the door Mrs. Trebs looked up from her crossword and smiled from ear to ear. "Well if it ain't me favorite little babies, oh and there mommy da."

"Morning Mrs. Trebs. How are things?"

"Well I can't complain lad, your outfit you modeled last week, I've had fifty orders this morning alone for it. And the one from last month just sold out."

"Wow, I didn't think they'd be that popular?"

"Well it's mostly the model I think. They must be buying the outfits for the picture. Plus a man with large breasts modeling dresses, shirts and what not for both sexes is something."

"Honstly I'm just glad we only do the maternity wear once a month. Wearing that big belly is bothersome."

"It's no picnic having ta real thing let me tell ya. But ya do wear it well for that month." Jake picked up Margaret and Rick from his breasts. He placed them behind the counter as Mrs. Trebs pulled the small playpen like place for them. "Jake, don't think of me as a horrible person for saying this but and believe me lad I know from experience. You are turning into one fine mother to these two."

"Thanks Mrs. Trebs, Though honestly I feel like a surrogate mom if anything."

"Jake, just because your aunt and Ms. Peters's children aren't your own, doesn't make you any less of a mom. You care for them like a parent, and you feed them, make sure they are healthy, and everything else. Your both mother and father, and honestly you are doing a grand job at the mother part."

"Thanks Mrs. Trebs. So is it ready?"

"Eye Lad, it's ready. I was going to make the adjustments like you asked, but after comparing your measurements and it's well Jake they were a match."

"Huh, that can't be."

"I thought the same thing too, but honestly they were a match, maybe an inch bigger but a match. I was hoping you'd try it on quick. I can still make any adjustment and drop it off when I come to pick up the wee ones here later."

Jake looked down at the babies, he was so excited for tonight that he couldn't hide it. "Ok what the hell, is it in back yet?"

"Eye, why don't you go and try it on and I'll keep an eye on them here." Jake went to the back and began pulling his dress up over his head. Mrs. Trebs noticed something and laughed as Jake laid his dress on the chair. "I see yer girlfriend has finally given up on getting you ta wear panties huh?"

"Yeah, I told Myra I didn't like tham, and after a while she understood. I mean she argued that I wear a dress and a bra, why not panties too. I need the bra for the twins here, and the dress isn't as tight across my chest as my shirts were so I can move easier."

Mrs. Trebs leaned into the babies. "Plus yer momma da liked the feeling, but he doesn't want ta admit it."

"I heard that." Jake appeared in the doorway a moment later and spun around for Mrs. Trebs. "So, how do I look?"

Mrs. Trebs turned and looked as if she had seen god. "Oh my god lad, you look like a vision of beauty. It's like heaven itself dropped ya here for us ta see."

Jake blushed at her compliment. "Thanks Mrs. Trebs. Your were right, it fits like a dream. She really must've known something I didn't." Jake suddenly heard the sound of the clock and saw the time. "Oh we gotta run, I have to get these two and me to the clinic for our check ups."

Mrs. Trebs handed Jake back his dress as Jake started changing. "Ah so Dr. Fey's gonna give ya a milk booster today?"

"I hope not, I'm getting used to these full to the brim. I doubt I could take much more."

"Ok lad, I'll be around at 6 fer the wee ones. I'll bring yer order along. I reckon they'll be getting hungry after your appointment."

Jake picked up Margaret and Rick and returned them to his bra. He changed the breasts they were on, and Margaret latched her feet around Jake's right nipple giggling as she tugged with her feet until she lost her grip and slid into place. "Nice try sweetie, you still hae about two hours until I'm full again."

Jake exited the shop waving to Mrs. Trebs as he did. Jake walked down the street as a few of the townsfolk greeted him and rubbed the babies' heads. Jake felt like a new person since everything happened. As Jake approached the clinic he passed the woman that mocked him for having his breasts back when he just had expanders. She was walking out of the clinic but she didn't have her large breasts anymore. She noticed Jake and saw the twins riding in his bra as she passed. She stopped and looked at Jake's breasts, and then to her now flat chest.

"Your lucky, you know that?"


"Because even though you are a man, you have breasts any woman would be envious over. I just had mine removed a month ago."

"How come, I remember when you were in my aunt's store you were happy with them. What happened?"

"They became hard as rocks. I went out of town to have them done, and the person messed them up. I wanted them for vanity and I paid the price." 

"I thought they were nice when I saw them?"

The woman smiled and mod her arm to her shoulder. "Thank You, I loved them too, but they hurt so much I just couldn't take it. But you really are lucky."

