STORY PREVIEW: A Link to the Witch

Please enjoy this free teaser of my latest piece of erotic fan fiction. Starring Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters Bayonetta and Link (from Legend of Zelda)  getting into a hot, steamy battle of a very fun kind. If you like this preview, then the full story is available now to read for my $10 supports and above! Thanks for reading!

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the videogames, franchises, characters etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Super Smash Bros Ultimate or any other videogame series, or their characters or publishers.
 Starring: Bayonetta (Bayonetta series), Link (Legend of Zelda series)
 Super Smash Bros Ultimate: A Link to the Witch
 An erotic videogame fan-fiction story. 

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected]

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.
 * * *

Link, the hero of Breath of the Wild, sat on a rock as he looked out to the battle going on on the elevated, impossibly floating platform far away over a seemingly bottomless pit. Clad in his blue Champion’s Tunic with light pants and brown boots. The legendary Master Sword and a Hylian Shield on his back. It was confusing enough being summoned to a strange, multiple land and terrain world like this. Then add in the unusual cast of characters, such as the small moustached man in overalls, a small pink sphere with feet, and the shorts-clad bear with a red bird in its backpack? It was a lot to take in. Let alone what appeared to be two other versions of himself, one a child and the other an abstract artistic style short one. Even the Princess Zelda brought here was from another world and seemed clueless about the Calamity and such events.

“Oh, peeping from afar are you, Link?” A thick British accent snapped him out of his thoughts as he instinctively leapt off from the rock, wielding his weapons. Blinking when he only saw a saucy, confident smile in response. “The type who likes to watch others going at it? Rather naughty for the Hero of the Wild, don’t you think?” She teased as Link, seeing no threat, stood down from the battle stance.

Bayonetta, one of the last of the Umbra Witches, stood in front of Link with hands on her shapely hips. Her ‘attire’ an otherworldly creation of her hair that she can shred and alter at will as one of her many demonic abilities. Appearing as a dark skin-tight bodysuit clinging to her rounded, juicy ass but currently with a covering upper part with flowing black ‘hair’ trails and white design. The hair on her hear of a short style with a look completed with glasses on her gorgeous face, long white gloves and her signature Bullet Arts guns with two visible on her heeled shoes.

Link, not being one to talk, merely gave a low bow as a means to say sorry for drawing his weapons. Getting a seductive laugh from her as she stepped forward. The two of them clearly knowing the identifies of one another as all the fighters in this world do.
“Strong, silent type aren’t you? Some ladies might be into that...” Bayonetta teased, glancing him over. “But you could be just another cute little swordsman from an Asian land. There’s already plenty of those around here.” She remarked. “But you’re something special, right? One doesn’t get the title of being the ‘Hero of the Wild’ without being able to back it up, correct?” 
Link just responded with a nod. Modest about his skills rather than any sort of confidence.
Bayonetta made him step back a bit as she stepped very close in front of him as she continued to cast a gaze over him. “And they say you’re over a hundred years old as well… And here I thought I was the only old timer around here.” She joked as despite her own gorgeous, youthful appearance she was several hundred years older than even the man in front of him. 

Link’s eyes widened when, teasing him further she leaned forward and got close enough to his face that their noses were an inch apart. “So, what do you say, Link? Fancy showing an old bird like me what a dashing young Hero like you can do? Or...” She leaned back, glancing at the weapon on his back. “Or is that big, long Master Sword of yours… Compensating… For something else?” She challenged with a smirk.
Link stood a little straighter as he immediately shook his head. However, a little innocently, he didn’t exactly understand that she wasn’t claiming it was because of a lack of size in combat ability he was making up for by using such a weapon.
“Splendid!” She said, making Link gasp as she took a hold of him by the Tunic. “This way then… Let’s see if we can make you finally make some noise for once then...” Bayonetta purred as she rather easily made Link walk along with him.

* * *