Now What?

The first decent build after a long hiatus in development is finally out, tbh it's more like a restart in the project after the big hiatus since late 2017, i think this last build is decent not good but not bad, but it's definitelly an improvement on the project.
You may be asking what will happen now? i will briefly explain the current status of things and my short term plans.

The good

  • I've created a gamejolt account, Gamejolt. But what is a gamejolt? Gamejolt is like steam but it's more focused on free indie games, it has a client(OMG another one) like steam where you have a library of games, if you want a more convenient way to play AMB i higilly recomend you to download gamejolt.
  • I've created a pixivFANBOX account, FanboxFor now this account will be more like a lifeboat account, in the case i get banned from other payment processors, or in the case you want to support using paypal.
  • I will keep adding more porn content in the game like more sex animations and improve the quality of the animations and add more monsters, i plant to finally add Dog monster, Fox, and maybe succubus, but i'm still unsure about the succubus.

The Bad

  • With the release of the last build the life threats and harassment started, but i don't care about it, my only worry is in the case people report me and i lose my monetary support from you, which happened in the past. But i'm out of patreon and i think it will take a while for SS start to bitch about it, i think i'm safe for now, but that's why i created the Fanbox as a backup, in the case SS ban me like it happened in patreon.
  • I worry my website could go down, the Ddos are heavy here but i'm glad even if the attacker invest money to make my site go offline i have spare money to increase the site capacity up to 5x, it means the attacker will have to invest a good chunck of money if they want to do that.
  • People could try to report my hoster like they did in the past, but i had to learned a lot about web dev, right now i have a private docker image of this website, this means if one hoster kicks me i can on the next day rent another hoster and quickly setup my site again.


Now i have a gamejolt.
Now i have a Fanbox.
I will add Fox, Dog and succubus monsters.
People are harrasing me and sending life threats, nothing new under the sun.
People are DdoSing my website, try harder.

Thx and Dl the last build <3