"Well I'm not completely lucky. I have a difficult time finding good clothes to fit, I have to use the ladies room no matter where I go, I get hit on a lot from both men and women, plus I have to pump or feed these two when they start to ache."

"Yes, but you get to experience something a woman goes through that a man doesn't. and you still get to enjoy being a man as well." The lady started walking away as Jake watched her. "You'll understand someday." Jake watched as the woman walked off, turning around and entering the clinic for his appointment.

Jake sat in the exam room playing with Margaret and Rick. Margaret was bouncing on Jake's breast while Rick was cuddled holding the front of Jake's boob. Margaret was giggling as Dr. Fey walked in.

"Honestly Jake, if I wouldn't know better myself I would say that you are a fine mother."

"Thanks, though I doubt any mom has a set like these or what I have downstairs."

"True, well you're a natural either way. So are the little ones ready for there exams?"

"I guess so?"

Dr. Fey came over and took Margaret from Jake as she started crying a bit. Jake calmed her down and Dr. Fey started the exam. Meanwhile Jake pulled Rick from his bra and had him ready for his turn. Dr. Fey returned Margaret back to Jake a couple of minutes later and picked up Rick. "One down, one to go." She examined Rick and ended up making him giggle as she listened to his heart. "Good , everything's good on his end. Both of them are in tip top shape. Now for you Jake."

Jake put Margaret on the seat along with Rick and turned to Dr. Fey. He slowly removed his dress revealing his bright blue bra. Dr. Fey chuckled as Jake unhooked the front and took a deep breath. He unleashed the twins and turned to place the bra on the counter. Jake breathed slowly and deeply as Dr. Fey felt his breasts up and down.

"Any soreness?"

"Around my nipples from time to time."

"Any unsual swelling?"

"Not really, they just don't get very small."

Dr. Fey turned and handed Jake a small container. "Ok I'll need a sample."

"Sperm, pee, or milk?"

"Milk, I know your sprem is working well from last week. Just fill it as much as you can."

Jake took his hand and caressed his nipples. He couldn't feel much in he way of pressure building up, and after a few minutes Dr. Fey could see no progress. She looked over at the two sitting on the chair and figured it out. "I take it they were hungry his morning?"

"Yes, they practically drained me dry."

Dr Fey took her hand and began caressing Jake's breast. She moved her other hand to his nipple and felt small droplets escaping on her hand. She excused herself for a moment and left the room. Jake could feel his body getting warm as he felt his breasts getting a bit hotter. He was worried that Dr. Fey had started something that he would need to finish.

As Jake started rubbing his nipples he began to feel a small amount of pressure building up. After a bit more play a small stream released from his breast. He could feel relief as he caught the milk in the container just as Dr. Fey returned. "Ah finally have some huh?"

Jake watched as the milk continued. "Yeah, not a lot though."

"Hmm ok. Jake I'll take the container so I can run my tests quick."

"You're not going to drink it are you?"

"Aww you spoiled my fun hahahaha. No Jake, I got a new machine that can do most of the work for me." Dr. Fey walked towards the door as Jake continued to Pat his breast dry. "I'll be right back ok."

While Jake cleaned himself up and redressed, he felt funny. It was like this was normal to him. He looked to his breasts and then to Margaret and Rick. He smiled and put his bra back on, and returned his dress to it's normal position. As he finished Dr. Fey returned, she had her usual look on her face. The look Jake couldn't read. She pulled up a seat and opened her folder.

"Well I was right I'm afraid."

Jake took a seat as well as Margaret and Rick started dozing off in the chair. Jake picked them up and placed them in his bra while he and Dr. Fey talked. "I was hoping you wouldn't be."

"I know, but the truth is you're running out of milk. Granted a woman's body can make more depending on supply and demand. However since you never went through pregnancy like a normal woman would, your body doesn't have that ability. Honestly I am glad that you didn't opt for that Jake. I think you are much happier as a man too. But still you will run out of milk soon."

"Well I did manage to feed them with Ms. Peters milk for a good while."

"Yes, but remember they were born early. While I usual stop new mother around the one year mark I want you to continue until they turn 2-3 years. That way I am sure that there little bodies are protected without having to give them massive antibiotics."

"So what do we do?"

"Well we have two options open to us. One is I provide you with some milk enhancers like I do the wet nurses here. But they can be pretty strong."

"Yeah, Myra has been having a hard time keeping her breasts from leaking after work."

"Yes, or option two. I can use this." Dr. Fey showed Jake a picture of a new type of implant.

"What is that?"

"This is a special type of implant for women in low developed areas. It helps them produce milk to keep there children feed and themselves healthy. On a side note it also increases there bust size a bit too."

"But I already have my aunt's breast implants. I don't want something strange."

"Jake, this implant dissolves into the breast. With it you could continue feeding Margaret and Rick and practically every baby on the third floor."

"Wait doesn't that mean?"

"Yes, your breasts will grow again, but I can do my best to make sure it's not a massive growth."

Jake felt his stomach turn a bit as he mustured the words. "How big?"

"With your breasts the way they are, the amount of milk that these implants will cause them to make. I figure a triple K at best." Jake felt his eyes begin tearing up. "Jake no one is forcing this on you. You have done so much that was asked. You took your aunt's breasts, you are raising her and Rachel's children, I can't force you to do this. It's up to you."

Jake looked down at the babies holding on to his breasts. He felt there hearts as they napped. He looked back at Dr. Fey wiping the tears from his eyes. "When my aunt left me these I was a bit weirded out. Then everyone was so helpful. Even you, you never pushed me to have bigger. And you never did anything to make me feel like a freak of nature. I doubt anyone else in my position would've done half of what I did."

Dr. Fey placed her folder down and placed her hands on Jake's legs. "Jake, why don't you take sometime to think about it?"

Jake placed his hands on the babies heads. He looked up to Dr. Fey and smiled. "That's ok Dr. Fey. As much as I hate to think of these getting bigger, these two need me to take care of them. They need me to feed them." Jake took a deep breath and exhaled. "I'll take the implants."

Jake was standing in front of the fridge as he felt Margaret and Rick shift a bit. "I know I know, just let me get this pulled out for tonight, then I'll feed you two." Jake felt them both try bouncing his swelling breasts. "Ok ok, you win. Feed you two first, then work on dinner." Jake went to the couch and pulled Margaret and Rick from his bra. He sat them down onto his lap as he unhooked his bra freeing the twins as he felt the slow build up of pressure by his nipples. He moved both breasts to the babies and felt them latch on. 

As he felt the milk being pulled from his breasts he watched as they drank. "You two are something, drink up. To think in a few months I'll be making enough milk for you two and then some." Jake smiled as they kept drinking. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually looking forward to getting bigger. The thought when Dr. Fey said something, was exciting. But let's just keep this between the three of us."

After awhile Jake felt his breasts empty as he heard Margaret and Rick pop free from him. He moved his bra back into place, as he looked down and saw the two beginning to fall asleep. "Ok, have a good little nap. I'll be in the kitchen ok."

Jake returned to the kitchen as he felt his breasts beginning to throb. He pulled out the start of the meal as he heard the front door. Quietly going past the sleepers, he opened the door to see Mrs.Trebs. "Hey Mrs. Trebs."

"How are ya Jake?"

"Trying to get dinner ready, otherwise good."

"That's good lad, I brought your order."

"Thanks, you can hang around for a bit if you want?"

"Alright lad." As she entered, she looked over at the sleeping babies. "Ah aren't they sweet?"

"Yeah, they are. They just ate so they should be down for a while."

"That's good, did they get there fill?"

Jake moved his breasts a bit as he felt a small bit of milk left. "I guess so. They drink me dry, but Dr. Fey wants them fed until next year."

"Couldn't hurt, I fed me own until they were tree."

Jake gigled, "Really?"

"Yeah, now granted we was poor, so that was there meal." Jake and Mrs. Trebs talked as he finished making the meal. As he started setting the table Mrs. Trebs started pushing the stroller towards the door. "Well Jake. I'll bring these two to the shop tomorrow. Have a nice evening." Jake waved bye-bye as they walked out the door. He looked at the clock and figured it was good enough a time to change as any. He went to his room and after taking a quick shower, he pulled out his order, well his aunt's order. Jake took the bag and pulled the same dress from the back of the store he had seen over a year ago. He pulled it on, and took extra care to make sure that he got his bust into the spots just right.

As he stood in front of the mirror, he was taken a back at what he saw. Staring back was a vision of beauty that he started feeling his penis become erect. He felt the large breasts on his chest, how they moved with the dress. He spun around and watched as the hem lifted up. Flowing around him. He smiled as he heard the front door open. He peeked his head around his bedroom door and saw Myra looking confused. She figured Jake would be waiting to greet her. As she turned, Jake exited the bedroom.

"Well? How do I look?"

Myra stared and looked at Jake from top to bottom. A smile escaping her face. She leapt into his arms and landed right in his cleavage. "Absolutely stunning!" Jake reached around her back hugging her tightly as they both heard the buzzer from the oven.

The entire meal, Myra stared at Jake, she was just obsessed with him. She loved the way he ate so nothing slid down into his breasts. She watched as he drank his water. She was falling more in love with her big breasted boyfriend than she ever had before. As they finished, Jake took Myra by the hand, bringing her into his room. He sat her on the bed and smiled.

"I promised I would show them to you."

"You did."

Jake started removing his dress, taking care not to brush his nipples or his breasts. As he got it off, he unhooked his bra taking care not to bump himself. As the final hook was undone and Jake was ready, he looked up at Myra. "I hope you love them as much as you love me." Jake whipped the bra off causing his breasts to jiggle. Myra stood in awe as she took in the sight. Before her was this beautiful man, and attached to him were these giant breasts. She reached up and cupped one watching as a small stream of milk exited.


"It's ok, theyre going to be getting full. I...well I was hoping you would like to suckle on them?" Myra's eyes lit up as she latched on and started sucking more and more of Jake's milk into her mouth. Jake felt his penis once again come to life, and Myra felt it too. She guided it to her pussy with her hands as she continued sucking from Jake. Jake felt Myra insert it into her. He could feel the cold moistness of her pussy as he felt the warm feelings from his breasts. 

Jake's hips started moving as Myra slowly pushed and pulled on his penis. Jake could feel his breasts getting more and more hot as Myra continued sucking more and more. She switched sides often and Jake could feel himself getting close to empty as Myra got closer and closer to climaxing! A few moments later both ended up coming at the same time. Myra released Jake's penis as she popped free from his breast. "Oh wow."

"Yeah, I don't get that excited when Margaret and Rick feed. That was amazing."

"It sure was." Myra grabbed Jake and threw him to the bed. She mounted his penis again as she leaned into his breasts. "Let's go for round two!" The two made love into the night, after a while the were both laying on Jake's bed. His breasts covered in a thin layer of milk. While Myra was oozing sperm from her pussy. "Wow, that was. Honestly Jake the is the best date I've ever been on."

"Next to when my aunt bought me a pizza and an R-rated movie, same here."

"That had better of been some great pizza." They both laughed as Myra caressed Jake's breasts. Jake moved his arm around her back as she continued playing with them.

"Hey Myra mind if I ask you something?"

"Do I have to stop playing with these?"


"Ask away."

"Well I saw Dr. Fey today. Her fear was right, my milk's starting to dry up. She has an idea to help me make more though."

"Are you going to be taking those pills like I do for work?"

"Well no, actually it's a new ype of breast implant. It's suppose to increase my milk making and supply. She said I could feed the entire third floor of the clinic."

Myra's eyes went wide. "Wait then that means that you'll grow again right?"

"Well yeah, Dr. Fey thinks I'll be a triple K after all is said and done."

"Really!" Myra's eyes almost bugged out of her head at the news. "Are you gonna do it?"

"Yeah, but I just hope one thing though."

"What's that's?"

"Well I hope my wife won't mind my breasts being bigger than her's."

Myra stopped a bit and froze. "Wait your what? " Jake looked her deep in the eyes, and extended his arm around her bringing her closer. "Wait you want me to be your?"

"Wife, if you don't mind a big breasted mommy daddy that's going to be getting bigger in the next few months that is."

Myra didn't waste a moment and dove into Jake's lips. She kissed him so much she thought she had knocked him out. "Yes, yes. Even if you had a surfboard chest yes."

Jake and Myra embraced as Myra pulled the blanket over them. The sounds of birds in the distance waking them up after a passionate night.

Jake stood by the counter as the hum of his breast pump drained his breasts. He heard Margaret and Rick giggling in the back as Mrs. Trebs played with them all while he expressed the milk that was built up in his chest. Mrs. Trebs poked her head around the corner holding Margaret in her arms as she watched Jake wince as more of the engorged milk drained out.

"I thought we were slowing yer production?"

"I was, but Myra offered to feed them since she was still full from work. I didn't know my breasts were gonna hurt this much missing one feeding for them."

"Ah welcome to motherhood."

"Funny Mrs. Trebs. If Myra wasn't usually so tired after work we could've tag teamed. But since she takes those pills, she doesn't want to have her breasts suckled after she's done for the day."

"Well that's understandable. I mean she is a wet nurse lad. She has people sucking her breasts all day long. I wouldn't want that neither if I were her."

"Well that's the only downside. After I get those new implants next week, I'll be engorged a bit more than I am now. Really this isn't the greatest feeling in the world."

"Just be glad ye didn't have ta push them out. Trust me lad that's much worse then full breasts." Jake unhooked the machine and felt some relief as his nipples started relaxing.

"Well that should be enough for he day. Are you sure you don't mind watching Margaret and Rick while I pick up Ms. Peters?"

"Nah, I love these two. Besides as long as I have enough mother's milk here if they get hungry that's all that matters."

"Ok, I had better get a move on then. She's suppose to arrive around one."

"Where's she staying anyway?"

"Oh well with me for now. That way someone will be around next week while I recover. Plus she said she wanted to talk to me anyway and if I'm not here I'm at home."

"Well that makes sense. You'd better hurry, give her my best." Jake walked out and took a deep breath as the air found its way to his nipples. He felt them slowly perk up as he walked to the bus stop. He was a bit excited to see Ms. Peters again, she had left for Zawataneho shortly after Jake was recovered enough. It was a place that his aunt and her wanted to go to. She was coming back for Jake's wedding to Myra next month, but came early to spend some time with her surrogate nephew as it were.

Jake bounced as he walked,not minding the shifting of his breasts, or the catcalls he was getting from strangers on the street. He was used to it by now. As he reached the bus stop he saw a figure that looked like Ms. Peters but with slightly bigger breasts. "Ms. Peters!" The woman turned around and smiled as she ran to Jake hugging him like a mother hugs a child.

"Jake? Oh my you've grown a bit huh?"

"Not as much as you. What happened to you?"

"Oh these aren't real. I got a couple of balloons at the last stop and thought I would shock you a bit."

"Well it worked. How have you been?"

"Oh we'll have time to catch up later, right now I really could get a bite to eat."

"Sure thing, come on." Jake picked up Ms. Peters bag and the two stopped at a small shop in town. "So Ms. Peters, how have things been?"

"Jake I told you call me Rachel. Ms. Peters makes me feel old."

"Right sorry, so how's your trip. Was it everything you and my aunt figured it would have been?"

"Well despite getting plane sick, and sunburnt. It was lovely, your aunt would've loved it there." Ms. Peters took a sip of water from a glass. "Honestly Jake if she hadn't passed you would've come along with us there. That was where we had planned to get married."

"Oh wow, now it must..."

"Oh no, while yes it would've been more fun with your aunt there. I had a good time. Though I do miss being where there isn't water on a coast."

"That's good."

"So have you got the new ones in yet?"

"Nope next week, Myra wanted them in before we got married that way we could have more fun and..."

"It's ok Jake, I'm have been around the block before. After all that was how I got well you know. Oh speaking of which how are they?"

"They're great. I feed them a few times a day from the taps. And they even get boobie rides."

"Boobie rides?"

"Well it started as an accident, but I put them in one cup each and they walk around with me while bouncing with my boobs."

"Aww that sounds cute."

"It is."

"So nervous about the big day?"

"Not really, I mean Myra and I are in love, and even if I didn't have these, she said she would've still said yes."

"That's great, so where are you two going to honeymoon?"

"On the coast, Dr. Fey has a small home there she said we could borrow. It's by the ocean and I think Myra took her offer just to see me wear a bikini top."

Ms. Peters laughed. "You really have a winner there Jake. So are you nervous about the surgery?"

"Not really, though Dr. Fey wants to inject me with a milk enhancer before hand. That way there will be food for Margaret and Rick while I recover, and so I'll be empty before surgery."

"Ah well that makes sense." Jake and Ms. Peters finished and Jake walked her to his home. She opened the door and felt the same feeling she did when she was last there. The house was the same as it was then, and even the spot from Jake's sudden burst after his surgery still sat on the wall.

A while later Jake returned with Margaret and Rick. Myra had come home and was chatting with Ms. Peters on the couch as they heard the three come in. Jake was giving a boobie ride to the little ones as Ms. Peters watched them having fun. After dinner Jake was feeding Margaret and Rick when Ms. Peters walked in. She sat beside Jake watching him nurse the babies she carried inside her.

"You're a natural."

"Thanks, so I've been told."

Ms. Peters pulled a box from her bag. She placed it on the table and turned to Jake. "Jake remember when I said I had something to tell you? Well your aunt asked me to deliver something. However it was only if and after you got her implants and my ducts." Ms. Peters opened the box and revealed a book and a disc. "She recorded this for you before she died, and this was her journal after we well after we became a couple. She kept it up to her last day. I figured that since you had some time while you recover you'd want to see them."

"Thanks Rachael." Jake felt Margaret and Rick pop free from his breasts and he looked down. They giggled as the began dozing off on his lap. Jake picked up Margaret and Ms. Peters picked up Rick. She watched as Jake slid Margaret into his bra and She followed suit as Jake reached for Rick.

"Honestly Jake, I doubt I would've been half the mother you're being." She looked down at her flat chest and then to Jake's massive breasts. "Plus I doubt I could give them a boobie ride."

"Honestly I'm gonna miss this when they get older, and I don't know if I'll be able to do this after my surgery." Ms. Peters laughed as Jake got up and walked to the babies room and put them down. He returned a few minutes later and caught up with Ms. Peters.

A week passed and Jake was sitting in the exam room again waiting for Dr. Fey to arrive to start his day. He had Ms. Peters watching the babies while Myra packed. She had gotten a call that her mom was a bit ill and she wanted to head home to check on her. Jake wanted to walk her to the bus, but she didn't want him to miss his big day. As he looked at the clock, he heard the door open and Dr. Fey walked in. "So how's my favorite patient?"


"Aww come on, you've done this a few times already. Besides this one will be easy. First im gonna give you the enhancer to make sure the little ones have enough milk for the time you'll be recovering. Then we'll take you into surgery and when you come out you'll be bigger, but ready for any feedings." Jake sighed as Dr. Fey pulled two syringes from her coat. She made sure no air was in them, and then she injected them into Jake's breasts. He started feeling a strange feeling like his breasts were warming up. "Ok, in about five minutes you'll be full enough to pump out the milk in one go."

Jake felt his breasts swelling as more and more pressure was building. It was starting to get uncomfortable as small drops of milk began escaping from his nipples. Dr. Fey brought over a pump and started the milking process. Jake felt some relief right away as the milk was drained and deposited into some steel containers. Jake watched as one container filled and then another. Soon four containers were full and Jake was starting to feel relief. He watched the last two fill up and then the machine cut off. Jake felt a small amount left, but Dr. Fey took both of her hands and expressed it making jake feel empty for the first time in days. "Ok Jake, we'll get these to storage for now, and then get you ready for surgery.

Jake was laying down on the same bed he was on the last time he was in the surgery wing. He watched as the tiles passed by and then felt the bed stop. He watched as Dr. Fey's assistant attached the IV, and even the monitors. She placed the mask over his face and started telling him to count backwards. "100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95..." When Jake came to he felt a big weight on his chest. He moved parts of his body around a bit and made sure everything was still there. His penis was intact, no scars on his abdomin, nothing out of the ordnairy. As he brought his hands to his chest he was stopped by a wall of flesh. sore to the touch, and hard, but his. Soon Dr. Fey came in and checked the bandages and everything. She smiled as Jake was leaned up a bit. She undid the gown so Jake could see the results. Sitting on his chest was a massive pair of breasts. His hands weren't even able to cup them. Dr. Fey watched his reaction, and them slipped a piece of paper to him.

Jake opened it and read, (60KKK cup). Jake pointed to his breasts and Dr. Fey nodded. "They'll get a bit bigger when they are engorged, but no more than a cup." Jake smiled as Dr. Fey slipped another piece of paper to him. This one had something different on it, (Hips 36). Jake looked at the paper confused. Dr. Fey explained it to him. "I gave you a slight butt job so you don't fall on your face. Those are your hip measurements. It might vary a bit with recovery, but it's the size that was put in." Jake chuckled as best he could as Dr. Fey patted his shoulder and walked out of the room. "Ms. Peters should be over to get you later this afternoon."

Jake spent a good two weeks recovering. He felt his breasts starting to swell by the end of the first week, Dr. Fey wasn't worried as it was a sign that the implant was dissolving and that Jake was going to be moving along smoothly. As his second week started Jake watched the disc his aunt asked Ms. Peters to give him. Jake borrowed Myra's little player and watched as his aunt appeared on the screen.

"Hi Jake! Well if you're watching this then that means that you and I are one. Well my boobs and you. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for going along with Rachael's scheme. I thought she was a bit nuts with the whole milk duct transplant, but well it was her crazy side I fell in love with. I hope that you find someone that will love your breasts as much as you are. Thanks for taking care of my children. Yes I know she's carrying twins, Susan told me so I could have a plesant thought as my time ran out. Jake, I'm sorry we only had such a short amount of time together. Granted ou lived with me since you were what 10? So even though we only spent 8 years under the same roof you were like a son to me." She reached up and cupped her breasts. "I can't wait for you to get these, though I hope that at some point you go bigger than I was."

Jake wiped a tear away from his eyes as he watched. "I did Aunt Margaret."

"Well if things had been different, I would have married Rachael, and you would've been there. I bet you had no idea your aunt was a hermaphrodite huh? I'm sure Rachael told you by now, she was always lousey at keeping secrets. Anyway, you honestly have no idea how much I am going to miss you Jake. But a long as you have my implants you'll always have a piece of me with you. Well I had better end this before I get too sappy. I wouldn't want you to see me crying or anything.
Bye Jake, I love you." Jake wiped away another tear as the video ended. He reached down and hugged his massive breasts, though a small stream of milk escaped through the bandage Jake hugged them.

"I love you too Aunt Margaret."

Jake was pumping out his breasts while Mrs. Trebs took some measurements. Jake could feel the surge of milk being pulled from his nipples by the pump. He had only fully recovered a week before they filled back up painfully. 

"I can't believe I agreeded to this."

"Well ya said no to those pills."

"I'm starting to think that would've been better."

Mrs. Trebs finished her measurements as Jake heard the chime from his pump. "Ok lad, I think that's everything I need to get this done."

"Thanks Mrs. Trebs."

"Oh lad it's me pleasure, after all how often does someone get to make a wedding dress for a man?"

"Well I was going to wear a tux, but after the disaster I had with my bra the other morning I figured the dress would be a better idea. Plus Ms. Peters even said that it would be better if I would leak a bit during the ceremony."

"Aye, white doesn't show white much. Plus I'm gonna add some padding to the front for ya to absorb just in case."

Jake was putting his breasts back into his bra as Mrs. Trebs pulled out a pattern. "So how long is it going to to take?"

"Oh lad I'm insulted, your aunt didn't hire me for me charm and personality, I'm a wizard on that sewing machine. I'll have it for ya next week fer sure."

"Cool, Myra's still visiting her mom and she said she'd be back the day if the wedding. That way the groom wouldn't see the bride."

"I'm amazed you didn't go with?"

"I wanted to, but I figured I would spend some time with Ms. Peters while she was here."

"Ah, makes sense. Speaking of which, where is she?"

"She borrowed those falsies Dr. Fey had me wear before my surgery and is giving Rick and Margaret a boobie ride around the park. She saw how much fun they had with my new boobs she wanted to try at least one. Oh that reminds me, thanks for the new bras."

"My pleasure, though I wish you had gone with a nursing bra. Yer tits are gonna sag."

"I want them to sag a bit. I'll get one at some point, but I wanted these to dropping bit since I've been lactation since surgery they have been a bit too high."

"Well I'll be happy to make one for ye when you want." Jake spent the rest of the day filling orders and milking himself from time to time. When he got home he was never so happy to hear the crying of hungry babies in his life. He sat of the couch as Margaret and Rick latched on and drank to there heart's content. Ms. Peters emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later as Jake continued feeding the babies.

"Phew those boobie rides are exhausting. How do you do it anyway?"

"Myra has me do a workout video three times a day. It's helped keep my back from breaking in two."

"Wow, I thought mine hurt while I was pregnant, but nothing compared to those two on my chest."

"They seem like they had fun though."

"They giggled and whatnot. Honestly I was relieved to take them off my breasts when we got back. So how was your day?"

"Mrs. Trebs said my dress should be ready by next week. Other than that good."

"So your aunt's business is thriving huh?"

"Yeah, for some reason we're selling a lot of items. More of the ones that I model."

"That's good."

"Yeah except for the maternity time. That's one I wish would go faster."

"Wait you're not?"

"No, Mrs. Trebs thought it would be a good idea to make clothes for expectant mothers. Only I have to wear the belly she made to simulate the baby bump."

"Oh that sounds precious." Jake reached under the table and pulled out a magazine and showed it to Ms. Peters. "Well I will say this you do look lovely."

"It was only for a week, but I lost a bet to Mrs. Trebs and now it a month I have to wear it."


"Yep, she bet me I couldn't handle it for a week, if I could we would do it for a week. If not it was a month."

"You lost on purpose?"

"No, I had to pull it off cause I couldn't sit to feed these two and she said real women can't just take it off."

"She's right."

"Well it's only a month, and it mostly just consists of picture shoots."

"Well that doesn't sound so bad. Anyway are you looking forward to getting married?"

"Yeah, I'm really glad you came back for the wedding."

"I wouldn't miss this for the world, besides your aunt would come back to life and kick my butt if I did." Jake and Ms. Peters laughed as Jake continued feeding the babies. 

A few weeks passed and Jake was getting ready. Ms. Peters and Mrs. Trebs were helping him into his wedding dress as Margaret and Rick had there meal. Jake tried to look excited, yet he was worried. He hoped Myra had made it back in time. He kept tapping his feet as Ms. Peters slid the shoes on Jake's feet. Mrs. Trebs took the babies after Jake felt he pop off his chest and he quickly wiped up his milk and drool.

"I'm never gonna a get use to this." Mrs. Trebs and Ms. Peters looked at each other and smiled. They knew something Jake didn't know. As Jake finished the last bit of preparations, Dr. Fey walked in to check.

"So how's everything?"

"Just one more zipper and he's ready to go Susan."

"Great the bride to be just got here. Once you two get Jake ready we need the room." Jake felt like he was getting rushed out of the room as Mrs. Trebs and Ms. Peters walked him to the alter. Ms. Peters stood by the side looking at Jake in wonder. His breasts on display, yet covered by the dress. Every breath he took caused them to rise and seem bigger and bigger. She looked at him and for a moment she saw his aunt standing there. She wondered if she would've looked as beautiful as Jake does right now. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small pin. She moved over to Jake and started to pin it to his dress.

"I was going to give his to your aunt, but honestly Jake, I think she's standing right here when I look at you. So I figured you should have it."

"Thanks Ms. Peters, it's lovely looking."

"And don't worry about it seeming girlyor anything. It's a man's pin." Jake smiled as he watched Ms. Peters pin it to him. He felt a wave of emotion wash over I'm as he stood waiting for his soon to be bride. Mrs. Trebs came running from the door a look of joy on her face.

"She's coming!" Everyone looked as the doors opened and a woman in a white dress stood in the door way. She took a few steps and slowly lifted her head as Jake saw something he had never expected. Sitting on Myra's chest were two very large firm breasts. He watched as she walked closer and closer to him. As she reached him Jake reached for her veil and lifted it. She smiled as Jake looked at her with love and affection. Finally she broke the slience and spoke.

"Well I thought that I shouldn't let you have all the fun. And besides these will help me out at work instead of those pills. Plus we can share clothes since I'm about the same size as you."

Jake smiled as Mrs. Trebs approached the two. She opened a book, took a deep breath and asked them a very important question. "Do you Jake take Myra to be your wedded wife?"

Jake looked at Myra again, and turned to Mrs. Trebs. "I do!"

Jake and Myra were sitting on the couch in Dr. Fey's place. There wedding behind them and there honeymoon about to begin. Jake kissed Myra on the cheek as she reached for one of Jake's breasts taking his nipple into her mouth and sucking. "Sorry, I just really wanted to try some."

"It's ok, I wouldn't mind some of your's." Myra presented Jake one of her large breasts. She pulled her nipple between her fingers as Jake leaned in. Latching on he sucked from her breast.

"When we have kids, you are feeding them. Your milk is sweet."

"Only if you feed me from time to time."

"If I can have some from the taps too, deal."

Jake and Myra held each other, leaning in and kissing passionately as there breasts pushed against each other. His aunt's implants and Myra's breasts playing with each other as they kissed.

Two year passed since Jake and Myra got married. Jakes modeling really brought business to his aunt's clothing store and provided a ton of opportunities for Jake to show off his aunt's breasts. Myra continued to work as a wet nurse for Dr. Fey's clinic. Even while she was expecting quint's. Ms. Peters returned to Zawataneho after Jake's wedding. She spent the rest of her life watching the ocean waiting to be reunited with the woman she loved. Mrs. Trebs finally managed to convince Jake to wear a nursing bra after he leaked all over a customer taking her measurements, the customer wasn't too upset and actually wondered if Jake could pump some milk for her adopted baby. Though Jake wasn't on board at first but agreed after the woman promised to bring there clothing store to the world.

Margaret and Rick spend a lot of time with Jake at work watching him run back and forth, Margaret thinks it funny when Daddy leaks, and Rick pretends he is daddy by taking odd scraps of clothes and wearing them around. 

Jake watched one day as Rick pretended he was feeding his sister's baby doll and Jake smiled. He thought that maybe someone might want the gift he got some day.